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(On hiatus until further notice. Certain people are responsible.)

My name is Brian. I'm an auditor. About two hundred tiny colorful quadrupedal aliens obsessed with friendship have invaded my home. They come in peace, but I can't understand their squeaking, and I'm not sure how many dependents I'm now allowed to list on my tax return.

My name is Princess Twilight Sparkle. When the Cataclysm happened, my entire race had to be moved to another world. A world that's too big for us, with creatures that could step on us without noticing. But we have to make do. We have to survive. I just need to... befriend the Giants. I'm the Princess of Friendship; how hard could it be?
Note: The "Sex" tag is for slightly risqué conversations. No overt acts will be present or depicted.

I'd like to call attention to the Tiny Pony group. I love this concept, and I love almost every story in this group.

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Hey, this was a great read. I'm excited to see where it goes. :pinkiehappy:

That unable to communicate thing didn't last very long, did it?

Story Approver

Added to my bookshelf because tiny horses.

this is adoreable teeny tiny twily

This is cute. So watched.

lets hope the updates arent too late cause im loving this!

Ah, good ol' annoyingly violent, xenophobic Dash, but this time with a twist! Not only did she attack a alien unprovoked, but it was one so massive as to indicate she's dumber than a sack of flour for assuming she could hurt it. On top of that, instead of attacking the stranger in her own town without cause other than being a xenophobe as she usually does in these types of scenarios, she attacked an alien in its own home after invading.
Dialed the "Dash is a horrible racist" trope up to 11 on this one.

But seriously, why did she attack? I can't see the logic, which is to say, she was being more illogical then usual.

You know, normally I'm not a fan of the whole "avoid the government" trope, but with things the way they are right now, that definitely seems like a prudent move. Though, in all honesty, if you do plan to get the government involved at any point in this story, I'd switch to using a fictional president, just to avoid the shitstorm using the real one will inevitably cause. Politics and storytelling rarely mix well unless the politics are the point of the story.

Putting a 'Do Not Enter' sign on the door is probably the best way to get your siblings to want to go down there. Just saying.

Loving this so far, I can't wait for more :raritystarry:

So wait are they only whats left of equestria? (and equus in general?) or are there more somewhere else? does it means thats spike has been erased? If they are only 204 ponies left, i can nearly say that their species is doomed

Huh. Not bad.
I wonder how many other groups there are and what's going to be done to find them.

The others are somewhere else. It doesn't mention other species (such as diamond dogs, minotaur, or griffons), but it does say that the ponies are okay. It's implied that there are more ponies elsewhere early in the story, and then in chapter 2 Celestia outright says that the ponies from the Crystal Empire made it out, but are somewhere else. I suspect that the process of tracking them all down will be a pretty big part of the story from here on out once they get magic working again.

This is pretty good, hope to read more of it in the future!!

Oh, bad move, Brian. Rambunctious ten-year-olds DO NOT obey the DO NOT ENERT sign.

Dexter corp may be fictitious, but I'll bet the founder STILL doesn't want his sister on the premises of Research and Development at ANY TIME.

She was gently squeezed again. “He’ll come back, Twi. He said he would. ‘Sides, Rainbow and Fluttershy went to keep an eye on him, remember?”

Uh oh. The childhood friend from Fallout 3 saying "How big could the outside world be?" when you wreck the vault's reactor come to mind. A freaking raven could eat them with them being barely bigger than a piece of dental chewing gum!

This is actually an interesting read. I never read a story where the ponies were this small. smallest i read them be were the size of cats. Gonna keep watch on this good story.

This reminds me of Walking Giant, an HiE story where the human is scaled up to the point where the ponies can fit in his palm.

Wha! The worst part about reading a good fun fanfic, is getting to the latest chapter, now I need to wait patiently before I can read more.


Oooh. Good point.

I'll ready the Retcon-O-Matic.

The president with questionable legislation... is now unnamed! We might see him/her in the future.

I left, taking a deep breath. I typed, printed, and taped a piece of paper reading “DO NOT ENTER” on my basement door before preparing to confront the prepubescent terrors.

....Clearly this guy hasn't been a human long. That only entices the rebellious to go in.

8157979 Everypony's pretty rattled from the whole "world-erasing Cataclysm" event and is looking for things to distract themselves so they can cope. Dash's method was artificially creating anger within herself by picking a fight with something she couldn't hurt, and hopefully wouldn't hurt her, with the flimsy excuse of "it scared Twilight!"

Looks like I implied a little bit too hard there and should've made it more explicit or explained it later. Sorry.

8158232 I would not be surprised to learn that episode inspired this fic.

Anyway, time to feed tiny pastel ponies to my garter snake! :pinkiecrazy:

8158210 I already know what the world-erasing cataclysm is: all the bad fanfics merged together into a horrifying amalgam of awful writing which broke the Ponyverse. :trollestia:

sound that sounded like Minecraft’s sound effect when the player picks up an item? Really? Does this what, 20 year only play Minecraft?

This has been favorited. Thank You, I was going to do a story like this one, but someone beat me to the punch.

I have yet to read this but the idea of ponies being turned into the Borrowers, sounds adorable. But then I remember that pets, rodents and bugs are a constant danger for them... :twilightoops:

I read later when I have the time

8157979 Well she did kick a dragon in the snout, back in season one.

sound like a fun read ill start when a few more chapters come out

I've seen stories with small ponies (the size of cats) but never the size of insects. I'm interested.

Do you have a specific reason for there to be exactly 204 ponies in equestria. Because to me that seem to be a really small amount for an entire nation.

8158131 In fact, "DO NOT ENTER" is as good as saying, "There's something cool back here that little boys absolutely MUST find and break."

8158276 ... you are probably not wrong...

Loving this story, look forward to seeing more


Because Twilight was afraid when the human reached towards her. She teleported out of fear, meaning she may have simply been afraid of the size (imagine a skyscraper on its side launching itself at you - we often don't think of things from the perspective of how big we are in relation to something) or because she feared it was an attack, given that he's a totally alien creature and she has zero idea what his temperament was or what he could do.

Dash, Loyalty, and all around not-that-smart girl, sees that her friend darted back scared out of her mind and launches an offensive, thinking the creature might be hostile or else Twilight wouldn't be terrified.

It's not about invasions or being rude, or being arrogant. "My friend is scared, I fight." about sums it up. Plus, again, not all that bright.

This isn't the first time you've harped on Dash, and I generally completely agree with your sentiments. Just, you're getting progressively a tad more harsh as time goes on? Dash's character is meant to be thick-skulled and hotheaded, so really while that can be annoying (it is, I agree with you), she is in character and this is the way she's meant to be. She's not supposed to stop and think about if something is the best idea or plan of action, or wait for more rational people to explain to her the right thing to do. "See problem, hit problem." is her modus operandi. Seems like it might be a common trait among Pegasi as well. Princess Platinum: "Pegasi are brutes!" Enough to create a stereotype at least.

when does he fuck them


when does he fuck them?

I can easily imagine Rainbow being dumb enough to stow away, but I thought Fluttershy had more sense.

Spiders will be their worst enemy.

Very good. Interesting premises and it is well written. Cute, sad, dramatic, funny and well paced. I will track and like :pinkiehappy:.

Can't wait for them to learn about human history and innovation tactics.

A.K.A. The innovations of war.

Good work! Great for a new story.

Only read the premise and I like what I am seeing

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