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Oh! I admit I lost hope of you writing another story, never mind a sequel, so this is a very nice surprise. Can't wait to read it.

The hell NC stand for?

Non-consensual. Does no one use that abbreviation these days?

Thanks. Just never saw someone use it before.

Sequel to my favorite clop story on this site? 20k words? Luna x Nightmare Moon? Hot damn christmas came way early this year!
Good stuff, really enjoy the way you write smut. Hope you'll be doing more soon!

A Sequel to my favourite clopfic?!
20,000 WORDS?!
I'm dying! ^_^

How do you write so little, yet are so good? Tribute was possibly my favourite clopstory here, and this was even better. It has pretty much everything I enjoy, and in abundance. Grammar and such seemed flawless as well. I wish I could upvote it more often, as it deserves it.

Since Twilight have wings now...isn't this mean she will have penis like other Alicorn too?

Just finished reading 'Plunder'

What an awesome read!!

The passionate descriptive setting was scorchingly hot. The lengthy scenes were beautifully written and kept my interest through one chapter to the next. This was a mentally visual piece of erotica that has some of the best writing I have read in a long time. The flipping of 'Luna's' predicament to her victory with all the angst and inner turmoil that she had to go through, fighting her own inflamed desires, was intense. I've faved it, gave it a thumbs up and added it to my bookshelf. I hope to read another piece from you in the near future.:heart:

You're at least 10% cooler for writing this.:rainbowlaugh:

Stay awesome and passionate in your writing Cloplestia!! :yay:

This is a verygood story (mere words cant describ how awsome it is) you have gaind a follower, please keep up the good work!!!

Ooh boy, dis gon b gud.

You guys are way too kind!

Part of me wants Celestia and Luna to be special cases, but I dunno, maybe she does.



Well, it does take place underground... :trollestia:


Well it's a passionate story written in a little over 22,000 words. The raw angst of it was a delight to say the least. You've gotta write more like that. :heart:

O,o freaking great story. Hope to read more of your stories in the future.

Holy crap! A sequel to what is possibly, probably my favourite horse sex story on the entire site and almost twice as long? And I can still upvote it only once?

Like others, I wasn't expecting this to happen, but it did, and it's magnificent.

This was so good, and those descriptions were outta control!:heart:

I really hope you write more, you're easily one of the best writers of erotic fiction on this site. Or quite a few sites really.

This was simply amazing! I happen to think about the prequel for some reason and went to reread and what do I find? A Sequel! It was as good as the first, I could almost feel Luna's desires the descriptions were so good. I was happy that you kept the Twilestia aspect, but at the end were you hinting that Twilight became a Alicorn because of Celestia's "love" so to speak?

Thanks! I wasn't really hinting at that (it didn't occur to me), I just figured enough time would have passed that she should be an alicorn by now. Then again... :trollestia:

is... is... is...?
You're killin' me here!


I... uh, have few other words for this. Your descriptions and pacing is...




Well, I rated it! I rated it very well! All that sweet, creamy goodness! You're an author after my own heart.

The story was nice too. :raritywink:

(Seriously, I'd love to see this get more recognition.)

You thought it was Nightmare Moon who mastered you! In reality, it was I, Queen Chrysalis, all along!

She makes a good Dio, doesn't she? :trollestia:

Every bit as delightful as the story that started it, and more besides.

Let's see if Chrysalis can handle an indestructible creature of lust with duel boners.


Heres to hoping the next sequel comes out faster.

I take it those spores got you too? :rainbowlaugh:

Lmao no no no I'm just dumb

This story is still fantastic after all these years.

Can’t believe you were only gonna ever write one MLP fanfic at the time and then this came out. How time flies

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