• Published 9th Dec 2011
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Falling Out! An Out-Of-Our Universe Adventure! - mrheadhopper

A young man called Isaac Hammond living in post-apocalyptic New Vegas ends up in Equestria.

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Issue 1 - A Waste's Lander, A Pony's Wonder

"Am I dead?"

My power armor somehow managed to keep itself attached, I still felt it on me during whatever procedure I had just went through. I really felt like all of my body had decided to break, twist and turn; leaving my evil brain to deliver pain, mostly all over my pitiful body. Whatever had just happened had got me bad.

"Oh, I'm probably in some sort of hell if I can feel this much pain."

There were voices whirling around my head, probably my conscience discussing with itself and trying to force me back into consciousness; for I was feeling extremely light, kinda like when you're dreaming.

"My name... It's.. Isaac. Isaac Hammond. I.. How long have I been out?"

I woke up in what seemed like the middle of the night. I forced his eyes open and cooled down in the night's loving grasp. My pupils had long since shrank to try and get a better grip at the darkness, and it would've been a true pain in the ass to open my sorry eyes to a bright, glaring sun. My throat was extremely sore, probably because of dehydratation. I forced himself up only a short while after regaining painful consciousness, standing woozily in some sort of lenghty clearing. I had seen pretty things like those, but this was special for some reason. It seemed to be a bright circle of greenish-blue grass surrounded by massive trees, and in the center of the clearing was a small, sparkling pool surrounded by bright rocks. As I examinated it over and over again, I noticed that it looked... otherwordly. Everything looked so simple, with barely no detail at all. It felt like the grim, bloody world I was in decided to take a turn for the best. My aiming system, Audio Inhibitors and Vis-Oh! 2000 were already setting themselves up again, I could see the blue-ish text on the right and left corners of my mission. I still had an ammo counter; 30 out of 32, so that meant my plasma Defender was still on me. My health counter looked fine, being only a fair 73 out of a 100. I reached out to my left thigh's side and pulled my plasma sidearm out of its holster, should I in any case encounter some sort of hostile in this surprisingly-not-grimdark world.

I started to walk forwards from where I had originally looked at when I got up on my feet, and after roughly two minutes of mindless walking, I found myself standing infront of some wooden sign mounted on two sticks with the words "Ponyville" marked onto the wood. 0I stared at it for roughly a few seconds before I touched it, trying to make sure it was real. It was pretty damn real, but it still looked stupidly... happy to me. I turned my view from the sign and looked behind the sign and stared at what seemed to be a lenghty light-grassed road with a couple of houses bundled together, wooden walls, hay rooves and ornate glass windows.

I stepped out towards the horizontal road and my movement tracker instantly turned itself on, marking the unknown moving life forms with a bright orange text, indicating that those lifeforms weren't cached on the T-51b's database. It could have been a error in my power armor because of it being damaged, but I simply ignored those and continued vertically of where I was standing on the horizontal road. Eventually I reached some sort of bridge that lead me to a massive, towering circular building with a brownish coned roof that had some sort of tower mounted atop of said roof. There were pink glass windows and certain lanterns hanging from poles holding the structure in certain parts, but I just decided to ignore it for now. Making contact with whatever 'unknown lifeforms' in it wasn't exactly my thing.

I stood infront of it's yellow-ish staircase and started towards a fountain of the sorts with what appeared to be a cartoonish equine mounted on a ball atop of said fountain. I caught view of the waters and decided to walk to the edges of said fountain. I took my helmet off in a damn instant; I needed my mouth free to drink and drink from those much-needed waters. I drank more than enough before putting my helmet on and I simply stood stiff as I heard both the movement tracker's insane beeping and the sound of hard limbs hitting the ground behind me. I turned around almost instantly, aiming my Plasma Defender with both arms at whatever was behind me.

"Hold the fuck still!"

The purple, horned equine stopped instantly in it's tracks, one of it's forelegs curled over for it was about to take another step. It seemed, like most of the other things I've seen here, stupidly cartoonish, and it sported some sort of satchel mounted on it's back, much like those things one would put on a pack mule. The pony, as I thought it was, opened it's mouth and tried to emitt some sort of sound, but the only thing that came out was a stiff squeak as it's horn started glowing.

"Don't try anything! I swear to God, I'll shoot your sorry ass if you even TRY ANYTHING!"

The glow diminished quickly. I held my finger steady on the trigger, but I started to lower my weapon as it screamed "THERE'S A MONSTER!" and set off at a stupidly fast pace. Sighing, I kept my weapon ready and analyzed my surroundings should any of those things pop up. They didn't look dangerous, but hell, that glow looked like it was gonna hit me or something. I walked forwards and, after some thinking up, reluctantly went after it. If it could speak english, maybe it could provide some sort of insight if I dared come at it without a weapon in it's face.

After following it's hurried pace to a massive tree with a bunch of balconies and blacked-out windows, I decided to walk up to the door, my massive armor making rather loud noises against the hardwood. I sheated my weapon in it's leather holster and knocked on the door. After hearing a series of muffled shouts, steps and shuffles, the door opened. I screamed as a unknown force pushed me back against a surprisingly hard wall.

I saw my health drop below 0 and then flick itself to 60 and 75 before my visor and I blacked out.

Author's Note

This is my first fanfic and I need some sort of pre-reader, so it'd be lovely if any of you folks decided to help my sorry ass out and make this fic real nice n' shit.

Criticism is needed, fuck me over and shit on my face if needed to.