• Published 25th Apr 2017
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I'm Not Bad - ppg1998

Seriously, I'm not! Why do people assume that?

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Chapter 1: Do I Look Bad? (Edited)

“There you go miss. One fully repaired tool box.”

“Thank you Ironhide. I don't know what this town would do without you.”

“No need to thank me. It was actually Blade that fixed this. It's her you should be thanking.”

“No that's okay, I know only you could make this look so new again. No need to lie and make this feel less special. You have a nice day!”

Before Ironhide could reply, the mare left out the front door.

Sigh. “Dad, I appreciate you trying to help, but you and I know that these ponies will never believe I’m a good pony.”

“I'll be damned if I give up trying now. One day all of Equestria will see you as a hero.”

“Hehe. You're too good to me dad.”

“Of course I do. I'm your old man aren't I?”

“Ok ok dad. Hey, since it's almost closing time, you mind if I go home a little early?”

“Sure sweetie. Just don't pay any mind to those ponies.”

“Ok dad.”

I quickly gave my dad a hug to which he responded with a bear hug.

“Dad! Too tight!”

“Hehe, sorry sweetie.”

He let go as I got back on my hooves.

“You really need to watch your strength dad.”

“Yeah, but I know you're tough enough to handle it sweetie.”

“I know dad, I know.”

I looked away and headed towards the back of the shop. This old place is my dad’s blacksmith shop. My dad is the best and only blacksmith in town. I work here sometimes so I can earn some bits. This is also the only place in town that will let me work at all. This old place has an old rustic home style. I like it, but I will admit that it's sad that the only people willing to hire me is my own family. Which only consists of my mom and dad.

My dad is a large muscular, black furred earth stallion, with a brown mane and incredibly strong patience. He’s also got a matching rugged beard. If it wasn't that obvious, he specializes in metal. He's the best, but sometimes I feel he loves me too much. Is that possible? Or maybe that's just the pain from his bear hugs talking.

He was the very definition of strong. At least in my book. Not only was he physically strong, he was also very patient and knew self-control. Anyone who insulted him or his family would always be the one to take the high road and not be given his attention. Although he’s not above showing a punk some manners if someone threatens his family directly.

Anyway, my name is Blaze Blade. I'm the one mare in town that everyone avoids because I'm different. I go into the back of the shop to get my clothes. (Yes I wear clothes, bite me.) I get in front of the mirror and get dressed. I'm a tall, red unicorn mare with a black mane that has white zig-zags in it and a big matching tail. I wear black rim rectangular glasses with a grey driver’s cap and a black trench coat that covers my flank. My cutie mark is a high tech looking blade that has a little bit of flame on it.

After I finished getting dressed I walked to the front door.

“Love you dad.”

“Love you too sweetie! Have a good day.”

I walked out the front door to see my town. Magestaff. It's pretty much what it sounds like. A town that loves magic. Which is pretty much why almost every pony in town hates me.

Why you may ask? Simple, quick question. What's the opposite of magic? Technology, which is my special talent, and it's something that fascinates me. This town looks at me like a freak just because I appreciate technology more than magic. They all assume I hate magic when I don't. In fact I sometimes use it to help me with my work, but it just doesn't interest me as much as most of the town. I am aware of the irony since I'm a unicorn, but you can't blame a girl for liking something different now can you?

I suppose I can't blame them too much, I mean this entire country treats magic like a valuable resource, which it is, but still, I wish that this town didn't completely dismiss technology. They treat it like its dark magic or something. So I'm seen as the town witch or something stupid like that.

The town itself looks pretty average and looks pretty homey from the outside, but like I said before, this place treats technology like dark magic. As I walked through the town I could just sense the townsfolk giving me death glares. It doesn't bother me as much as it did when I was a filly. Still kinda sad though. I'm twenty three years old and they still expect me to go full villain on them, but I won't give them the satisfaction of being right. Besides, I can't fight. What do they expect me to do? Turn them into robots? That would be so pointless and very cliche.

Even if I would turn villain (Which I won't. Ever.) I would be at least more original then that.

As I was walking something caught my attention. I could hear the sounds of a filly. I looked to my left to see a navy blue earth pony filly trying to get her kite out of the tree. When I saw that no other pony had noticed I decided to get a closer look. I got close enough for the filly see me and when she saw me she suddenly stopped what she was doing and covered her eyes while quivering in fear. I tilted my head in confusion. Strange, most kids who see me usually just either run away or quickly go get their parents if they see me heading towards them, so this is new. So I go up to the filly and speak.

“Kid, what are you doing?”

“Go away! If I can’t see you, you can’t see me!”

I could not help, but give a serious deadpan. I know it’s a kid, but this is ridiculous.

“Kid, I am not a monster that hides under your bed or in your closet.”

“But, aren’t you the scary lady that everyone keeps calling a monster?”

Ok, that really stung a bit. I know that the people of this town didn’t like me, but I didn’t know it was that bad. And it hurt. A lot.

Sigh. “Yes, I am, but that doesn’t make me a monster. Please just take your hooves off your eyes kid, this is kinda silly.”

“I am not falling for that, as soon as I do you will find me and put a curse on me or whatever!”

I decide that this wasn’t worth the effort of a response, so i decided to do something the kid wouldn't expect. I used my magic to carefully pull the kite out of the tree and hold it out in front of the kid.

“Here’s your kite.”

The kid slowly removed her left hoof to see the kite. She looked confused and slowly took it back. I simply smiled.

“Would a monster do that? You have a good day kid.”

Yep, I got my dad’s heart. Like I mentioned before, I won’t give these guys the satisfaction of confirming a rumor. Plus maybe at least one more pony doesn’t see me as a… monster.

I continued walking home. Luckily with only a few insults on the way. After about a few minutes, I reached my parent’s place. It was a cozy one story home. Nothing special or new, just a nice, calm home. I went inside and was greeted by a sudden hug by my mom. Yeah, my family is full of huggers.

“Hello Sweetie, how was your day?”

“About as good as it can be around here.”

“That’s great sweetie. Would you like some tea?”

“That would be great mom. You know the way I like it.”

“Iced and in a glass cup coming up. Only for my little genius.”

I went into the living room and sat down on the couch. I watched as my mom went into the kitchen. She was a light purple pegasus with a white mane. Her real name is Sweet Wing. She is the kindest person in town and somehow knows everyone, and I’m not just saying that because she is my mom. She often donates to charity, volunteers at the hospital in her spare time, and entertains the kids at the local school for school events. However, she is not as strong willed as my dad when it comes to insulting me. She can take insults that are directed at her or dad, but never me. Everyone in town knows not to insult me in front of my mom. She may be kind, but she can be pretty terrifying if you call me a demon to her face. I'm just glad about the fact that horns grow back.

I decided to keep my mind off of those things so I picked up the newspaper off the table. It's still talking about the return of some princess that is apparently Celestia’s sister. It's been about two weeks since then. Nothing has really changed all that much since then, at least here. I wonder if ponies will be accepting of this new princess?

I put that thought away when my mom came back with the tea. I reached out with my hood and grabbed my favorite drink. Sweet iced tea. Most people like hot tea, but everyone has their tastes.

“Thanks mom.”

“No problem sweetie.”

Now I just need to wait for my dad to come home. Then I'll tell them the news. I just hope they aren't angry or anything. What can waste half an hour?

“Hey mom, you have any funny stories of when I was a filly?”

My mom smile lit up almost instantly.

“Oh like you wouldn't believe!”

[1hr later]

“...then the next thing I knew, you somehow fixed the toy train by the time I got back. That's why I love you and call you my little genius.”

“I'm home!”

My dad walked into the living room as both my mom and dad quickly hugged and kissed.

“Hey dad.”

“Hey sweetie, what were you and your mom doing just now.”

“Oh I was just telling her about the absolutely adorable times when she was a filly and-”

“Yeah, yeah, mom we get it I was cute.”

“I'm only telling because it's a fact!”

“Haha, you girls are always a treat to watch.”

Well it's now or never.

“Actually mom, dad, would you mind if we have a talk?”

Both my mom and dad stopped and looked at me seriously.

“Why sure sweetie.”

“Of course my little genius.”

They sat on the couch with me as I then took a deep breath.

“Mom, Dad, I'm moving out.”

Both my mom and dad were surprised at that statement. And here comes twenty three years- worth of emotion pouring out.

“I'm actually going to move to this little town called Ponyville. It's about five hours away by train. I am really sorry for telling you this now, I really am, but you both know that this town is never going to care for me. So tomorrow morning I am getting on a train to Ponyville to start a new life, a fresh start where they won’t judge me on my reputation alone. I know you guys want this town to see me for who I really am, but they are too damn stubborn and I am sick of it. I want to have friends, a real job, my own home, I want a life I can enjoy. Mom, dad, you are the best parents anyone could ever ask for and I know you two have been putting up my burden for years and I can’t stand by and watch you risk your necks out for me anymore. I know you love me and I will always be your daughter, but I am a grown mare now, and I need to do this. I hope you two understand.”

Damn, I knew I was holding back a lot, but that was way more then I was expecting. Hopefully they-

I didn’t get to finish that thought I was suddenly hugged by both my parent’s. They were both trying to keep themselves from crying. My mom was the first to speak. “I am so sorry sweetie, I knew this town wasn’t the best for you, but I just thought that this town would eventually warm up to you, but you're right, this town is too stubborn, I just thought that if it works for me it will work for you. I am so sorry for making you ever think you were a burden.”

My dad then spoke. “Sweetie, don’t ever Ever EVER think that you are a burden on us. You are the most important thing in our lives. I knew that this town was hard on you, but I didn’t know that it would make you feel this way. There is no need to apologize sweetie, In fact it's us who should have realized that this was not the place for you. Can you ever forgive us?”

Wow, the feels are everywhere right now. I give a warm smile and hug back. “Of course I forgive you two, and I don’t blame you. This was both of your homes for your whole lives, who am I to say you can’t stay where you are most comfortable living. I know mistakes were made, but I love you two regardless. You two are the best parents I could ever hope for. That is a fact.”

We all sat there and hugged until all the crying and feels stopped. After we all let go I spoke. “I will write whenever I can.”

My mom spoke. “You better! I want know everything that happens in your life. I want ALL the details!”

“Ha ha, don’t worry mom I will. Oh hey, before I forget, tomorrow, I think both of you will like what I have planned for tomorrow for the town folk.” I could not resist the urge to give an evil smile.

Both my parents looked worried at me for a moment.

[1 hr later]

I sat the very last seat in the caboose of the train. I knew it wouldn't be too long before we left, but luckily I planned for this day well in advance. At the moment I looked out with window with a special enchanted portable small telescope. It was a birthday present I got when I was a filly before the town hated me. Didn't think I would ever get to use it until now. It's enchanted so not only can I see very far with it, I can also hear far as well. Right now the angle is perfect as I could see the front door of my parent’s house right now. It was a little difficult to see since the train station was just barely outside the town, but I managed.

And here comes the first of many as a clearly angry mare walked up to my parent’s house. The mare had orange fur and a red mane. She knocked angrily as mom opened the door soon after.

“Oh, hello Ms. Orange Stamp, how can I help you?”

“Your demon of a daughter has gone too far this time! This is absolute proof that daughter of yours is the evil witch we all knew she was!”

Does this woman have a death wish or something? Luckily my dad came in just in time to hold back my mom from committing murder. My dad spoke. “Ok. What exactly has she done?”

Stamp pulled out a letter. “It's this! She has the audacity to claim that I am an unappreciated female dog! And if that wasn't enough she tried to corrupt my little boy with abomination!”

She then pulled out a little wind-up toy rabbit. Is this woman for real? I watched as my mom burst into historical laughter while my dad looked confused. All three of them then turned their heads to some loud noises as there were lots of children outside playing with brand new toys. From steam powered scooters, to remote control trains, to joy buzzers, and kites that can still fly even without wind. I saw the blue filly I helped out yesterday and it looked like she was having a lot of fun. I smiled at that. I just watched as my dad smiled proudly and my mom laughed at all the parents trying and failing to catch their children who were enjoying their new toys.

My parents are the best.

I smiled victoriously as I put my telescope up. The train started moving as I was finally leaving this technophobic town. New life here I come.

Author's Note:

And here we go, my first ever OC centralized story. I'm basically making this up as I go and this looked like fun. I hope you all enjoy it, and to make it more interesting, I wouldn't mind some suggestions in the comments on how her story should continue. I'm back baby! Have a Trollestia! :trollestia: