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Due to sudden changes in Twilight's schedule, Starlight Glimmer and Trixie end up babysitting Flurry Heart for a day. Everything is fine.

Well, except maybe a thing or two.

Preread by Door Belle, hawthornbunny, and Bootsy Slickmane

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Who made the picture?

Me (don't expect much from me, though, I mostly edit screencaps and base the pic on them. Enough for a cover, but I don't consider myself an artist that much).

First Starlight by herself, then Starlight and Sunburst, and now Starlight and Trixie? What's next? Starlight and Maud babysitting Flurry Heart?

Flurry and Maud would end up in someone getting a low-flying rock to the face. Though something tells me that the Equestria's Worst Foalsitter title belongs to Limestone.

“Her name is Zecora and she lives in the Everfree Forest, but don’t expect her to show it to you. She’ll just talk in rhyme and give you some booze, after which you’ll walk backwards for three days.”

This sounds like the voice of experience... :trixieshiftright:

Travelling across Equestria, Trixie saw a lot of strange things. So did her liver...

Not nymphomaniac, professional sex harasser Cloud Kicker?! Heresy!

Also, why was Starlight punished while Trixie got almost scott free?

It somehow manages to be JUST funny enough to avoid coming across as a Starlight torture porn, and for that I give it a fave.

That... went a little better than I had expected. Still went pretty bad and was funny, but could have been a lot worse. At least eighty-five percent of Ponyville was unaffected.

Yeah, pretty low-key, given that in my stories I destroyed Ponyville, like, three times. So it could be worse :derpyderp2:

Only three times? I could have sworn it was more than that...

Trixie and Glim Glam are my favorite troublemakers!

Also screw Cloud Kicker. She's a skank anyway. :trixieshiftright:

This was actually rather hilarious. Well done. :eeyup:

Foul mouthed Cloud Kicker is a headcanon I can get behind.

Allergic to magical sedatives... I don't know what to think unless somepony angrily cast a full stopping spell instead of a sleeping spell.

Diamond Tiara and Trixie. A grown mare who acts like a foal and a foal that acts like a mare. You can practically write a book on the stupid things these two do to one up the other.

I really loved the little adventure these two had and hope we see more.

Starlight Glimmer is always putting her hoof in her mouth.

Maybe Spike can foal sit for Flurry Heart.

Hmm... I recall Ponyville being destroyed in A Kingdom Divided, Zombons, and Canned Heat. Bonus points for wreaking havoc in Canterlot Town (or whatever the name of the town in Equestria Girls is) in Springtime for Shimmer.

He'd probably end up reading comics with her (cue Flurry Heart defeating Mane-iac...)

8142568 Not just comics, he could play games with her, take a stroll outside for some air, tour her around Ponyville, etc.

I have to say, I think Bon Bon was a little harsh. I was always under the impression that she liked foals.

Still, it was pretty funny what Starlight and Trixie went through. I think finding the Cutie Map was easier.

She likes foals unless they make Lyra talk about the end of the world.

Was funny thing to read and hey I can see Trixie being able to relate more to little foals. Great minds think alike and all. Kinda surprised by Starlight's punishment.

And it was fun to see the character that you gave to the various background ponies. Tootsie Flute was most surprising in a good way. Unsure if Cloudkicker was that relevant though with only two short appearances.

Tootsie wandered in there from another story of mine, The Sibling Situation (or even more so from its sequel). I often make small connections between stories like that.

This was a hilarious read! :rainbowlaugh:

This story is beautiful and I wish I'd read it sooner.

I love this. We need more like it.

Magnificent madness, especially the ongoing subplot of meta-aware foals in the background. Thank you for it.

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