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One has a daughter who can transform herself into a magical half-pony hybrid. One has a son whose girlfriend is an ex-unicorn from another world. And yet, in spite of this weirdness, both women are still able to take a moment to catch up every once in a while.

Part of my EG Continuity

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I still question how Scootaloo made into high school without knowing any of this stuff, but I suppose it's not important.

This was a cute story, and one that the continuity probably needed. I liked it.

If I was Flash I'd move out and move in with Sunset before having to give Scootaloo the talk.

It's cool to see the moms interacting. You know what'd be nice to see (in my opinion at least)? The two families move in with each other. Sure, it's only half blood, but family is family. It'd be cool to see more RD and Flash interactions.

But anyway, nice little story here jay. Looking forward to more!

Yeah, because, seriously, you don't want Adagio Dazzle to be the one to tell your kids the facts of life!

Poor Flash. But it will make a quite amusing story. Hint, hint "quite amusing story". I will be waiting for it.

Hell, I got the talk in mIddle school during health class/Sex Ed.

Ah, yes.
The burdens of brotherhood.
At least you get to laugh about it years later.

I do not envy Flash having that conversation. Just saying.

Grace Sentry... graceful in her parenting?

"Talk to your kids before Adagio Dazzle does!"

I'm glad that rainbow's mom is addressed as firefly
Oh, the tragedy of the long-forgotten fanfic headcanons :fluttershbad:

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