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Frozen in Time - DSN

Long to have thought his banishment was permanent, King Sombra has returned. His reach through out the land is spreading and it's up to a elite team of the Royal Guard to return him back to his prison before it's too late.

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Chapter 3: A New Era

The wind blew viciously on the mountain side that was so cold, it could literally cut anypony down to the bone if they wasn't prepared for the unforgiving environment. A old stallion wearing a long thick coat with fur lining the insides with heavy leather boots that Also had fur in the insides, slowly walked round the rocky terrain picking up an assortment of flowers.

"Oh my, these look terrific!" he picked up the violet flower that had two other flower heads branching off from the main stem and placed them in his bag hung around his side. He slowly walked a bit further ahead scouting the area of more flowers.

The old pony collected a couple more flowers when he noticed something sparkling in the distance. He slowly made his way over and noticed a small sparkling crystal lying on a mountain of snow. He wiped some of the snow off revealing even more crystals. He cocked his head in some what dismay as he began to brush even more snow off.

"Oh my word," as he brushed the remaining bit of snow to reveal an entire pony encased in a large cluster of crystals. He gently tapped the crystal coffin with his hoof when suddenly the crystals began to crack. The cracking continued through out the entire surface then the entire casing shattered freeing the pony inside.

The old pony bent down to exam the trapped stallion inside. He was unconscious and was wearing armor with a crescent moon stamped on the front of the chest piece. He gently leaned his head down to his chest and perked his ear up to listen for a heart beat. Sure enough there was.

"My goodness, he is alive! I can't leave ya out here poor fellow," he quickly got partly underneath Star Lane and lifted up and placing him firmly over his back.

"My, you are a somewhat heavy fellow. Don't worry, you'll be safe at my home as long as my loving wife doesn't kill me for bringing a random stranger home," he chuckled to himself. With Star Lane draped over his back like a towel, the pony began his journey back down the mountain.


A light yellow mare was sitting in a rocking chair beside the fire place peacefully book. Her light shaded pink mane blew from a gust of wind that blew through one of the windows. She got up and trotted over to the window and shut the shutters and returned to her rocking chair. As soon as she sat down she heard a knock on the cabin door.

"Come in !" the door slowly open to expose the old stallion carrying Star Lane. He quickly trotted in and shut the door to block the harsh weather.

"Goodness the weather out there is starting to pick up."

"You find anything nice dear?" her face was stuck down in her book.

"I found some beautiful flowers for the windowsill! I also found something else," he trotted over to the bed laying down Star Lane.

The old mare looked up in disbelief. "Oh my goodness! Where did you find him!?" She frantically got up and rushed to the bed.

"I found the poor fellow in-bedded in some sort of crystals. I barely touched the thing and it just crumpled into dust,"

"Goodness me, let me get him warm! He must be absolutely freezing cold!" she pulled the sheets back and quickly tucked Star Lane in even though it was a bit difficult with the heavy armor he was wearing.

"let me get him a warm rag!" she quickly trotted over to the kitchen and got began to run a wash rag under some warm water. She trotted back over and laid the warm damp rag on Star Lane's forehead.

The old stallion slowly made his way to the couch and slowly sat down to enjoy the warmth radiating from the fire place. "Come sit down dear, let him get some rest." he looked over at his wife patting the cushion beside him.

"Let me get the poor thing an extra blanket. I'm afraid he isn't warm enough," she walked over to the closet beside the kitchen and rummaged through to find another blanket. She brought the blanket over to Star and jumped back in shock.

"Honey! Come quick, he is waking up!"

The stallion got up and slowly trotted his way over to the bed. Star Lane groaned and slowly began to open his eyes. Everything was fuzzy and couldn't get a feeling of where he was then everything slowly came into focus. He saw that a light yellow mare with a light pink mane and a orange stallion with a dark grey mane with a long fully grown grey beard to match.

"Where....am I?" Star Lane was confused and trying to make some sense of what was going on.

"Relax dear, you are safe here," she said as she ran her hoof over his mane.

"I found ya covered in thick snow. You seemed to have appeared in some sort of giant crystal sonny!" he took a seat in the chair beside the bed.

"Where am I?" Star lane asked.

"Why, you are in our cozy little cabin home! It's not much, but it is still a great cozy place to be!" he chuckled.

Star Lane was still dazed and confused as to what happen. He sat up a bit and quickly placed his hoof on his forehead from the sudden headache that rushed over him.

"Ugh" he held his head down holding his head and clutching the sheets with his other hoof.

"Take it easy sonny, you must have been in that thing for quite some time," he got up out of his old rickety chair. "I got something that will cure that head ache!" he chucked as he trotted over to the cabinet and pulled out a bottle with a brown liquid inside it. He got a tiny glass and poured the brown contents into the glass and brought it over to Star lane.

"Here ya go sonny! this should help ya!" he smiled and handed the glass to Star.

Star Lane slowly reached out for the glass and took a sip of the liquid then immediately spit the contents out. "My! looks like he can't handle his liquor too well!" he laughed.

The old mare gave the old orange pony a smack on the back of the head. "Honey he needs water! Not alcohol!" she scoured.

"I apologize for that. I'm just not a drinker," Star Lane said, setting the glass on the dresser beside him.

The stallion rubbed the back of his head and chuckled. "It's ok sonny! Let me get you some water." He trotted back over to the kitchen and fetched Star Lane a glass of water. He handed it to Star and he quickly gulped down the entire glass.

Star Lane wiped off his mouth and sat the glass down. He took a look around the cabin and seen the small kitchen that was right beside the living room where the fire place was. Little tacky decorations and even a grand father clock sat in the corner of the living room.

"Your home is really nice."

"Why thanks sonny!" the old stallion smiled.

"It may not be a whole lot, but its still good ol home," the light yellow mare gave a comforting smile as well.

Suddenly it all came rushing back to Star like a huge crashing wave into a cliff side. "Sombra!" he shouted. The old coupled looked at each other for a split second and turned back to Star.

"What's that sonny? Was you on your way to meet with Lord Sombra?" he cocked his head to the side, puzzled as to what he was talking about.

"Wait...Lord....Sombra?" Star gave him a somewhat mortified and confused look.

"Why, yes sonny! Did you forget who ruled these lands?" he quizzically asked.

"What!? No! He doesn't rule anything! Princess Celestia and Princess Luna are the one's who rules Equestria!"

"Why, Lord Sombra has ruled these lands since the beginning of time!" he slapped his knee and laughed.

The old mare gave a concerning look and placed a hoof on Star Lane's forehead. "You must be not feeling good!" Star Lane shook his head causing her to remove her hoof away from him.

"No! That isn't right! he shouted.

"Wait! What is the year!?" he looked at both of them as if they was completely crazy.

The old stallion gave out another knee slapping laugh. "Why it's seventy seventeen!" An entire wave of shock and disbelief and completely covered Star lane. He looked down at him clutching the sheets with an endless flood of thoughts rushing through his mind. He slowly threw moved the covers off of him and got up and trotted a couple of steps before falling on his flank.

"This...can't be right. This isn't right." he quickly tried to hold back the tears,but his will power wasn't strong enough. Tears started to flow down his face as he banged his front hoof against the wooden floor.

"Damn it!"

He stomped his hoof.

"Damn it!"

He stomped again.

The light yellow mare quickly trotted over and hugged him tightly. She ran her hoof through his mane to try to calm him down, "It's ok deary." Star Lane couldn't believe it. everything...everypony he knew....was gone. Lost to the one unbeatable opponent no pony could ever defeat, time itself. Everything he knew was taken away from him, friends, family, his home, and his whole life as he knew it. This couldn't be real, it had to have been some sort of sick twisted nightmare. After some time, Star Lane managed to dry his tears and slowly stand up and took a deep breath. The mare retreated back to the side of her husband.

Star Lane turned around and gave a bow to the couple. "I am forever in your debt for taking me into your lovely home and taking care of me. My name is Star Lane," he said warmly.

Both of the old ponies smiled. "It's nice to meet you Star Lane! I am Bubble Bop and this is my lovely husband, Dust Wave."

"It's a pleasure to meet ya sonny! What is that on the front of your armor there?" he pointed at the crescent moon.

"Oh, it is a crescent moon. It's the symbol for the Crescent Shadow, an elite group that is bound to protect the lands of Equestria. We was formed under Princess Luna herself,"

The couple both looked at each other in confusion and looked back at Star. "Who is Luna sonny? She some sort of part of Lord Sombra's military?"

Star was completely dumb founded. How could they possible not know who princess Luna or Celestia was. Did Sombra really rule for so long that any kind of memory of the princesses had been lost? Star Lane sat down and began to explain to them that it was Celestia and Luna who was the rulers of Equestria and that Sombra had sent him five thousand years ahead in time after he had seized his control.

"My, sonny that sure is quite a tale," he stroked his beard, intrigued in Star Lane's story.

"I must find a way to get back home so I can prevent this from ever happening," he stood up, "I am forever in your favor for such amazing hospitality," he bowed to the old couple. The couple smiled at him, "Deary, it was absolutely no trouble at all. You are welcome here any time you like. your home will always be open to us,"

"That's right sonny! I hope you managed to find you way back home!" he smiled.

Star Lane trotted over to the door and opened it, but before he left, he gave them one more bow and thanked them both. The old couple smiled and waved their hooves goodbye.

Star Lane smiled warmly, waved goodbye, and began to sprint down the path towards ahead.

Author's Note:

Finalllllllllly got this out. I really hope you all are enjoying this. I know the writing isn't perfect but I am trying really hard to improve my writing as I go to make it a more fun experience for you all. I am sorry the chapters have been short but I plan on start making them longer. Hope you enjoy! c:

If you should run into a mistake let me know and I shall fix it asap c:

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