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The sheer might of both titanic forces battling one another had repercussions upon the environment and not a single eye nor ear could have detected it. When Tirek finally fell to the magic of friendship, a tear in the fabric of space ripped open as the unstable space around the war zone gave way no longer able to hold itself together. Unbeknownst to the ponies of Equis, there would be no happy future for them when a mysterious obsidian flying rock jets over Ponyville with fire spewing forth from its beak. Another similar object erupts into a brilliant explosion that evaporates, leaving the attacker a head drive straight into the Everfree.

In full view of the Mane 6 and Discord, something bad has transpired and more lay ahead for the peaceful world of the equines. Many of the ponies called the thing, the Black Hawk, with its avian form and speed which barely an eye could catch. Where fun and joy should be had, now the citizens and the princesses worry over what came through a portal fabricated by the magic battle between good and evil The situation has only just begun to dive...

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Interesting...I'll keep an eye on this one...

8188060 I hope I do not disappoint.

I must say that i have so far been intrigued by this story...but.....
Sunset Satan :rainbowderp: sounds kind of silly
Still, will keep on reading :twilightsmile:

8204318 You were right, had my doubts as well, will be using the term 'Corrupted' for a lack of a better word.

Did this story die? Can never tell when authors never use the "hiatus" or "canceled" tags.

I have the chapter ready just needs edits but my budget crashed and Hurricane Harvey hasn't made it any easier to get to editing it.

Understandable, just hard to tell with the lack of people marking their story status. Good luck sorting out your budget and dealing with the hurricane aftermath.

I really do enjoy this story, *throws down cup* ANOTHER!

Awesome you're enjoying the story, already working on the next chapter.

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