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Equestria Girls: Believe in Magic - Bryan Luna

Brianna and Megan discover friends and magic as a new menace threatens not only CHS, but the whole world.

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Cheese Pizza, Kaiju, and Tacos

Four years have now passed and Brianna has settled into her life with her new family. In the closing days of summer vacation Brianna gets ready for a night in with her girlfriend Megan as her adoptive mother gets ready for her first night out in a long time.

"Okay now where did I leave my purse?" Ribbon said more to herself than anyone else. She looked around the living room again and huffed. "Darn it! Where did I put it down."

Brianna rolled her eyes as she was looking over her DVDs trying to decide which movie she and Megan would watch while they had dinner together for the night. "You left it on the kitchen table mama."

Ribbon stopped and looked into the kitchen seeing her purse sitting on the table and blushed. "Oh," Ribbon said. "Thank you Brianna sweetheart. Now I've got some money here for you girls too in case you want to get some take out delivered." Ribbon said digging into her purse.

Brianna giggled in response. "I know, you gave it to Megan already. Sheesh, what is up with you tonight anyway mama? You're always so together normally."

"Well you try getting asked out by one of your best friends from high school when you haven't had a date in ten years. Especially since you had no idea she was even interested in women, let alone you Brianna." Ribbon deadpanned.

Brianna's response was a boisterous laugh that caused Ribbon to wince a little. "Hey I was just as shocked as you when Heart Throb asked you out mama. I could not have predicted this," Brianna said with a cheeky tone. "Now don't forget your coat too mama, it's been raining like crazy again tonight."

Ribbon shook her head as she retrieved her coat from the hallway closet. She stopped once again and watched Brianna as she continued to look through her DVDs and trying to make a selection. Ribbon still wasn't used to Brianna calling her mama instead of auntie. "Well I suppose I just should be glad that she isn't much worse off." Ribbon thought to herself while putting on her coat.

"Hey Brianna?" Megan called form the kitchen. "What kind of pizza do you want?"

Brianna looked thoughtful for a moment. "Let's get a cheese pizza, with extra cheese. I need my cheese fix," Said Brianna in a goofy voice causing Megan to laugh before she picked up the phone and placed the order.

"She is so much like Bob when she does that." Ribbon thought before a knock on the door broke her from her revere. "Okay girls I'm off, have good night and remember that Fizzy and Wind Whistler won't be back until tomorrow. Also you do remember where the number is if anything happens with Ember right?"

"It's on the fridge mama, although I doubt there will be any trouble. Ember isn't Danny after all; now don't keep your date waiting it's bad form after all." Brianna replied cheerfully.

Ribbon shook her head as she walked to the door. "I swear she is enjoying this way too much Megan."

Megan giggled. "Oh you know she just wants you to have a good time Ribbon. And you really seem like you need it lately."

Ribbon smiled. "Thank you Megan, have fun tonight. And don't wait up, I think Heart Throb has quite a few things in store for me tonight," She said opening the door.

"Only the most romantic night of your life Ribbon darling," Heart Throb said when Ribbon greeted her at the door. "Come now dear we have an evening full of wonderment and romance in front of us. So let's make the best of it." Heart Throb said with a dramatic flourish.

Ribbon blushed heavily as Heart Throb took her hand in her own and led her towards her car.

Megan shook her head and closed the door. "Okay Brianna the pizza will be here in about twenty minutes, maybe a little longer with the weather acting up." Megan stretched and sighed. "I'm going to go and get a quick shower while we wait. And maybe it will give enough time to pick out a movie." Megan teased lightly.

"Ha, ha, ha." Brianna deadpanned before adopting a haughty pose and accent. "Megan my dear, choosing the right movie for our night in is akin to a form of high art. It has to be just so." Brianna replied arbitrarily raising her hand and sticking out her pinkie finger.

Megan laughs as she walks by Brianna and kisses her on the cheek. "That's pretty good Brianna, but don't let Rarity or Octavia hear you doing that. They might get upset."

"Are you kidding me Megan! Tavi would just get on me for not doing it right." Brianna replied before sticking out her tongue.

Megan laughed again on her way to the bathroom.

Brianna watched her girlfriend for a moment and thought. "Darn it, why does she have to look so good in those jeans?" Brianna shook her head and returned to looking through her DVDs. "Now where did I put that one?" she asked herself as she picked up one of the cases. "Wait, which one is this again?" She asked herself while opening the case only to make a face looking like she'd just eaten a particularly sour lemon.

"Ugh! I thought I got rid of this one." Brianna sighed on way to the kitchen. "The monster design was kind of interesting I guess; but the writing and acting were awful." Brianna thought as she opened the cupboard door under the sink and tossed the reviled disk and case in the trash can. She closed the cupboard door and stood there thinking for a moment.

"I've got it!" Brianna declared suddenly before a knock on the door got her attention. She looked at the door and then to the clock on the microwave. "Oh, the pizza is a little early, that's nice," She said taking the money form the kitchen table and answering the door, Brianna then paid the delivery girl and brought the pizza into the living room.

She sat the pizza on a card table the she had set up earlier and walked back into the kitchen to grab couple of bottles of soda before returning to the living room and finding the DVD she wanted. "Now that everything is set up all I have to do is wait for Megan." She told herself while placing the DVD in the player and closing the disk trey.

A few moments later Megan existed the bathroom while toweling out her long blonde hair which was free from her trademark red ribbon and called down the hall. "Hey Brianna is everything ready?"

"Yes Megan, I'm just waiting on you now." Brianna replied.

"Okay I'll be there in a minute," Megan said going back into the bathroom and hanging the towel up dry. "Whew," She said under her breath. Today had been something of a long day for the two of them and Megan was glad to have things more settled.

Megan walked out of the bathroom and into the living where she sat down next to Brianna on the couch and gave a heavy sigh. "Today was really long wasn't it Brianna?"

Brianna cuddled up to Megan and started the DVD player with the remote. "I guess Megan, we're going to have even longer days when school starts back up though."

"It won't be that bad Brianna. You've been so strong over the years, and you've grown up enough to let others help you through it." Megan smiled at Brianna. "You will be alright even when I'm not here. And you will see me everyday at school and our friends too. So try not to worry so much okay?"

Brianna sighed and put some pizza on her plate. "Yeah, I get it Megan. It's just hard not to feel empty when you're not here with me," She said looking at Megan and pouting.

"What's wrong now Brianna?" Asked Megan.

"I didn't get to see you with wet hair tonight. You always look amazing that way," Brianna said with a light blush on her face.

Megan giggled and put some pizza on her plate. "Yes I noticed you checking me out earlier. Enjoy the view?"

Brianna turned away trying and failing to hide her red face behind her pizza. "It's not my fault you started wearing tight jeans." Brianna muttered. "Sometimes I think you started doing that just to harass me."

Megan shook her head. "No I did it to make you happy Brianna. Besides Rarity and Adagio are right, there is nothing wrong with showing off a little."

Brianna knew the purpose of Megan's remark and looked at Megan with pleading eyes. "It's not that easy for me Megan. What those girls said back then still hurts. And besides, you make me happy. You don't need to show off at all to do that."

"I know that Brianna, but listen to me. They don't matter, we know you, and we care about you. You don't have to go around flaunting your looks, but you shouldn't be afraid of them either. You are beautiful."

"Y-you really think so don't you Megan?" Brianna replied quietly.

"More so to me because of who you are Brianna." Megan replied with a smile. "So why did you pick such a cheesy movie anyway?"

Brianna snuggled back up to Megan. "Because they are so cheesy they loop around to being awesome," Brianna said with a squee. "And it's a good way to spend time with you too."

Megan smiled, Brianna had always been sweet and she loved that about her. "Some day we do need to sit down and talk about your self image still Brianna. I don't want that following you around for the rest of you life."

Brianna winced, this was an issue she knew she had to confront, but had no idea of how to deal with it. "It worries you Megan, I know that. It's just not that easy for me."

"I know Brianna, we'll figure it out together." Megan replied.

A couple of hours pass as the girls watch one movie and then another. And Brianna falls asleep in Megan's arms during that time and while the ending credits roll for the second movie Megan reaches down and caresses Brianna's face.

"Brianna, come on Brianna wake up," Megan said softly.

Brianna moaned softly and opened her eyes. "W-what is it Megan?" She asked still half asleep.

"We need to get ready for bed. You go upstairs and I'll be up in a moment after I put everything away okay." Megan replied.

Brianna stretched and started to move, albeit very slowly. "Okay Megan," She said while getting up and shambling upstairs.

Megan went about putting what was left of the pizza, throwing out the empty soda bottles, and turned off the DVD player and T.V. before heading upstairs to join Brianna. After getting ready the girls got into bed and went to sleep.

Hours later Brianna stirs slightly as the sounds of something rapidly hitting the roof. She blinked and looked at the bedside clock which read midnight for a moment before thunder tore through the night sky startling her awake.

Brianna squeaked in surprise before Megan gently grabbed her pulling her back down into the bed and holding her.

"Are you okay Brianna?" Asked Megan sounding worried.

At the sound of Megan's voice and feeling the subtle warmth of Megan's body. "The thunder woke me up." She replied in a small voice. "I think it started raining really hard too."

Megan caressed Brianna's cheek and spoke softly. "Just relax Brianna, it'll slow down soon enough."

Brianna nodded and rested her head against Megan's chest. After a few minutes of listening to Megan's heartbeat, and feeling the gentle strength of her presence Brianna began to relax again and soon returned to sleep. Megan smiled and laid her head back down on the pillow and she went back to sleep.


Three weeks later...

Brianna was finishing up getting ready for school and catch up with her friends since she'd last seen them. She was even more eager to see Megan again however and that was causing her to be a little bit spacey as she got ready. "Ohhhh! Now did I put my backpack again?" Brianna whimpered while walking past the couch.

Ribbon smiled at Brianna's antics. "It's on the couch sweetheart. And remember that your lunch is sitting on the kitchen counter too," Ribbon said sweetly.

Brianna stopped, turned, and looked at the couch seeing her backpack and facepalmed. "Thanks mama." Brianna replied with a sigh. "I don't know where my mind is today," She said picking up her bag and retrieving her lunch from the counter before placing in her backpack. "Ugh. It looks like it's going to be one of those days."

"Well last week was kind of crazy sweetheart. Also I wanted to tell you that I've been talking with Marty and Donnamarie and we've agreed that you and Megan should be able to spend the week together even though school is back on," Ribbon said.

Brianna's eyes widened. "Really?" She asked feeling a little shocked.

Ribbon nodded. "Yes sweetheart. We know we can trust you girls to keep up your school work and not neglect it. You and Megan have proved to be more than responsible enough."

"Yay! Thanks mama!" Brianna squealed racing over to Ribbon and hugging her.

Ribbon returned the hug. "Of course sweetheart; now get going Wind Whistler is waiting for you Brianna."

"Okay mama, thanks," Brianna said as she headed out the door.

Later at C.H.S...

The girls have met up as usual before classes and are talking about some weird incidents as Brianna comes rushing into the warmth of the school.

"So like I said a moment ago. It is unusual for weather to turn out like that, but it does in fact happen sometimes," Twilight said conclusively.

Sunset shook her head. "I don't know Sparky. It was snowing just down the street while had nothing at my house. At least until Saturday hit, then it was everywhere."

"Yeah," Rainbow said. "It totally ruined my weekend plans with Fluttershy."

"Um well, I think it was for the best Rainbow. The animals at the shelter were acting really weird all day." Fluttershy replied.

"Define weird." Rainbow replied before turning her head to see Brianna rushing through the school doors.

Brianna panted for a few moments before looking up at her friends and saying. "Why does it have to be so cold still? I mean seriously I thought is was August not October." Brianna whimpered while shivering.

"How on earth are you even shivering Brianna? You're wearing a parka." Twilight replied in shock.

Sunset smirked. "She never got used to the cold weather."

The girls laughed as Brianna took off her coat and started to open her locker. "Ha, ha Sunset, I wasn't born here remember?" Brianna muttered to herself.

Sunset shook her head. "Brianna you've lived here since you were five. How have you not adjusted to the cold by now?"

Brianna put her lunch bag in her locker and then facepalmed. "I just never did Sunset. Besides, it's August not October. So it really shouldn't be this cold even with things having been weird for a few years now." Brianna replied while sorting through the books she needed for her morning classes. Brianna gave a heavy sigh as a familiar pair of arms embraced her from behind and held. "Hi Megan." Brianna replied.

"Well Sparky? What do you say now?" Sunset asked looking at Twilight.

Twilight sighed. "It's just some unusual weather girls; it's nothing to worry about all that much."

"So how is my special girl?" Megan whispered in Brianna's ear.

"I'm okay more or less. How is Lily doing? I know she doesn't like the cold very much either." Brianna replied.

"She is fine Brianna. Although TJ was acting a little strange when I was in his stall." Megan replied.

Brianna sighed again. "Megan that pony of yours is a brat. I'm sure he's just doing it to mess with you. He does that after all."

At that moment Rarity chose to speak up. "Weird weather is all well and good darlings; but has anyone else been having problems with their phones lately?"

"Mine is acting up a bit lately." Applejack replied.

Twilight took off her glasses and pulled a cleaning cloth out of her coat pocket. "It's nothing girls. Phones just act up sometimes. You might need and update for them is all."

"I dunno," Pinkie said startling everyone. "Things have been getting really weird lately," Pinkie said in spooky voice while waving her fingers around in the classically "spooky" fashion receiving a collective nod from her friends sans Twilight.

"Good grief girls! It's all just a crazy coincidence that can be explained by perfectly rational means." Twilight retorted sharply.

"Anyway," Pinkie said. "It's not all weirderiffic today. I heard we've got a new girl this year," Pinkie said with a squee. "So that means I need to start organizing her welcome to C.H.S. party!"

Sunset sighed and looked at her friend. "Pinkie I know you want to welcome her with a party, but maybe you should just take it easy at first. For all we know this new girl could be really shy and it might take time for her warm up to the idea. So let's just take it one step at a time okay Pinkie?"

"Okay, okay. I get it. We'll see what she is like first, and then we'll see about her party," Pinkie said putting away the balloons and party favors she had produced from out of nowhere.

Twilight's right eye twitched. "How does she do that?"

"It's Pinkie Pie, don't question it." Brianna replied.


At the same time in Principal Celetia's office...

Principal Celestia sat in her office with a young woman and her mother sitting on the opposite side of her desk filling out paperwork.

"I just want to thank you again for coming in to see me before classes started today," Principle Celestia said as she leaned over her desk to shake the other woman's hand.

"I'm not interrupting anything am I? You seem, rather flustered this morning," The other woman said.

That was an understatement. With everything that had happened the previous week due to the wild weather and the damage caused to the school, it was a wonder Celestia was in her office today. She mused for a moment in her own mind about staying at home and in bed rather than coming in today; but Luna and Sunset had talked her out of it.

"No, it's just the remains of a stressful week still sitting on my desk. We had some weather damage that had to be dealt with is all. It's been sorted out and repaired. So would you like a quick tour of the school?"

"Oh, thank you, but I really have to get going." She turned to the tall teenager sitting in the seat next to her. "Take care and have a good first day.Try not to rock any boats."

The teenager nodded. "I will and I won't, I told you already." They hugged. "Have a good day at work."

"You have a good day too. And Midnight, I mean it."

"I know mom," Midnight replied before turning to leave the office. Once outside the office Midnight looked over a sheet of paper the the principal had given her to help navigate the unfamiliar school. "Now I should go down this hallway," Midnight said to herself as she started down the hall.


Meanwhile further down the hallway...

A cream-colored teen with orange hair with a white stripe going down the left side ran down the hall, eyes darting back and forth as she looked for her sister. "Ooooooh, Sapphire is going to kill me for being late today!" she muttered to herself as she charged down the hallway. "Darn it sis, where are you!?"

As she whipped around a corner, she collided with something large and unmovable. Since that was the case, she quickly found herself hitting the ground butt-first while said object simply grunted at the impact and took a step back to regain balance.

"The hell?" Midnight Storm asked, rubbing her chest and wondering what hit her. The answer came in the form of an audible "eep!" from somewhere at her feet. Looking down, she saw a girl a few years younger than her looking back up with wide, panicked eyes.

Midnight's demeanor softened at the sight of the younger girl. "Oh, I'm sorry about that. I guess I should pay more attention to where I'm going from now on." Midnight extended her hand. "Here let me help you up."

Squeaks looked on in shock, she'd half expected to be threatened and possibly harmed by the older girl. She shook her head clearing her thoughts before taking the offered hand which resulted in her being lifted back onto her feet. "Whoa," Squeaks said. "Wow you're strong." Squeaks laughed nervously for a moment. "Anyway, I kinda wasn't looking where I was going, so yeah I'm responsible too."

Midnight cocked her head. "Why were you in such a hurry anyway?"

Squeaks blushed. "I was looking for my sister and trying not to be late for class." Squeaks gave a nervous giggle while rubbing the back of head. "So why were you distracted?"

Midnight sighed. "I'm new here and I was trying to find my first class. Oh! How rude of me, my name is Midnight Storm and it's my first day."

"Hi Midnight! My name is Squeaky Wings, but everyone just calls me Squeaks." Squeaks replied. "So which classroom are you looking for?"

Before Midnight could reply a new voice broke into their conversation.

"There you are Squeaks. What are you doing? And who is this?" Asked the voice.

Squeaks turned around and replied. "Hiya sis. I was just talking to Midnight here after I ran into her and was about to help her find her class."

"Is that so." The other girl replied. "So you're the new girl I've been hearing about then?" She asked.

"Yeah that's me." Midnight replied while lifting her gaze from the piece of paper it had briefly returned to. What she saw left her momentarily speechless. The other girl was powder blue in tone with dark blue, almost black hair, and bright orange eyes. "I'm Midnight Storm," She said reaching out to shake the girl's hand.

The girls smiled as she shook Midnight's hand. "I'm Sapphire Breeze, and I see you already met my sister Squeaks."

"Yeah, we just ran into each other while I was looking for my first class." Midnight replied sheepishly. "So could either of you help me find it?"

"Well who's classroom are you looking for?' Asked Sapphire.

"Uh let me check again just in case." Midnight muttered almost to herself. "Here it is. I'm looking for Ms. Cheerilee's class."

Squeaks cocked her head and giggled. "That's kind of funny, that is Sapphire's first class. She can definitely help you out Midnight."

Midnight coughed lightly. "That's, convenient."

Sapphire laughed. "Isn't it though? Come on I'll show you the way to the classroom. And speaking of which, Squeaks you'd better get to your class before you're late."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. Well anyway I'll see later sis, and you too Midnight." Squeaks chirped as she bounded off to class.

Sapphire smiled. "Okay let's get going shall we Midnight?"

"Yeah, um, thanks," Midnight said somewhat quietly while Sapphire led her down the hallway to the classroom.



Midnight sighed as she looked at herself on the mirror of the girl's bathroom she'd ducked into after class let out. So far there had been no comments about the unusual nature of her eyes. This meant that no one had noticed, or they hadn't cared enough to comment on it. Either way she would now have to face the crowd in the school cafeteria and that worried her.

She sighed once more and pulled the sunglasses she kept in her pocket to cover her eyes before exiting the bathroom and heading towards the cafeteria. That at least, was easy enough to find. As she walked she found herself oddly preoccupied with that girl Sapphire she'd met earlier. Sapphire was very nice and had been very helpful to Midnight. And while that had been a welcome change from the way she had been treated in the past, Midnight wondered why she was thinking about this much.

She decided to shake off this strange preoccupation and tend to her growling stomach instead. Midnight continued walking until she reached the lunchroom doors. She paused for a moment and took a deep breath. Perhaps she could get through lunch without any major problems. Midnight walked through the doors and into the noisy din of the lunchroom working on autopilot as she moved through the line getting her tacos and an apple from the lunch lady. Everything seemed fine and she thought she was going to make it without any fuss, until she turned around.

"Hiya new girl!" The pink girl who had suddenly materialized in front of her said before she unceremoniously dragged Midnight by her arm towards a table full of other girls. It was pure luck that Midnight didn't drop any of her food as she fought in vain to be released.

"Hey! What are you doing?!" Midnight protested.

"Bringing you over to the welcome table." The pink girl replied with a giggle as they arrived.

"Why!?" Midnight asked in frustration. She just wanted some lunch! Once they finally came to a stop. The number of people at the table was larger than she was comfortable with and Midnight could only stand there and blink nervously at them. Hopefully her sunglasses would help her look nonchalant about the whole thing.

The girls seated at the table let out a collective. "Pinkie!"

"What?" The pink girl replied.

One of the girls shook her heard and rose from her seat. "I'm sorry about that. Pinkie loves meeting new people, a lot; the down side is that personal space and tact are kind of out the window sometimes. Anyway, my name is Brianna and this is my girlfriend Megan." The brunette girl said waving her hand to the the blonde sitting next to her.

"Hello," Megan said with a polite wave.

Another girl, this one with red and blonde hair stood and introduced herself. "Hi, I'm Sunset Shimmer. And right beside me in my girlfriend Twilight," She said indicating the girl next to her.

"Hey, the name is Rainbow Dash," Said a rainbow hair girl with a cocky tone.

"Howdy there, my name's Applejack." Said another blonde haired girl.

"Greetings darling, I am Rarity. And this is our dear Fluttershy," Said a purple haired girl motioning to a yellow girl with pink hair who just waved politely. "And you've already met Pinkie of course." Rarity said with some irritation still in her voice.

"So this is the new girl we've been hearing about." Stated a strangely sultry voice that immediately seized Midnight's attention.

Midnight turned her head and saw three more girls walking up to the table. Her discomfort grew at the approach of these new additions.

"Hello there new girl, I am Adagio. And these are my sisters Aria and Sonata." The rather stunning girl with long, curly orange hair said.

"Sup." Said the twin tailed girl identified as Aria said.

"Oh! This is sooo exciting." Squealed the blue haired girl. "So do you like tacos? Because I love tacos."

Midnight blinked. "Uh, my name is Midnight Storm. It's nice to meet you all." Midnight stood there feeling a little overwhelmed. There were twelve girls in total sitting at the two tables near her. And of course two of them would have to be the excitable type she groused to herself.

"Um, Midnight. Would you like to join us?" Asked Brianna. "It would be nice to get to know you a little."

"Oh, okay." Midnight replied feeling a little uneasy and wary. Midnight sat down at the less populated end of the table and readied herself for what might be coming next.

"What's up with your shades anyway?" Asked Aria. "It's kind of weird that you're wearing inside."

Midnight was about to try and answer when she was unintentionally cut off by Brianna. "Maybe her eyes are sensitive to the fluorescent lights Aria. I know some people have that problem."

"Yeah." Midnight replied hastily. "Yeah my eyes are kind of sensitive so I have to wear them at school."

"Oh, okay I guess." Aria replied.

Rainbow narrowed her eyes at Midnight who quickly looked away hoping that something other than her eyes would come up soon. As it turned out Brianna once again inadvertently came to her rescue.

"So Midnight where are you from?" Brianna asked sweetly.

Midnight stopped for a moment, she hadn't expected to be asked that question in that tone. "Uh, Manehatten." Midnight replied awkwardly.

"What kind of hobbies do you have Midnight?" Asked Megan.

"I do some gaming on my computer sometimes." Midnight replied again feeling unsure.

Megan smiled. "Brianna is a gamer too." Megan turned towards Brianna for a moment. "And on that note Brianna, I don't want you playing that one in pizza place with the animatronics tonight. You had nightmares afterwards last time and you don't need that on a school night."

"Yes mom." Brianna deadpanned before dissolving into a smile.

Midnight smiled as she ate while watching Megan and Brianna. She could tell that the bond between her two schoolmates was strong and a question of her own came to her. "So how long have you two been together?" Midnight asked shocking herself with the forward query.

"Five years." They answered in unison eliciting a laugh from all of the other girls at the table, all but one.

Midnight could still feel Rainbow's eyes on her as she continued to eat. She tried to tune it out and finish her lunch which was made somewhat easier by Pinkie who was going a mile a minute about a party or something. All Midnight could really make out was something about cake. It further helped that Sonata was stuffing her face full of tacos in a rather silly fashion. Midnight sat and silently hoped that she would make it though this unscathed as she finished eating.

"Okay I want to know what's up with the shades already!" Rainbow suddenly burst out shocking everyone at the table.

"Rainbow Dash! Honestly! What is wrong with you?" Rarity retorted sounding outraged.

"Really Rainbow!?" Brianna squeaked.

"Oh come on," Rainbow said sharply. "She doesn't need those at all. I saw her earlier and she wasn't wearing them," Rainbow said snatching Midnight's sunglasses before anyone could react.

Midnight sat there shocked as her dark blue, dragon-like eyes were revealed to everyone at the table. She braced herself for the expected harsh remarks which to her shock never came.

"Well, I've never seen eyes like that before," Adagio said.

"I think they're kind of cool actually," Aria said receiving a nod from the rest of the girls sans Rainbow.

"Wowee." Pinkie exclaimed.

Midnight tried to lower her eyes so they they couldn't be seen by anyone and received a surprising remark from Brianna.

"Oh Midnight, your eyes are so beautiful and exotic. Don't hide them," Brianna said sweetly.

Midnight stared at Brianna shocked. She'd had a number of reactions to her unusual eyes, but this was new. All she could do was sit and stare at Brianna for a few moments her face getting progressively more hot as she sat there. "Uh, I-I-I-I n-need to go," Midnight said while suddenly standing and bolting out of the lunchroom.

"Rainbow!" Her friends shouted at her.

Brianna facepalmed. "I'm glad I don't need to wear glasses anymore." Brianna muttered to herself.

Rainbow looked around the table at her friends and was about to retort, until she saw Fluttershy's face. It was rare that Fluttershy ever wore an angry expression and this one caused Rainbow to swallow hard as she sat back down and wilted under Fluttershy's stare.

"Rainbow Dash," Fluttershy said. "How dare you do that to poor Midnight. What if she is sensitive about the way her eyes look?"

"I think she is." Brianna responded while standing. "That is why she was wearing the sunglasses in here. She didn't want anyone else to see her eyes." Brianna sighed. "Nice one genius." Brianna lobbed at Rainbow causing her to shrink further into her seat.

Megan looked up at Brianna. "What are going to do Brianna?"

"I am going to find Midnight and try to straighten this out. As for you Rainbow, well I think Fluttershy has this one covered," Brianna said as she left. Brianna walked through the lunchroom doors that Midnight had bolted through just moments and scanned the hallway. "Hmm, she couldn't have gotten far. Now where did she go I wonder?"

Brianna stood and thought for a few moments. Then it occurred to her, there was a girl's bathroom just down the hall that saw little traffic during the lunch hour. She hoped as she headed towards it that Midnight would be there. And that Midnight would be amenable to talking to her after Rainbow's blatant display of insensitivity.

Brianna came to the restroom door a few moments later and stopped. After taking a deep breath she walked in and called out. "Midnight? Midnight are you in here? It's me Brianna, I want to talk to you."

Inside the stall she'd locked herself Midnight winced a little. She could clearly hear the concern in Brianna's voice and sighed before replying. "Yeah, I'm in here," She said coming out of the stall looking crestfallen.

Brianna rubbed the bridge of her nose and looked at Midnight. "I'm sorry about that Midnight. Rainbow is, Rainbow is very impulsive sometimes and does really stupid stuff. She wasn't trying to upset you, I know she did though."

Midnight looked at Brianna and held herself down before replying. She didn't want to snap at Brianna for something she didn't do. "Yeah, she did. And," Midnight said. "And if you hadn't said what you said I would be in detention after school today. So thank you for that." Midnight turned and looked in the mirror at her eyes and sighed. "It's just that, it's just that..." She started but couldn't finish.

Brianna move up to stand next to Midnight and looked in the mirror at Midnight's reflection. "You've been bullied because of your eyes haven't you Midnight?"

Midnight looked at Brianna shocked and lowered her head. "Yes," She said sadly.

Brianna gave a sad smile. "I'm sorry Midnight, but no one in our group would make fun of you for that. All we really want is to be your friends." Brianna snorted. "I know after what happened with Pinkie didn't really start that off well, and Rainbow definitely didn't help back there. But that is what we want."

Midnight sighed again. "Yeah, it was just a little much all at once is all."

Brianna nodded. "I know. Pinkie wants to throw you a welcome party by the way," Brianna said causing Midnight to turn and look at her. Brianna smiled. "It's a thing she does. She is the resident party planner here, and while it is a good outlet for all of that energy she has." Brianna stopped and laughed a little. "She does still come on very strong sometimes. So let's just go back for now and we'll try to figure out how to get to know without overwhelming you okay?"

Midnight smiled. "Okay Brianna. I just hope I can avoid anymore trouble because of my eyes."

"Well, wearing sunglasses did kind of call attention to it Midnight. So not wearing them in the lunchroom again should help with that." Brianna sighed again. "And Midnight, if anyone does give you trouble over it please come and talk to me at least. I know what it's like to get picked on."

Midnight's eyes widened, who would be so cruel as to bully a girl like Brianna? The very thought made Midnight's temper start to flare again, she stopped herself again by remembering her promise to her mother to not rock any boats. "Okay Brianna, but that I'm giving that Rainbow a piece of my mind when we get back"

Brianna giggled. "Oh you won't need to. By now Fluttershy has already taken care of that for you Midnight." Brianna replied as they walked out of the restroom and back to the lunchroom leaving Midnight wondering if she really wanted to know what Brianna had meant.