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Summer Sun was not a fan of the ground and most of the ponies who lived on it. As a Pegasus she felt she only truly belonged in the sky. With a steady job as a weather pony it seemed she would never need to live on the ground.

That changed one day when she got an assignment to oversee the transfer of water to Cloudsdale. What she thought would be a one time thing turned into a full job.

Now she is stuck in Ponyville. Worse yet she might actually like it there. Worse of all it seems she might honestly have feelings for an earth pony stallion!

Her world is about to come crashing down to earth and she hates every second.

Preread by: Muggonny

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good story, but are you going to do update chapter on Monster High Ghoul's Out in Equestria, please?

8131424 I am going to yes. It has been a little hectic getting back into writing after so long though. Sorry it is taking a bit. I will be doing it soon then. It will be the first one I finish since there are a couple of people wanting it.

oh, i see well if you not hear the company have just reboot on monster high movie it called welcome to monster high and they also did Electrified as well. i don't what you think if you watch it?

8135715 I am always up to date on Monster High and Ever After High. I am a huge fan of both and even collect the dolls. Thank you for pointing out the reboot though. This story will continue to be based off the pre-reboot version however.

really? I.. um.. errr okay i'll hope you know what you doing?

8166473 It is a matter of taste as well as pre-reboot has a larger history and character base to work from. Makes for more interesting story options. I will admit the reboot grew on me after I saw it though. I will always prefer a world where Clawdeen and Draculaura have been beast fiends since before high school though.

oh. so what do you plan to do now?

so how the project of monster high ghoul's in equestrian coming along?

are you still do monster high/mlp chapter yet?

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