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Bright Eyes, Howitzer and Downdraft arrive in Ponyville to attend the Annual Summer Faire. Bright Eyes tries to keep an eye on her husband, but Downdraft decides to take action...Again… How much trouble will he get in this time?

Set in the Quill and Blade universe. It's not necessary to read anything from this group.

Special thanks for Crystal Wishes and Anzel for letting me use their characters. And my family for editing and proofreading all my mistakes

Cover art by Sirzi

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Hey that's pretty legit.

It's a shame that he never got Crystal Wishes' autograph.

8131450 after I wrote the story, I realized he never got to talk to Crystal. Also, his wife is pretty upset with him. I doubt she will let him near a celebrity anytime soon.

8131557 Indeed, very sad.

8131681 anyway, thank-you for reading and commenting.

8131751 You're very welcome. I also wish that others knew about this adorable little short story.

So, I reviewed your story. You can read it here.

Know that I want to see this story in the best light. Please follow that link at the end.

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