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My name is Pandora. Daughter of the former king of the Crystal Empire and Princess Twilight Sparkle. I've been locked away for eternity and my parents? Well, neither are with me anymore. My name is Pandora Shadow Sparkle, and this is my story.

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I'm not really one for no comedy stories but this one caught my eye really good read also:pinkiecrazy:

If there is a dark tag, there should be a teen tag. You should change it to teen either way

8128857 Dark doesn't have to mean teen since there is no gore.

8128881 The teen rating isn't just for gore or sex. It's the tag that marks that there are slightly more depressing or theme that isn't for kids at age 10 and stuff. That's why this needs a teen tag. It doesn't seem appropriate for people under age 13 or 14

Assassinations aren't for everyone.

8128887 I might move the rating up to T if things get out of hand.

8128893 *snorts* well, it seems like it would be teen, but I'll see another chapter or two to see if things loosen up

Before I read this, what is the Dark tag for ?
And how bad does it get ?

8145447 It's basically for implications of death and some war, and for being depressing.

Oww, this story hurt to read. It physically hurts to read. Why did you make this shit, and why the hell is it all one, god damned, run on sentence?

8159337 If you have a complaint about the grammar, I am currently trying to fix that. If you hate the concept, then that's okay. I'd like to know your reasons for disliking this so that I can improve this.

8159412 It's trying to hard to make me feel for the character, and you have a few things that cancel each other out. For one, you say your char only remembers two people, but previously. He had talked about more than two people.

8160695 Oh yeah. :P. I was thinking that she simply remembered names and had vague memories of everypony else she knew and her memories of Screwball and Discord were still pretty clear.

8128891 Well then you clearly have never seen Star Wars.

I love this story :twilightblush:

I have other fics in the works, and I need a break from this story.

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