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Following the events of "A Flurry of Emotions," Spike attempts to comfort Twilight when she worries about being the worst aunt ever after the events with Flurry Heart at Ponyville Hospital.

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"You became a big scary bear?"

"Yes, Spike," replied Twilight, turning away from him. "I became a big scary bear and scared her.

Redundant much, redundancy? :rainbowlaugh:

Comment posted by TheMyth deleted Apr 24th, 2017

"Well... you are the B.M.E in my opinion," Spike said as he fiddles with his tail.
"B.M.E?" Twilight raises her brow.
"Best Mom Ever..." Spike trails off, only to be encased in magic and pulled into Twilight's arms as she nuzzles him, with the dragon feeling dampness on his scales.

Maybe things would have turned out better for Twilight and Flurry Heart had she just cancelled her long schedule.

8114698 Which Twilight should have done...in the first place! Really, Twilight carried the idiot ball in this episode!

8114794 As did Applejack did during Apple buck season episode, I'm surprised that Twilight didn't remember that in hindsight.

8114807 Ponies naturally forget aesops at least once a year.

Twilight is BAE.

I've honestly been waiting to make this comment since the moment I heard Twilight say it.

All I have to say is go watch Roundtable is Magic YouTube review of the episode. It brings up good points on why Twilight was right to be upset with Flurry but also describes how she could have handled the situation better.

8117224 I know right? It can't have been coincidence.

I think this one really needs a sequel. A sequel where Twilight gets confronted over the newspaper article and has to face much more than Spike, perhaps ponies who won't be so understanding.

Spike with the wisdom.

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