• Published 8th May 2017
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Frozen in Time - DSN

Long to have thought his banishment was permanent, King Sombra has returned. His reach through out the land is spreading and it's up to a elite team of the Royal Guard to return him back to his prison before it's too late.

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Chapter 1: First Comes The Thunder

The sun shined bright across the land of Equestria. Not a single cloud was to be found in the sky while the fields swayed in the wind like a massive rolling sea of lush plants. The sun's rays beaming down had creating a blanket of warmth that had all the animals of the forests to come out and take part of the marvelous day. The birds soared through the sky, giving their wings a stretch while the animals of the land came out to hunt for food and take a long drink from the rivers that flowed through out the land. A lone bird sailed through the sky and perched it self upon a long thin branch, gazing through the dense woods. The sound of running can be heard in the far distance from inside the woods, but began to get closer and closer. The bird cocks its head waiting for the what ever was approaching.

A peach colored pony was galloping through the woods at full speed jumping over fallen trees and dodging trees, pushing himself as hard as he could. His apple red mane blown back from the sheer speed he had been running. He quickly had reached where the tree line ends and were the shear open lush fields began. With all of his might, he gave one giant leap over a tree that had fallen and soared through the air with the sun reflecting off of the white-gold trimmed armor. He landed with precision and continued to continuously push himself to even try to go even faster. The tall grass and plant life began to continually smack him across the face with what seemed to have been no end. The stallion reached the end of the field, but caught a loose root with his back left hoof and began to take a unstoppable tumble down a massive embankment. One after another, pieces of armor plates became loose and had completely detached themselves from him. He had finally came to a halt after slamming himself into a massive log down below. He gave a grunt as he tried to recover from the disorienting fall. He looked down to notice that his chest plate and front two hoof plates were completely gone, only to expose the black plain uniform under it. He looked up in the sky and saw that extremely dark smoke grey clouds began to slowly creep and peek up over the tree line. The animals that once out frolicking about had began to run back to their homes and the birds began to squawk and eventually all departed, hoping to dodge the darkness engulfing the skies.

The pony quickly picked himself up and began to run as fast as he could to the castle.

Star Lane slowly opened his eyes, smacking his alarm clock while giving out a long drawn out yawn. He slowly rose out of bed and sluggishly walked to his bathroom and flipped on the light. He gazed at himself in the mirror and wiped away the crust from his eyes. He stepping into the shower letting the warm water rain down upon him. He started to wash his navy blue coat then squeezed some shampoo into his front hooves and began to rub the shampoo into his jet black mane. He stepped out shaking his mane and coat to get rid of any excess water and squeezed out some toothpaste to brush his teeth.

He finished up and trotting to his wardrobe to open to his uniform hanging there, freshly washed and pressed. he slide on his coat, a long space cadet blue with a pure black trim going around the collar with a image of a crescent moon on both side of the collar. He inspected himself in the mirror giving off a couple of poses. He looked down at his alarm clock that read ten-fifty and made his way down stair and out the door going off to work.

Star Lane trotted through the streets of Canterlot while enjoying the beautiful day. There was many ponies out today either doing some shopping or out walking and enjoying nature. Took a deep breath and gave a subtle sigh.

"Today is going to be a good day." he said.


The peach pony had finally made it to Canterlot after what seemed to be a life time of running.

"Finally." he said, panting heavily.

He quickly headed through the gates and towards the castle. He ran bobbing and weaving through the large crowds trying to avoid from crashing into anyone.


Star Lane slowly made his way towards the Canterlot castle when he noticed a pony who seemed to have been in a rush to get somewhere. He was darting and dashing between crowds of ponies flawlessly while seemed to be flowing gracefully in and out. He stopped for a second to notice he was heading directly towards the castle.

"I wonder what his rush is," he said, somewhat intrigued.

Star Lane began to pick up his pace and began to quickly head towards the castle.He made it up to the front gate where there was two very large stallions guarding the massive door. They noticed the patches on his collar and saluted him with Star Lane doing the same. He made his way inside making his way down the long, massive hallway decorated with huge windows and statues and various paintings. He made it to the chamber door where the royal sisters reside. He heard a conversation from more than one pony and gave subtle knocks on the door.

"Enter," one of the ponies said.

He slowly opened the door and saw both of the royal sisters standing there along with Lighting Bane, a brown pony with a light grey mane that is also leader of the crescent shadow team. Even the pony he saw running through the streets from earlier was standing before them.

"Star Lane," Lighting said, with a discontent, horrid look on his face.

"We have a major problem."

Author's Note:

Thanks for the read! I really hope you enjoy it and would like to see more in the near future.If you should find any errors in spelling or any kind of illogical sentences please let me know and I will correct them quickly. Thank you!

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