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This story is a sequel to The Bridge: A Godzilla-MLP Crossover

Takes place in the same universe as The Bridge. Reading recommended but not NECESSARY, as the entire point of this story is the POV of someone who has no clue what's going on.

Dr. Ghost Story had heard whispers of something happening in Equestria. An attack by dragons at a nearby camp along with sightings of a mysterious monster. A flock of 'big angry bats' in Appleloosa.

But she never expected that a routine trip to Canterlot to get books for her store would result in her being eyewitness to something this huge. Something both terrifying...and awe-inspiring. A beast both fierce and powerful, but noble and determined standing between a flock of ravenous beasts and the city she was in. And frightening but awe-inspiring is right up Ghost Story's alley.

Amazed by the behemoth who saved the capital and to whom she now owes her life, Ghost Story is determined to investigate the ones standing between Equestria and malevolent forces from another world. And maybe write a book or two on the subject.

Approved by Tarb during a life stream, decided to write this on my birthday and I really like how it came out! The Bridge is the story of the Mane Six and the Kaiju, this is the story of somepony who wants to learn everything she can about them.

Thanks to Tarbano for approving the project!

The Bridge and related materials belongs to Tarbtano!

My Little Pony belongs to Hasbro!

Godzilla and related characters belong to Toho!

Ghost Story and other OCs of my creation belong to me.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 24 )

Tis an interesting experience to see one's story from another POV. Love it!

Looks like Ms. Ghost Story got a full first look at what Godzilla looks like.

Ghost Story sounds pretty cool.

This sound like a interesting story but that's not what I want to talk to you about what I what to talk about are the Trixie getting back on her hooves squeals. Now I'm not going to ask when the next chapter coming out I'm just going to make a few suggestions if your not going to make them I'll be ok with that so here are my suggestions. 1 Equestria Girls where learn how Trixie's and the illusions, SciTwili, human Starlight, and everyone else would live if Checkmate was in there would have no ideas but that's your the writer and I'm not. 2 A circus or something like that visits Ponyville and they and a old magician but not just any old magician it's Trixie's hero Hoofdini and during his show he ask for volunteer and of course it's Trixie but during the act he make a mistake but like the The Magnificent Trixie and Stagehoof do some of there magic made it look like it was part of the show after the show and so much need explaining everypony get know each other, Trixie goes al fangirl over meet Hoofdini all that good stuff but when the ringleader and Hoofdini offer her, Stagehoof and Sally a job at there circus it leaves Trixie a dilemma leaves her friends and go around with her hero or stay in Ponyville where in Trixie mind never become one of the greatest magician in Equestria I really like stories like that. 3 Last one it's really simple a love story between Trixie and Stagehoof kind of like Hard Road Ahead only long, more in depth, and the mane six. Anyway that's what want like I said if your going to do it that find sorry for the extremely long comment well I'm going to go on my stroll bye.

8132663 Thanks! And glad that works! Since showing this from an average pony's POV is the point here. Glad you liked it!

8132710 Yep. And the Gyaos too, but she's more afraid of them.

8132765 Thanks! And that's good, given this is an OC driven story, so the main protagonist needs to be likeable and interesting for the story to be.

8133284 I thought she's only afraid of clowns?

8133381 Clowns are her PHOBIA. Her bio says she's not exceptionally brave, just has an easier time laughing off stuff that scares her afterwards.

In this case, she's scared of them because several hundred maneating bat monsters were about to descend on Canterlot and eat her. Though being able to shrug off being scared easier than normal probably contributed to her having a cool enough head to read Godzilla Junior when he showed up, which makes her a rather ideal character for this particular story.

8133394 Intriguing. I also find it interesting that she's acquainted with the lovely Ki Seong.

8133433 Yeah, she does. It'll be elaborated on, but it started with her being curious at Carrea and its myths and legends, and they became friends from that.

And for the record, she is at least aware of what a Gumiho IS.

8133508 I think that Ghost Story would be very intrigued with Ki Seong's growing bond with Anguirus (assuming I spelled his name correctly).

8133584 Don't want to spoil anything, but Ghost Story wants to learn all she can about them.

8133593 No doubt about that.

Off topic, is it possible for Destroyah to appear in the Godzilla Cinematic Universe?

8133645 Hedorah would make more sense IMHO. Destroyah COULD, but it depends on how they're done.

8133702 Well there's a video on YouTube involving a Godzilla fan listing other monsters he'd like to see in later installments.

Off to a really good start. Ghost Story is an interesting character (and I hope you'll do a couple of literature jokes with her being a bookstore owner).

Why do I get the feeling she's related to George Stobbart?

Well, gotta say, I am certainly liking this series of side stories!

Ghost Story certainly is an interesting character, especially with her habit of playing...Ghost Tricks. Yes, I made THAT reference! :rainbowwild:

An interesting approach and a nice beginning to a story.

Considering where she lives, I wonder what her reaction to the Baby Destroyah incident will be like? I hope she doesn't just sleep through it...

i hope this continues. it is always interesting to see POVs from outside the main characters

Comment posted by suckmymeme deleted January 16th
Comment posted by suckmymeme deleted January 16th
Comment posted by suckmymeme deleted January 16th

To be honest on the "I hope this story continues" part I'll be the one to call it...this story probably won't. Why? Well, let's face it this story has been around for nearly a year(and I'm pretty sure it actually has been a year)and yet there has only been this one chapter in terms of it, so until further confermation from Godzillawolf's part. I say this story won't continue.

I fully intend to continue it, I've just been swamped in commissions and unable to work on it.

Ok thanks I really think this is a cool story idea so now I know.

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