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Equestria Girls: Believe in Magic - Bryan Luna

Brianna and Megan discover friends and magic as a new menace threatens not only CHS, but the whole world.

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Moving Forward

Ribbon sighed as she watched Megan and Donnamarie leave before turning to face Brianna, Wind Whistler, and Fizzy. "Okay Fizzy why don't you take Brianna up to her room and help her get situated? Wind Whistler I'll need you to keep and eye on Ember while I start making dinner."

"Yes mother." Wind Whistler replied.

Fizzy moved over to Brianna. "Come on Brianna, let's go put your things away," She said sympathetically.

"O-okay Fizzy." Brianna replied. "Auntie Ribbon." Brianna started with tears forming in her eyes.

Ribbon hugged Brianna. "It's alright sweetheart," She said. "Let's go inside and dinner will be ready in a little while. Fizzy will look after you until then okay."

Brianna nodded and broke the hug before following Fizzy into the house.

Wind Whistler looked at Ribbon. "Mother I am concerned about Brianna's current circumstances. We can't possibly replace her parents."

Ribbon gave her daughter a patient smile. "We can't replace Bob and Karen dear, but we can give Brianna a new family that loves her just as much. Just be her sister like you have been up till now and things will work out for her."

Wind Whistler smiled. "Of course mother. It was quite endearing when Brianna started looking at both Fizzy and myself like older sisters. I wish only the best for her."

"That's what we all want for her Wind Whistler," Ribbon said as she walked into the house with Wind Whistler following her. Ribbon walks into the kitchen and starts working on dinner while Wind Whistler goes into the living room where little Ember was napping to check on her.

Seeing that Ember hasn't quite woken up yet Wind Whistler sits on the couch and waits for Fizzy and Brianna to come back downstairs.

Meanwhile Fizzy had escorted Brianna to her new room which caused Brianna a sense of disorientation with how familiar it was. As Brianna looked around she saw the numerous picture of her friends and family as well as her game consoles, and her most cherished possession. A pink unicorn plush with a purple striped white mane, purple embroidered eyes, and five purple stars on her flanks that Megan had made for her two years before. It was her room in all but the color of the wallpaper.

Brianna sniffled. "Fizzy," She said before breaking down into tears again.

Fizzy hugged Brianna and held her as she cried. "I'm sorry Brianna." Was all the older girl could manage.

Downstairs in the living room Wind Whistler let out an annoyed huff after placing Ember in her playpen.

"Is there a problem Wind Whistler?" Asked Ribbon from the kitchen as she secured a sheet of aluminum foil over the cake pan containing four seasoned chicken breasts before placing it in the oven. "Ember isn't being too much of a handful is she?"

"No mother." Wind Whistler replied over her shoulder. "I am simply having a great deal of difficulty figuring out how to help Brianna effectively. I am finding this situation to be extremely difficult and have no logical solution to help her with."

Ribbon giggled. "Oh sweetheart, logic isn't always going to help you solve problems. This is a matter of the heart Wind Whistler, and all we can really do for her is be there and let her know that we support her."

"I do understand that Mother; and yet I find myself wishing to do more." Wind Whistler sighed heavily. "I wish I were not suffering from a singular lack of inspiration on the matter."

Ribbon smiled at her daughter. "Wind Whistler you are a very considerate person for saying that. But even though we want to do more at times we simply can't. A broken heart can only be mended with time and love. So let's give Brianna plenty of both."

Wind Whistler was thoughtful for a moment. "So what you're saying is that ultimate success can only be achieved by taking small steps along the way? That is very logical of you mother."

Ribbon nodded. "You see the logical solution was there and simply missed it Wind Whistler."

Wind Whistler nodded in response. "I do not yet possess sufficient experience to work through such things on my own it would seem. And now that I think about it something occurred to me just now. Those small things you suggested we do is why you are making the baked chicken breast recipe and the rice for dinner tonight is it not?"

"Yes Wind Whistler, this will help Brianna to settle down for tonight," Ribbon said turning her attention to a box of rice she still had to prepare.

"Well I hope it will be enough until Megan can come back mother." Wind Whistler replied while turning her attention back to Ember in the playpen.

"Mama!" Ember said joyfully from the living room causing Ribbon to smile once more.

While Ribbon starts to prepare the rice and Wind Whistler continues to watch over little Ember Brianna and Fizzy come back downstairs. Wind Whistler looks up to see them and frowns after seeing Brianna.

"Are you sure you're alright Brianna?" Asked Wind Whistler.

Brianna just shook her head and looked at Wind Whistler showing her eyes were still red from crying.

Fizzy guided Brianna to the couch and sat down with her holding Brianna to reassure her.

"This will be difficult." Wind Whistler thought to herself as they waited for dinner to be ready.


Later after dinner Brianna sits in the bath tub having taken Megan's advice by taking a bath before they talked on the phone and she went to bed. She sat in the tub with her mind wandering. She looked up at the ceiling ignoring the sounds of the rain that had started during dinner. She wondered why it had to be anyone's family that was hurt by this driver, more so what did it have to be her parents.

"Why do people do these things?" She asked herself in an attempt to come up with something, anything that might make the turn her life had taken make sense to her, but she could come up with nothing. Brianna gave a heavy sigh and removed the drain stopper from the tub to drain the water before getting out and drying off, before changing into the nightgown that Megan has slipped in with the rest of Brianna's clothes when she was packing them for her.

The pink and white nightgown was one of Megan's naturally. Brianna smiled as she put it on and sighed again. She exited the bathroom and walked into her bedroom and saw Wind Whistler standing by her bed.

"What's going on Wind Whistler?" She asked.

"I wanted to know if you're feeling any better." Wind Whistler replied.

"Not really." Brianna replied sadly. "This sucks forever Wind Whistler."

Wind Whistler's face softened. "Of that, I have no doubt Brianna. I just want to let you know that while I may not be the best at expressing it, I do care about you a great deal. I also wish to say that I will be here for too."

"Wind Whistler," Brianna said hugging her.

Wind Whistler awkwardly returned the hug. "Well, as I said I care about you and want to help you."

Brianna giggled. "You're being all awkward again Wind Whistler."

Wind Whistler blushed. "So anyway, when did you get the new nightgown." She deflected lamely.

"It's actually one of Megan's nightgowns. She must have slipped it into my bag when I wasn't looking." Brianna replied.

Wind Whistler broke the hug. "Well that was very sweet of her. It shows just how much she cares about you Brianna." Wind Whistler said with a smile.

Brianna nodded and then turned her head when her phone started to ring. "I'd better get that, thanks Wind Whistler."

"You're welcome little sister, good night." Wind Whistler replied while leaving and shutting the door.

Brianna smiled and shook her head as she went to pick up her phone. "Hi Megan," Brianna said softly.

"Hey there Brianna; how is my special girl feeling?" Megan asked already knowing the answer.

"Not, not so great. I miss mama and daddy a lot." She gave a heavy sigh. "Auntie Ribbon made chicken and rice for dinner, so that was nice."

Megan wore a pained smile. "What did you think of my surprise by the way."

"It-it's nice. Thanks Megan, I can give it back to you when I see you tomorrow too." Brianna replied while sitting down on her bed and picking up her plush unicorn. "It feels like you're holding me when I wear it though. It even smells like you somehow."

Megan giggled. "Smells like me huh?" Megan teased lightly drawing a blush to Brianna's cheeks that she couldn't see but knew was there. "Anyway, I'd like you to keep my nightgown. I have a feeling you're going to need it when I'm not able to be there with you."

Brianna's red face reddened even more. "I'll have to ask Rarity to make some adjustments then. It's not quite my size." Brianna coughed out. "I'll manage though."

Megan giggled. "As long it's not too uncomfortable for you Brianna." Megan wanted to say more, but suddenly found herself with nothing to say to Brianna and an awkward pause set it for a few moments.

It was Brianna that ended up breaking the silence after a bit. "Megan, what's wrong? You don't seem like yourself tonight."

Megan sighed. "I didn't want to say anything, but this has been hard for me too Brianna. I really want to help you right now, and I am doing everything I can, but I just feel like I'm letting you down."

"Oh Megan, you could never let me down. I know it's not easy for you too, but I am happy that I have to help me through this." Brianna whimpered but kept her composure. "I'll see you tomorrow okay?"

Megan sighed. "Okay Brianna, good night."

"Good night Megan." Brianna replied as they hung up their phones. Brianna placed her phone on the nightstand next to her bed and plugged it in. Sighing once more and then jumping as thunder tore through the night sky she dove under her covers and clutched her plush unicorn. "Darn it." Brianna said getting up to turn off the light. "Stupid thunder." She squeaked as she got back into bed.

Brianna laid her head down on her pillow and closed her eyes. and sighed once more. "Megan." She whispered quietly to herself and drifted off into a less than restful sleep. She tossed and turned as her dreams turned strange and disturbing. She didn't know how long it went on before she finally lapsed into a more dreamless state and waking up when Ribbon called out to her sometime the next morning.

"Brianna, Brianna are you awake in there?" Ribbon said while knocking on the door.

Brianna sat up in bed. "Yeah Auntie Ribbon. I'm awake, sort of."

Ribbon opened the door and saw Brianna's disheveled state. "Brianna are you okay?" Asked Ribbon as she crossed the room to Brianna's bed. "You aren't getting sick are you?" Ribbon asked placing the back of hand against Brianna's forehead.

"No auntie, I just didn't sleep well last night," She said with a sigh. "What time is it?" Brianna asked still trying to shake off her fatigue.

Ribbon removed her hand but still wore a worried look. "It's nine thirty. Megan just called by the way, she said she'd be here in about an hour. And we still have breakfast ready too for when you come downstairs okay Brianna."

"Yeah," Brianna said. "Just give me a bit and I'll be down. Thanks auntie," Brianna said hugging Ribbon.

"It's alright sweetheart. I'll see you downstairs." Ribbon replied while returning the hug before releasing Brianna and leaving the room.

"Ugh," Brianna said as she got out of bed and shambled into the bathroom. "If Rarity could see me right now, she'd freak." Brianna grumbled after seeing herself in the mirror.

Across town Rarity sat at her sewing machine and sneezed.

"Are you okay Rarity?" A small voice asked getting Rarity's attention.

"Oh, I suspect it was just a modicum of dust that got into my nose dear. I'm fine." Rarity replied looking to her little sister Sweetie Belle.

Sweetie Belle looked at Rarity. "So what are you even making anyway?"

Rarity sighed heavily. "I'm finishing up the dress I'm making for Brianna for her parents' funeral Sweetie Belle. It's sad that this is the occasion that she will be wearing a dress once more."

Sweetie Belle didn't respond but chose instead to look at the floor.

"I know darling, this has been hard for all of us." Rarity said hugging Sweetie Belle.


Back at Ribbon's house Brianna has come downstairs to have breakfast with her new family.

"Baba!" Ember says as Brianna passes by her playpen.

Brianna stops and smiles. "Hey there Ember. Having fun?"

Ember knocked down her blocks and giggled. "Baba!"

Brianna laughs. "You're having fun alright," She said before reaching into the playpen and poking Ember's nose lightly. "Boop." Brianna says sweetly.

"Baba! Baba! Baba!" Ember replies while moving her little arms up and down.

"No Ember, it's Brianna. Can you say Brianna?" Fizzy asked correcting her sister.

"Baba!" Ember replied giggling again.

Brianna giggled too. "Just let it go Fizzy, she is too little to say it right now." Brianna said walking into the kitchen and sitting down at the table.

"Are you feeling any better Brianna?" Ribbon asked while placing a plate of pancakes, bacon and eggs in front of Brianna.

Brianna shook her head and picked up a fork. "Not really, I had a bad night auntie," She said picking up her knife and starting to cut her pancakes.

"Did you have nightmares Brianna?" Asked Ribbon while rinsing some plates and then loading them into the dishwasher.

Brianna chewed quietly on her food for a few moments before responding. "I guess," She said sounding unsure. "I remember something about a pair of witches, some goblins, and I think there was also a unicorn, and maybe an elf. I really don't know."

Wind Whistler sipped her tea before placing her cup on the table. "It's only natural that your dreams would be unsettled Brianna. Megan will be here soon and she'll help with that. Having some tea will also help you out as well."

Brianna gave a weak smile in reply.

Two weeks later...

Brianna stands beside Megan in a Canterlot graveyard in front of her parent's closed caskets. The service had a canopy set up over the rows of chairs due to the colder and wetter than usual weather. She places a hand on each one her eyes watering as she does so.

"Mama, daddy." Brianna whispers. "I miss you both so much."

Megan held Brianna. "Come on now Brianna, the others will be here soon. Lets go sit down alright?"

Brianna nodded and then the two of them moved to sit down with their families.

"Baba?" Ember said from her spot in Ribbon's lap.

"Are you holding up alright Brianna?" Asked Ribbon.

Brianna sniffled. "Not really auntie. This is the worst day ever," She said sadly as Megan pulled her into a side hug.

"I know it doesn't seem that way Brianna, but things will get better with time." Donnamarie replied from her chair in the row behind Megan and Brianna.

"I guess." Brianna replied leaning her head on Megan's shoulder as the others began to arrive. Brianna looked at the people and realized that she didn't know many of them. "Auntie Ribbon, who are those people?" Brianna asked.

"Those are some of the people your father and I worked with Brianna. Bob had a lot of friends at the office." Ribbon replied. "I would have thought to see some of the rest of your family here too."

Brianna winced. "My grandmas and grandpas died when I was really young. I don't remember them at all. And mama and daddy didn't have any brothers and sisters, and I don't know if they had any cousins anywhere."

Ribbon's heart ached for Brianna as she cringed at her own insensitivity. "I'm sorry Brianna, I didn't know."

"It's okay auntie." Brianna replied quietly.

Shortly after the exchange with Ribbon Brianna's friends started to arrive with their families. Rainbow was first with her mother Firefly and little sister Scootaloo, followed shortly by Fluttershy and Posy. Rarity and Sweetie Belle were next with their parents and their aunt Heart Throb followed by the Big Mac, Applejack, Apple Bloom and Granny Smith. Finally among the last to arrive were Sunset Shimmer along with her mother Celestia and her aunt Luna.

Brianna was familiar with both women of course being that they were her friend's family and that they worked at Canterlot High School. Trailing behind the trio was Adagio Dazzle, Aria Blaze, and Sonata Dusk along with their parents Nightshade and Wave Dancer. Brianna didn't know the three girls particularly well, but was glad to see them on some level. Seeing them was oddly reassuring and she reminded herself to thank them later.

After everyone was present and seated the service began; but Brianna barely noticed as her emotional dam burst and she began crying again. Megan held her as the service went forward knowing that she could only offer a shoulder for Brianna to cry on.

After the service was over Megan stood behind Brianna holding her as Bob and Karen's caskets were lowered into the ground. When Ribbon threw the first shovel full of dirt into her parents' shared grave Brianna turned towards Megan and completely broke down unable to watch any longer. Megan gently guided Brianna away from the scene and took her inside as it started to rain lightly. It would be twenty minutes before Brianna was composed enough to walk under her own power.

At that point she looked at Megan. "Megan," She said.

"Yes Brianna?" Megan replied squeezing her gently.

"I want to go and talk to Adagio, Aria and Sonata for a bit," Brianna said softly. "They didn't have to come today and I want to thank them for it."

"Okay Brianna." Megan said smiling. "You're right by the way. They weren't obligated to come and they did. That was very sweet of them."

Brianna nodded as they exited the funeral home and caught up with the girls and their parents outside in the parking lot. Brianna approached them. "Adagio, Aria, Sonata," She said as they turned to face her. "You didn't have to come her today and I am really glad you did. Thank you for this, thank you so much."

Adagio walked up to Brianna and placed her hands on her shoulders. "Of course Brianna, it's the least we can do."

"Crap like this shouldn't happen to nice girls like you anyway." Aria replied bitterly. "It ain't right."

Brianna's eyes widened. She had heard that Aria could be blunt, but she hadn't expected such a response from her. It did seem in character from what she knew of Aria. "Thank you Aria," She said softly.

Sonata walked up to Brianna as Adagio stood aside and simply hugged her. "Ari is right, this kind of thing shouldn't happen to someone like you Bri."

Brianna sniffled. "Oh Sonata, you're so sweet," Brianna said returning the hug.

Off to the side Adagio smirked. "If anyone gives you any trouble over this Brianna just let me know. I'll deal with them." Adagio's tone promising real problems for anyone that tried to harass her with this.

"Or I will," Aria said menacingly.

Sonata sighed and looked at Brianna after breaking the hug. "I'm sorry about that Bri, Dagi and Ari get that way sometimes."

"It it's okay Sonata. They're just trying to help in their own way." Brianna replied.

"Okay girls, let's let Brianna get back to her family. You'll get to see her again soon enough," The girls' mother Wavedancer said. "And Brianna, I'm sorry we had to meet under these circumstances."

Brianna nodded. "Yeah," She said. "This is not the way to have met you."


Ribbon looked on as the Brianna and Megan finished their talk with the three girls and their parents before turning and seeing Donnamarie heading her way.

"Donnamrie," Said Ribbon.

"What do you need Ribbon? You look worried." Donnamarie replied.

"I was wondering if you'd drive Brianna back to my house. I don't want her to be separated from Megan right now. Not after all of this," Ribbon said.

Donnamarie scrutinized Ribbon for a moment. "I can do that. But couldn't the girls just ride with you Ribbon?"

Ribbon shook her head. "Not with Ember's car seat in the back. And I am very worried about Brianna being away from Megan right now even if it's only for a little while. She needs Megan more than she needs anyone else right now Donnamarie."

Donnamarie reached out to Ribbon an placed her hand on Ribbon's shoulder. "I'm not saying I disagree with you Ribbon; but we also need to be careful not to place too much weight on Megan through this situation. I know my daughter is a strong girl and really mature for her age. But Megan is still young Ribbon." She sighed. "And it worries me that too much time together could strain their relationship under these circumstances."

Ribbon shook her head. "Honestly I don't think it will in this case Donnamarie." Ribbon turned and looked at the young couple through the glass doors of the funeral home. "I think these two need as much time together as they can get. You said that Megan is strong, but when has she had to deal with something like this before?"

Donnamarie's followed Ribbon's gaze and she watched the girls for a moment through the doors. Brianna and Megan stood in the parking lot holding each other's hands as they waved to the Dazzlings and their parents as they left. "I think I see what you mean Ribbon. We have had pets and horses die, but never a direct member of our family. And every time that happened Megan was always looking after Danny and Molly."

"Exactly. And since Bob and Karen were such a big part of all of our lives Megan is going to be struggling too. I think this may actually be harder for her in some ways," Ribbon said.

Donnamarie folded her arms across her chest and thought for a moment. "Megan needs to learn how to open up about this. And you think that Brianna can help her learn to do that."

"I do." Ribbon replied.

"Okay Ribbon, I'll do it," Donnamarie said.

"Thank you Donnarie. I'll go tell the girls and we can get ready to leave," Ribbon said before walking out the doors. Ribbon sighed heavily as she approached Megan and Brianna.

"Megan, Brianna," She said getting their attention.

"What is it auntie?" Brianna asked turning to face Ribbon.

"I've asked Donnamarie to rive you home so you can stay with Megan on the way back Brianna. You've been through a lot today and I think it's a bad idea for you to be apart from Megan even for the trip back home Brianna." Ribbon replied.

"Okay Ribbon, I'd rather be with Brianna the whole time anyway. Is that alright with you Brianna?" Megan asked receiving a nod in reply. "Okay we'll wait at my mother's truck Ribbon."

"Thank you for all you've done for her Megan. I'll go pass the word along to your mother now," Ribbon said before leaving to inform Donnamarie.

Megan actually smiled. "It's the least I can do Ribbon," She said before turning to Brianna. "Okay let's go Brianna," Megan said guiding her to the truck.

The girls didn't wait for long as Donnamarie met them at her truck a few moments later. The drive to Ribbon's house was a quiet and uneventful affair with Donnamarie bidding the girls goodbye before returning home.

Afterward Megan and Brianna walked into the house and Brianna walked over to the living room couch sitting down with a weary sigh.

"I never want to do that again," She said sadly.

Megan placed her hand on Brianna's shoulder. "I don't think anyone does Brianna." Megan replied as the two of them locked eyes for a moment. Megan bit her lip as she broke the eye contact. Brianna was a perfect mix of Bob and Karen... "I-I need to use the bathroom. I'll be back in a little bit okay Brianna."

"Okay Megan, sure." Brianna replied getting the feeling that something was off.

Megan gave Brianna a smile and walked up the stairs heavily.

Wind Whistler looked on thoughtfully and said. "Curious." Without realizing it.

"What's so curious Wind Whistler?" Asked Fizzy.

Wind Whistler shook her head and replied. "It's curious that Megan would go upstairs to use the bathroom rather than use the one down on this floor instead."

Fizzy shrugged. "I don't know Wind Whistler, maybe she just wants a few minutes to herself," Fizzy said as she sat down on the couch with Brianna.

"I suppose so Fizzy." Wind Whistler replied while sitting down as well.


Megan walked through the hallway to Brianna's room, moving through the door and walked into the bathroom closing the door behind her. After she'd finished using the bathroom she stood in front of the sink looking at herself in the mirror. Megan looked at felt tired, her shoulders were slumped and she could barely look at herself in the mirror.

"I have to be strong for Brianna." She told herself over and over again for what felt like an eternity. Deep inside however Megan knew she couldn't keep it up. "I have to be strong for Brianna," She said aloud trying to convince herself. "I have to be strong for Brianna." She repeated her voice cracking.

Megan's face in the mirror told her a different story as tears began run down her cheeks. "I-I, I have to , I have to, I... have..." Megan couldn't finish her sentence as she broke down into tears and began crying uncontrollably. She slumped to the floor to the floor as her emotional dam finally gave way. She couldn't tell how long she lay there on the bathroom floor crying in front of the still running sink.

Downstairs, some time later...

Wind Whistler sat on the couch wearing a disgruntled expression. "It doesn't make any sense." she muttered under her breath.

"Wind Whistler, sweetheart. What's wrong?" Ribbon's concerned voice came breaking though Wind Whistler's thoughtful state.

Wind Whistler looked up at Ribbon. "Megan's behavior mother. It doesn't make any sense." She sighed. "Megan was acting differently than normal. She seemed distant, her shoulders were slumped, and I think her hands might have been shaking. I can't say for sure, but I think that she hasn't been forthright with how much she has been hurting."

Ribbon's gaze shifted across the room to where Brianna was sitting on the couch. She sighed. "If Megan hasn't been entirely honest about her feelings Wind Whistler it's only because she has been trying to spare Brianna from seeing her in a bad state during all of this."

"I do understand that mother, but that doesn't really help Brianna," Wind Whistler said as she stood up and walked over to where Brianna was seated.

Brianna looked up. "What is it Wind Whistler?" She asked.

"Brianna, I believe it would be best of you checked on Megan. She has been up there for a long while and I think she is in more need than she has been letting on."

Brianna's eyes widened in realization and she got up and bolted up the stairs shouting, "Thanks sis!" as she left.

Ribbon looked on and turned to her daughter. "I hope you did the right thing Wind Whistler. I'm not sure that Brianna can handle seeing Megan that way if you're right about this."

"They need each other mother, she can manage. Besides Brianna is more resilient than she realizes." Wind Whistler replied.


Brianna has stumbled a few times as she raced down the hallway to her room. She just barely managed to get to her room without falling and stopped briefly at the door panting and out of breath. "Darn it." She wheezed. "I need to slow down next time." She chastised herself before standing up straight and entering her room.

"Megan? Megan are you alright?" Brianna called as she walked into the room closing the door behind her. Brianna froze a few feet into her room upon hearing some muffled sobbing through the bathroom door. "Wind Whistler was right. Something was wrong" Brianna told herself while crossing the room and opening the bathroom door.

Megan had no idea how long she'd been on the bathroom crying and was only vaguely aware of the figure that entered the bathroom and turned of the the still running sink. She was still only barely aware when she was pulled into someone's arms and heard a familiar voice addressing and trying to comfort her.

Megan looked at the source of the voice through her tear filled and tried speaking only to be stopped by an index finger being pressed against her lips.

"Oh Megan, I'm so sorry. You said this was hard for you too and I, I." Brianna stopped for a moment to collect herself. "I should have have paid more attention to you this whole time. I'm sorry Megan, I'm just sorry." Brianna said squeezing Megan. Brianna sighed heavily. "I'm here now, j-just let it out Megan." Brianna sniffled a little as she held Megan.

Megan continued to cry while being held by Brianna. Some time later she began to calm down and looked up at Brianna. "Brianna, I-I-I'm sorry," Said Megan.

Brianna shook her head. "No Megan, don't apologize. You don't need to." Brianna sighed. "Come on, let's get up now. The bathroom isn't the best place for this."

"Okay," Megan said as both girls struggled to stand up for a moment before exiting the bathroom and going in the bedroom.

Brianna flopped down on her bed and blew a raspberry. "Come on Megan, join me. Let's just not be apart right now," Brianna said weakly.

Megan looked at Brianna before starting to take off her shoes. "What was that for anyway?" Asked Megan while laying down on the bed next to Brianna.

"I don't know. It's all so messed up and I don't know what to do is all." Brianna replied pulling Megan close. "I just want to be here right now and not worry about anything for a while."

Megan cuddled with Brianna. "Okay Brianna, let's do that." She replied resting her head against Brianna's chest.

The role reversal felt odd to Brianna, in the past it was always Megan taking care of her like this and now it she was the one taking care of Megan. She mused at the change for only a moment longer while both she and Megan gradually fell asleep in each other's arms. Brianna thought she'd noticed an odd glow as she drifted off but paid the matter no mind. There were more important things to concern herself with.

The following years would be a growing time for both girls and their friends as they adjusted to more new changes that lay in store for them.