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Just your average Brony who happened upon an idea that might actually turn out to be clever enough for guys to love.


The war between Nature's Law and Nature's Fury is reaching its climax. I, Cadence, Goddess of Harmony, am about to do battle with the avatar of Discord's Father himself. I need to lay all the cards on the table, in case I do not return. This is story of my family, and one member of my family in particular. My Little Brother Best Friend Forever, Morning Star. The Concept of Perfection, and the Devil himself.

Cadenza's tale in the Pony POV Verse.


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Comments ( 16 )

This is excellent! Well-written and engaging!

Thanks for the praise, if it's a little generic. But thank you all the same.

So, what happened to Magic? I mean, Magic's still around so...
Twilight is Magic's incarnation isn't she? If so, that puts a layer of poignancy to their interactions.

Yes you are correct.

For all that this is a goddess's lament, rich in tragedy and poignancy, I can't help but be amused by the origin of bad self-insert OCs. It makes so much sense!

Ironically, D___t was the original of the silent RPG protagonist is how I imagined him. Pandora, DIscord's sister and spirit of imagination, was the one who through her good intentions accidentally created the horror of the Mary Sue. In G1 the Golden Door led to the realm of legends, but the characters of fiction when they left their domain began to lose their fantastic traits (the genie's magic faded, Prince Charming began to lose his charm, Robinhood was losing his impossible aiming skills, etc)... Pandora tried to create a character that could enter the real world WITHOUT that happening... this being however wanted to twist EVERYTHING and EVERY STORY to be about them, period...

The last chapter just HAD to link back to something else, didn't it? UUUUUUGGGGGHHHHHHH

Some thought me spiteful, mad, genocidal, bloodthirsty. I was trying to stop bloodshed, I was trying to stop genocides. I bore her no hatred

Uh-huh, okay, whatever helps you sleep at night, hun.

living Concepts are not some oppressive cosmic bourgeoisie to be pulled down.

Eh, depends on if you mean shouldn't or can't. Because one makes you a literal godmode sue.

So while Our Parents punish, they only do so because the weight of our mistakes is greater than anything a mortal can ever... or should ever know.

Should ever know. Can ever know is just god to mortal condescension. And as a god you should already know RIGHT where I think you should stuff it.

We are the world's pillars underneath it, not kings sitting on thrones atop it.

Well that's one way to make sure no one beats up your pet alicorn gods.

Mortals think they can comprehend what a battle between gods would be like

Gah, every repeat of that word feels more and more like a racial slur. Intended or otherwise.

he First Born of the Draconequi was delighted with mortals when they first appeared, not as pets or playthings, but inspired by all the great things these tiny creatures with their brief moments in the mortal universe could do, building on each other's songs, each note adding to the rest, growing greater and greater, the symphony always changing, growing larger, but always consistent.

......I can already tell this guy's doomed.

Her gray avatar never fought with anything but her bare hooves. Heaven and Hell trembled.

Geez, does it have to be so painfully one sided? I almost feel sorry for the guy.

Little brother truly had a love for himself, and he wished to share that self love, to share beauty and perfection with everything in existence.

Well he was clearly a failed creation at birth, otherwise he wouldn't have developed the flaws that lead to his downfall.

"Improved!? If it could be improved, I would have done it in the first place!"

You know, I can't help but feel that maybe the title of alicorn of perfection might have set the bar a little too high. Too much pressure to fill in shoes even his parents couldn't fill.

Mortis didn't flinch. Rota Fortuna has seen that Mortis would be bested someday, but Morning Star was not that one. "They are my creations, it's my business."

And what if he decided to prove her wrong? I thought alicorns were supposed to be immune to timeline whatchamadoingles or whatever.


U mad, bro?

But Know That Your Siblings Too Are A Perfection In Their Own Right,

Then wouldn't that fall under Morningstars domain?

Morning Star bristled at the sight of them.

1v1 me bro, put up your dukes, put 'em up!

At least Hell has justice

Well, I'd argue that infinite punishment for finite crimes is unjust, but we've done this whole religion song and dance before already. I hate it being crammed into mlp, you want it in your mlp fic. Moving on.

Did I see what he became, or what maybe he always was? No... I won't give him that excuse. Morning Star made his own choice.

So Rota goes to the doctor right, and she's like "Doctor, doctor! I think I need glasses!"

"How can you tell?" the doctor asks.

"I didn't see that coming!" she responds.


Well that's one way to make sure no one beats up your pet alicorn gods.

Uh. No. This has to do with how people think Christians Worship a supreme being. And me expressing that through writing. And how people simplify what they think Christians believe.

Supreme implies one that is sitting above all on a throne like the elite or a king.
Being implies a separate singularity entity.

And I was referring to the fact that you tied their existence to the continued existence of everything.




And I was referring to the fact that you tied their existence to the continued existence of everything.

So a god is an actual god, a concept of reality, something that actually exists a part of reality, and not some really old super-powered alien from a different universe who had set themselves up over the "primitives" with some arbitrary motifs or an old man with magic powers, or an ancient super weapon breeding replacement parts, or an collection of Super Golems of a dead civilization, or a Tulpa with delusions of grandeur to parasitically feed off their collective belief.

It's like how Madoka didn't become to embody home, she BECAME THE IDEA OF HOPE ITSELF! And had always been the idea of hope.


Seriously, he just wants to bake his cookies. He doesn't like bullies who ding-dong-ditch his house.

It's still a way to make sure no one beats up your pet alicorn gods.

Except that wasn't the point.
It was the question: if gods (plural) were actual gods, and not any of the above, how would they function?
I HATED having to quantify Celestia and Discord's relatives!!!!!!
They were supposed to be distant, mysterious, in the distant past and far in the background! They were NEVER supposed to be the focus! They weren't supposed to be the focus anymore than the Valar were the focus on Lord of the Rings! (If you don't know what those are, look it up).

But I was peer pressured into quantifying them by my editors! And things spiraled from there!!!!!
So don't go thinking this was 'I'll write this fanfic about all these fan characters of mine who will be the real stars of the show, and they'll yada yada blah blah blah'!!!!!!
Sometimes things in stories just happen!

Did you lack vetoing power? These are your stories dude.

It's called peer pressure. And when I argue things, I lose friends, which is what happened with the Shining Armor arc when I put my foot down and didn't want it to go on for SEVERAL MORE chapters.

If they're willing to stop being friends over not being allowed to alter your story however they wanted then I'm sorry, they're not very good friends.

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