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Equestria Girls: Believe in Magic - Bryan Luna

Brianna and Megan discover friends and magic as a new menace threatens not only CHS, but the whole world.

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In the Heat of the Night

Friday night five o' clock p.m. May thirty-first.

Twelve-year-old Brianna Drake sits in front of the vanity in her bedroom with her mother Karen brushing her hair. The task is made difficult by the fact that Brianna is having a hard time sitting still.

"Brianna, I know you're excited for your weekend with Megan but I can't get this done if you don't sit still," said Karen sternly.

Brianna giggled nervously. "Sorry mama, I'm just really excited for our party tonight." Brianna partially deflated. "It does kind of suck that our friends can't make it though. At least I'll be able to spend it with Megan, so there's that."

"Well it's out of your friends' hands I'm afraid. Besides you know they are coming to your anniversary party next week so it's not all bad." Karen replied.

"Yeah, but it's kind of weird that Megan and I have our birthdays just a day apart." Brianna's mother laughed. "What's so funny mama?"

"It's just that it happens more often than you'd think sweetheart." Karen finished by tying the royal purple ribbon in Brianna's hair. "There." Karen stepped back to appraise her work. "Now don't forget your present for Megan, Brianna. And make sure to get downstairs soon too; Ribbon will be taking you there tonight so your father and I can make it to our dinner."

"Okay, Mama. Oh and you and Daddy have fun tonight. It's been a while since you both got any time to yourselves." Brianna replied stood up and retrieved a small box wrapped in red paper.

Karen smiled warmly. "It's just part of life when you're grown up, dear, so don't grow up anytime soon, okay, sweetheart?"

Brianna blushed and looked away. "Oh come on Mama. It's not like Megan and I are getting married yet."

Karen looked at Brianna sternly. "It's the 'yet' part that makes us scared that you're growing up too fast Brianna."

Brianna stuck her tongue out at her mother's remark causing Karen to stick her tongue out at her daughter. The two shared a laugh went downstairs where Ribbon was talking to Bob.

Brianna paused for a moment watching both her father and his coworker. Bob was a tall slender man with short, light brown hair and a habit behaving in a goofy manner. Although her father's outgoing and silly nature frequently caused Brianna to cringe she loved her father all the same. Naturally Bob and Pinkie got along very well given their similar personality types.

Ribbon, a long time family friend however was a more warm and motherly individual know for her caring and patient personality. Ribbon stood shorter than Bob by a few inches and was a striking woman. Her sandy blonde hair had a single streak of red running through it complimented her dark blue skin. Ribbon's green eyes always carried a hint of playful mischief in them.

Brianna smiled. She felt lucky to have such wonderful people in her life. Even if Bob was little more than a great big goofball most of the time.

"Hi,Daddy, hi, Auntie Ribbon." Brianna said brightly before rushing over to hug them.

"Hey Princess, looking good." Bob replied "Did you remember your present for Megan, sweetheart?"

Brianna nodded "I've got it right here, Daddy." She replied holding up the red wrapped box.

Ribbon smiled at Brianna. "So what did you get her Brianna?"

"Well, I got her something she'll like a whole lot Auntie Ribbon. It's a locket." Brianna replied

"Oh? A locket is it? I take it that means that you're really serious about her then?" teased Ribbon.

"Oh, for Heaven's sake, Ribbon. I swear you're you're just trying to get a rise out of me." Karen retorted

Bob laughed. "Settle down dear; it's not an engagement ring. So our little girl isn't growing up that fast."

Karen sighed. "I suppose you're right Bob. I just worry is all."

"Oh it's okay, honey." Bob replied "Though I still can't believe my little girl found true love in a sandbox."

"Daddy!" Brianna squeaked "It's not one of those dumb romantic comedies that keep coming out of Applewood every year."

"No," Karen said. "it's more like a romantic novel and that's why I'm worried."

Ribbon giggled "Oh come now Karen, it's not like our little Brianna has gone and fallen for one of those bad girl types. Megan is the best choice for Brianna. And think about this you'll get to help plan the wedding someday."

"Auntie Ribbon!" Brianna squeaked now blushing.

The three adults shared a laugh as Brianna scowled at them and stuck out her tongue.

Ribbon smiled "Oh come on now sweetheart, we're just having a little fun with you."

Brianna tried to maintain an air of indignation, but couldn't. "Ha, ha, ha very funny." Brianna finally deadpanned. "Anyway how are Wind Whistler and Fizzy doing?"

"They are doing fine Brianna, and so is little Ember." Ribbon replied causing Brianna to squeal.

"Oh Ember is sooo cute!" Brianna squealed again. "I can't wait to babysit for her again!" Brianna said bouncing in place and nearly dropping Megan's present. "Whoa!" She shouted fumbling with the box for a moment before catching it and breathing a sigh of relief. "Woo, that almost sucked."

Bob, Karen, and Ribbon laughed again at Brianna's antics.

"Well princess you'd better get going. You don't want to keep Megan waiting now do you?" said Bob

Brianna hugged her mother and father for a moment. "Of course not daddy. You and mom have fun tonight okay?"

"It's a deal princess." Bob said with a smile.

"See you later daddy." Brianna said heading for the door. "I Love you!" She called over her shoulder.

"We love you too Brianna." Her parents said in unison.

Ribbon smiled "Have a good time tonight you two."

"We will." Karen replied as Ribbon followed Brianna to the door. Karen smiled and looked at her husband of fifteen years. "One day Megan and Brianna are going to get married Bob. I just know it."

"Maybe," Bob said "but I think we'll have to wait and see dear. Anyway let's finish getting ready shall we?"

"Yes we shall dear." Said Karen with a smile.

As Ribbon and Brianna made their way to Ribbon's car they were talking about Brianna's still blossoming relationship with Megan.

"You're very lucky to have found someone at your age Brianna. Normally it's very difficult to find the right kind of person for you." Ribbon smiled "I'm very glad that it is with someone so caring as Megan is. Although I think any of your friends would be a good match for you."

Brianna giggled "Not really auntie Ribbon. Rainbow is way too competitive and sports oriented, Pinkie is way to energetic, and Sunset talks way to far above my head sometimes. Listening to her is kind of like listening to Wind Whistler; I get all confused."

The pair reached the car and Brianna went to open the door but stopped. "Shoot!" she said

"What's wrong Brianna?" asked Ribbon

"I forgot the bag of my clothes and stuff I need for the weekend." Brianna said facepalming.

"Oh you don't need to worry about that Brianna. Your father brought it to me when I got here. He said something about you probably forgetting it if he didn't." Ribbon replied with a smile.

"I don't do it that often." Brianna whined

"No, but you are forgetful at times sweetheart." Ribbon replied with a smile.

"So?" Brianna said with a blush.

"Oh nothing Brianna." Said Ribbon getting into the car.

Brianna got in after her. "So where is it anyway?"

"In the back seat." Ribbon replied as they buckled their seat belts.

"Okay, thanks auntie Ribbon." said Brianna

The pair pulled out of the driveway and began the trip to Megan's family ranch with Ribbon asking Brianna. "Did you remember to tell Megan you were on your way sweetheart?"

Brianna facepalmed. "Geez Louise, what's with me tonight?" She replied pulling out her phone and texting Megan."

Ribbon giggled "You're just excited dear. It happens to all of us, you'll be fine Brianna."

Brianna nodded "Auntie Ribbon?"

"Yes sweetheart?" Ribbon replied

"I do wonder what it would be like if Megan and I were married. Am I thinking to far ahead? I don't want to ruin what we have." Brianna said sounding unsure.

"I would be worried if you didn't Brianna. You and Megan both have that kind of personality and mindset. And it is healthy that you both want the same thing out or your relationship because it means you have a chance of actually making it work in the long run. That said you shouldn't think to much about it at the same time or you'll lose sight of what you have. And you don't want that now do you Brianna?" Ribbon replied

"No." Brianna replied "I just want to stay with Megan, our friends, my family, and you too auntie Ribbon."

Ribbon giggled "One day you'll have a family of your own in addition to all of your friends Brianna. I dare say that's when you'll be happiest knowing you the way I do."

Brianna giggled in response. "I know, but I can wait for it. That's a long time from now."

Ribbon smiled "Your mother would be relieved to hear that Brianna. You are right though, you and Megan have all of the time you need. And when that day comes you'll find it's a lot different then when you and Megan used to put on those play wedding dresses and pretend to be married, it will be much better because it will be real."

Brianna's face reddened and she turned towards the passenger side window causing Ribbon to laugh as they drove on.

Across Canterlot at the Williams family ranch.

Megan looked at her phone once more and smiled. Brianna's text was simple and sweet as always. It read "Auntie Ribbon is bringing me tonight, see you soon. :heart:" Megan giggled lightly at the message, that was Brianna in a nutshell. She placed her phone on the end table next to the couch she was sitting on and turned to look out the window for the car that would be bringing her girlfriend soon.

"Someone is really eager to see her tonight I see." Said the woman's voice with a laugh.

Megan turned to see her mother Donnamarie standing there and smiled. "Yes mother I am, I have been waiting all week to be able to give her the presents I got for her. She'll love them I just know it." Megan said with a smile.

"Of course she will, you did work really hard to be able to get them for her after all. And we know how much Brianna appreciates that." Donnamarie mother replied smiling.

Megan was about to reply when another voice broke in interrupting her. "Yuck! I can't understand how you can be into all of that girly stuff Megan." Said her brother Danny who was always complaining about how affectionate Megan and Brianna were with each other.

"Danny Williams! What have I told you about teasing Megan and Brianna about their relationship?" Donnamarie said in a strong motherly tone.

The redhead deflated. "You said it wasn't nice and that I shouldn't do it mom." Danny replied

"That's right; would you want one of your friends teasing about your girlfriend?" Said Donnamarie with a stern look.

Danny looked for a moment like he was going to protest, but decided against it when he saw the look he was getting. "No mom." He said dejectedly.

"Good now go and wash up for dinner." Donnamarie said firmly.

"Yes mom." Danny said leaving.

Donnamarie turned to Megan and smiled. "Megan why don't you go ahead and order the pizzas while we're waiting?"

"Sure thing mother; do you want to me to go and check on Molly too?" asked Megan

"No sweetheart, I'll go and check on Molly. You stay here and wait for Brianna, she should be along soon." Donnamarie's smile widened. "Knowing her she'll be so excited that she'll forget something and need you to help her with it."

Megan giggled "Probably, I just hope she doesn't spend to long playing the new game I got her too."

"I'm sure she'll want to spend her time with you more than anything this weekend Megan." Donnamarie said leaving the living room.

Megan smiled at that remark. The thought of spending the full weekend with Brianna which would be one of many with summer coming up was leaving Megan with a warm sensation that she never wanted to end. Megan picked up her phone and ordered the pizzas and turned back to the window to wait. Brianna would arrive soon and she wanted to meet her at the door when she did.

After ten more minutes of waiting Megan saw the headlights of Ribbon's car coming up the road. It had become dark and cloudy rather suddenly in the last twenty minutes and Megan was already planing ways to keep Brianna calm through the night. "She really doesn't like thunder very much." Megan thought to herself as she got up and walked over to the door.

Outside Brianna was getting out of Ribbon's car and opening the back door to retrieve her bag from the back seat. "Okay I've got everything, thanks auntie Ribbon. Have a nice weekend."

Ribbon smiled "Have fun Brianna, and try not to give Danny too hard of a time with how you and Megan are okay sweetheart?"

Brianna giggled "It's not my fault he can't take the heat in the kitchen so to speak. And thanks again auntie."

Ribbon smiled and drove off after Brianna closed the passenger side door. Brianna walked to the door and raised her hand to knock when it opened to reveal Megan standing there. Brianna gasped "Whoa! How did you do that Megan?"

Megan smiled "I was watching for you from the window silly."

Brianna's eyes lit up in realization. "Oh." she replied "Anyway I brought your present with me." Said Brianna handing Megan a red wrapped box.

Megan took the box and leaned in to kiss Brianna. "Thank you Brianna." She said when they separated a few moments later. "So do you have everything you need for this weekend?"

"Eeyup." Brianna replied holding up the bag as she and Megan walked through the door together.

Megan smiled. "Are you sure you didn't forget anything Brianna?"

"Oh come on Megan! Not you too." Brianna whined before unleashing a devastating pout.

Megan just turned to Brianna smiling still. "Come on Brianna, I'm only kidding." Megan pulled Brianna in close and held her. "You know I'm only teasing you because I love you so much."

Brianna harrumphed. "I swear you're as bad as Rainbow or Sunset sometimes Megan."

"Maybe." said Megan "But do either of them ever give you this?" Megan kissed Brianna once again causing her to melt.

"That's not fair, you fight dirty Megan." Brianna said dreamy sigh.

"It's amazing you can still think straight after we kiss Brianna. Come over to the couch with me and we'll cuddle while we're waiting for dinner to get here." Megan said guiding a somewhat unresponsive Brianna to the couch and scooping her up in her arms like a new bride.

"M-M-M-Megan!" Brianna stuttered bushing furiously.

"Now there's my girl." Megan said sitting on the couch while still cradling Brianna. "Let's get these shoes off since you won't need them tonight." Megan said removing Brianna's shoes with one hand and setting them on the floor. "Now that's better. I have you right where I want you Brianna."

Brianna gulped "A-and just what are you planning Megan?" She asked nervously.

"Oh I just want to make the most of our time alone before the party starts is all." Megan replied before leaning in and kissing Brianna again leaving her breathless for a moment. Megan pulled back, smiled and kissed Brianna once more.

As they started to kiss more deeply the sound of a camera going off got their attention. Both girls looked up to see Megan's mom and dad standing there smirking with Megan's mom holding her digital camera.

"Wow girls that was a good one. Just like those romantic movies from back in the forties and fifties." Said Donnamarie laughing.

"I might have to turn a fire-hose on you two someday." Joked her father Marty knowing that these girls were actually quite tame.

"Daddy!" Megan replied "We're not that bad."

The red haired man gave a hearty laugh. "I know that Megan, but I can't help it. The last time I saw anyone so in love it was your mother and I." He said causing his wife to elbow him lightly in the side.

"The point is that we are very happy to see this relationship of yours is off to such a solid start Megan." Donnamarie stated smiling.

Brianna looked up at Megan's parents. "I don't know, I think Lyra and Bon Bon are more lost on each other than we are."

The older couple laughed in reply. "Those two are certainly good together too Brianna." Marty said. "Now why don't we start getting everything set up? Dinner will be here soon and then you girls can have your cake and presents."

"Okay, I'll help too." Brianna said starting to get up before being lifted up by Megan again. "I can walk there myself you know." Brianna deadpanned still blushing.

"I know," Megan said "But I like having you in my arms Brianna."

Brianna buried her face in Megan's shoulder blushing even harder.

"Come on now Megan." Donnamarie said trying and failing to stifle her laughter. "Give the poor girl a break alright?"

"Okay mom." Megan said gently lowering Brianna to the floor.

Brianna smiled as her feet touched the floor. "Okay let's get this done then." Brianna squeaked enthusiastically.

Megan took Brianna's hand and walked with her into the dining room.

Donnamarie looked at her husband. "Our little girl is something else isn't she?"

Marty nodded in agreement smiling. "She somehow brings out the best in those around her alright."

Donnamarie looked at Brianna. "You really don't need to help us set up the table Brianna dear. We can do it and you girls can just have some more time together."

Brianna shook her head. "No, I want to help. I prefer doing something rather than standing aside when I can help."

"Are you sure sweetheart?" Asked Donnamarie.

Megan smiled "It's fine mother. We don't mind really." Megan replied while Brianna nodded in agreement.

"If you're sure girls." she replied

During the set up Molly came into the dining room followed by Danny.

"Brianna!" Molly said happily.

"Well hey there Molly. How have you been?" asked Brianna

"I've been fine. I think my pony and I have a chance in the next jumping contest."

"Oh nice." Brianna replied "I can't wait to see how you'll do Molly."

Molly smiled "I can't wait to see how you'll do at your next archery tournament Brianna."

Danny scoffed "She'll probably miss by a mile."

Brianna replied by shooting Danny with a sharp look that caused Danny to cringe.

"What? I was only kidding." Danny defended lamely.

"Danny." Donnamarie said in a warning tone.

"Okay so it was a bad joke." He said weakly.

Brianna and Megan both rolled their eyes at Danny's antics and went back to helping set up the table. When it was done Megan and Brianna sat and talked while waiting for the pizzas to arrive while Megan's mother took her son aside for a talk.

"Danny how many times do we have to tell you not to tease either Brianna or your sisters like that?" Donnamarie said firmly.

"Oh come on mom." Danny replied "Those two are always getting all of the attention, it's not fair."

"Danny I know it's hard for you being the only boy in a sea of girls; but you've got to recognize what a rare thing Megan and Brianna have. To honestly be so in love at such a young age almost never happens and you should be happy for them." His mother retorted sternly.

"But it's so sappy mom." said Danny

Donnamarie laughed. "Now Danny you can't really be feeling that unappreciated. You help your father all of the time with the repairs that need to be done and your little friend Surprise certainly seems to like what you can make."

"I know mom it's just hard to deal with, that's all." Danny shot back.

"One day you'll have a girlfriend too Danny and you'll start to understand these things. Maybe it'll even turn out to be Surprise who is your girl. You two are sure close enough." His mother said teasing her son a little.

"Bleech, mom! Surprise is my friend that's all." Danny replied while sticking out his tongue.

"Son," Marty said breaking in. "That's what every boy your age says. And then you'll learn the magic of being in love when the time is right."

Danny scrunched up his face in disgust. "Yuck dad, that's just crazy." He said causing both of his parents to laugh.

"One day you'll understand Danny." Donnamarie said standing up. "Now go sit at the table dinner should be here soon."

"Okay mom." Danny replied before going and sitting at the table.

As Danny sat at the table Megan embraced Brianna from behind and listened as Brianna and Molly continued to talk.

"So where are your mom and dad tonight Brianna?" asked Molly

Brianna smiled "They are out tonight Molly. Mom and daddy decided to go out to dinner and a movie and just have some fun tonight."

"That's good." Molly said "They deserve to have fun too."

"Yes they do." Brianna said in agreement.

"Okay everyone the pizzas are here." Donnamarie said reentering the dining room with her husband following her in carrying the pizza boxes.

"Oh nice, I am really hungry right now." Brianna said as her stomach growled.

Megan snickered "Oh Brianna what am I going to do with you?"

Brianna got a devious look on her face for a moment and replied. "Feed me Seymour."

Megan stared at her girlfriend shocked for a moment before everyone herself included dissolved into a fit of laughter with Molly laughing so hard she fell out of the chair she'd been sitting in.

Marty put the pizzas down on the table and helped Molly up. "Are you okay kiddo?"

"I'm fine daddy." Molly replied trying and failing to hide her embarrassment.

"It's okay sweetie, it happens to all of us sometimes." He replied smiling at his daughter.

Molly just gave a nervous smile and blushed.

"Okay everyone let's settle down so we can have dinner and the birthday girls can open their presents." Donnamarie said.

Dinner was a largely uneventful save for Megan and Brianna feeding each other and continuing to be cutesy with each other. After it was done the cake and the singing was next with Megan and Brianna giving each other what they'd worked so hard to get for the other.

"Okay Brianna, here it is." Megan said handing her a small box wrapped in silver paper. "I hope you like it." Megan said with a smile.

"Oh I doubt that will be a problem." Brianna said unwrapping the box and opening it. Inside the box was a silver, heart shaped, locket with a note on a small piece of paper that read. "The memories we make together are the next best part of being with you. Love Megan. Brianna looked at Megan with watery eyes and smiled. "Thank you Megan, thank you so much."

Megan smiled back. "Go ahead and open it Brianna, I'm sure you'll like what's inside."

Brianna opened the locket and found the picture Megan had taken of the two of them on their first date nearly a year ago. They were sitting at a table in Sugarcube Corner with a large chocolate milkshake with two straws in it tn front of them. It had been a very simple lunch date that ended with the shake and the picture. Brianna sniffled "I love it." She said happily. "Will you help me put it on Megan?"

"Sure." Megan said getting up and moving behind Brianna. She opened the lock on the back the the necklace's chain and placed it on Brianna's neck while Brianna held up her long brown hair to keep it out of the way of the necklace. Megan finishing securing the chain around Brianna's neck and stepped back. "I'm glad you're happy with your present Brianna. It took a while for me to figure out what to get for you."

Brianna smiled "Yeah, I love it Megan. Thank you so much."

"Well I do have one more present for you, but I'll give that to you later. I think you
will like this one too." Said Megan smiling.

"Okay now you get to open the one I got for you. I think you'll like it Megan." Brianna said plucking the red wrapped box from the table and handing it to Megan as she sat down.

Megan looked at the red box for a moment before opening the wrapping paper and then the box within. She turned to Brianna with a smile. "I see we were thinking the same thing Brianna."

Brianna blushed "Well I didn't come up with the really sweet note you did, but I do feel the same way." Brianna squeaked eliciting a giggle from Megan.

Megan smiled as she took the red, heart shaped locket from the box and opened it. She saw a copy of the same picture contained within. Megan's smile got a little bigger. "Brianna I don't need a note with sweet words in it to know how you feel about me." She leaned over to Brianna and kissed her cheek. "I can clearly see how you feel, especially with the picture you choose. So will you help me put this on?"

Brianna nodded and repeated the same process that she and Megan had done earlier to secure the locket around Megan's neck. "I'm glad you like it Megan, it took me forever to figure out what I should get you." Brianna said

"It's fine Brianna, I really appreciate the thought." Megan replied bringing a large smile to Brianna's face.

With dinner and the party done Megan and Brianna made their way to Megan's room.

"You didn't have to get me another present Megan." Said Brianna as they walked through the bedroom door.

"I know Brianna, but I know you'll really love this one too." Megan replied as she walked over to her bed and retrieved the gift from a door in the nightstand by her bed. "I still have no idea why you love those movies so much, but I saw this and knew you would love it." Megan handed the game case to Brianna.

Brianna looked at the case and squealed when she read the game's title. "Eeeee! Godzilla Save the Earth! Thank you so much Megan!"

Megan smiled "I knew you'd like it sweetheart. So are you going to start it?" asked Megan

"Actually, I thought I'd take a bath and then we could do something together, like watch a movie or something." Brianna replied while putting the game down with her P.S.2 and the rest of her games and memory cards.

Megan crossed the room and started to untie the ribbon in Brianna's hair. "Do you want me to wash your hair for you Brianna?"

Brianna blushed "If you want to I won't say no. Besides I haven't exactly mastered having hair this long yet."

"Speaking of, why did you let your hair grow this long? I like it, but I also like you with short hair too Brianna."

"Well, it's because I wanted to have longer hair like you do Megan. It looks so nice, and I think, I think it just makes you so beautiful. I kind of wanted to be more pretty like are." Brianna squeaked

Megan giggled "You're beautiful too Brianna. You don't need to ware your hair like mine for that."

"I know, but I want to. And Rarity did say that we look really good together." Brianna laughed "Remember how she was squealing about how cute we are?"

Megan smiled again. "I do remember that. Rarity is something else, always acting like that. I wouldn't trade her for the world though." Said Megan as she finished untieing the ribbon in Brianna's hair.

Brianna's own smile reached Pinkie Pie proportions. "Yeah we have awesome friends, I love them. Even if we do still have to ask Fluttershy to speak up once and a while."

"Quiet and sweet are two of her defining characteristics after all." Megan replied with a laugh.

"They sure are." Brianna giggled heading into the bathroom.

"I'll find a movie for us to watch and get some snacks while you're in the bath." Megan said going over to her D.V.D.s. "now what should we watch?" Megan asked herself.

Brianna turned on the faucet and started the bathwater running as she got undressed and got in. She jumped a little at the temperature and turned down the hot water. She sat back as the tub filled with now warm water and recalled what Ribbon had said to her earlier in the night about her dream of marrying Megan.

"I would be worried if you didn't Brianna. You and Megan both have that kind of personality and mindset. And it is healthy that you both want the same thing out or your relationship because it means you have a chance of actually making it work in the long run. That said you shouldn't think to much about it at the same time or you'll lose sight of what you have. And you don't want that now do you Brianna?" Brianna thought about this for a good long while. "No," She whispered to herself. "I don't want to lose sight of what we have."

Brianna sat in the water lost in thought until the sound of thunder shocked her from her revere. She gave a startled "Eep!" and slipped a little in the bathtub banging her elbow on the side of the tub.

"Brianna are you okay?" Asked Megan while sticking her head in the door.

"My elbow hurts a little, but I'm okay Megan." Brianna replied with a squee.

"Okay I'll be back to wash your hair for you in a bit. And you're sleeping with me tonight." said Megan

"Megan." Brianna whined.

"No arguing Brianna. I don't want you up all night because you can't sleep." Megan said firmly.

"Okay Megan." Said Brianna acquiescing.

"It'll be fine Brianna, I promise. I'll be back in a few minutes." Megan said leaving.

Brianna smiled, even when Megan got firm with her she always felt better. And when Megan touched her either by hugging, holding her hand, or by caressing her as she so often did Brianna would feel a jolt of euphoria and feel so calm and at ease. She didn't understand it, but when Megan showed this kind of affection to her she just felt much better. "It's almost like magic." Brianna said quietly.

"What is like magic?" Megan said reentering the bathroom.

"Oh!" Brianna squeaked "It's just when I think about you holding me or even just my hand that I feel so," Brianna paused searching for the right word. "Different, it feels really amazing you know."

Megan smiled "I think it must feel that way for everyone who's really in love Brianna."

"Maybe, I don't know though." Brianna replied as Megan started to wash her hair. She relaxed and enjoyed the quiet of the moment they shared.

A few minutes later they emerged from the bathroom talking as they made their way to Megan's bed and laid down to watch the movie Megan had picked. It was some sappy animated adventure/romance about a young woman who wanted to become a knight that falls in love with a dragoness during their journeys together. Megan look at Brianna as the end credits rolled watching her sleep and smiling again as she turned off the D.V.D. player and then the t.v. with the remotes.

She placed the devices on the nightstand beside her bed and got Brianna beneath the covers and slid under them to join her. A thunderclap sounded causing Brianna to shift uncomfortably until she felt Megan's warmth beside her. Cuddling up to Megan Brianna let out a small coo as Megan brushed a lock of hair out of her face.

"Goodnight Brianna." Megan whispered softly as she closed her arms around Brianna and snuggled with her. Megan held Brianna as she closed her eyes and fell asleep while a soft, pale pink glow surrounded the two of them.
Manehattan earlier that day

"I said stop it!" she yelled, pushing the older boy away from her friend. Soft Glow sniffled on the ground behind her, clutching the kitten they'd found protectively in her small arms, trying to keep it safe. They'd seen what he did to small animals before.

The older boy laughed. "Aw, the little freak thinks she's so tough!"

Her fingers curled into fists. She hated being called a freak. It wasn't like she'd asked to have weird eyes.

"What's the matter?" the boy continued. "Don't like being called names, freak?" He began chanting the word,
pointing at her and laughing.

Gritting her teeth, she charged him, her hands balled into fists, ready to hit him until he stopped laughing. It was, unfortunately, exactly what he wanted her to do. The boy jumped back from her swing, then grabbed her outstretched arm and pulled, setting her off balance and tripping her to the ground. Once she was down, the boy charged over to Soft Glow and grabbed her by the arm.

"Give it!" he shouted at her, trying to open her arms.

Soft Glow was crying now, trying to wriggle free and keep the kitten but it was quickly becoming clear the boy was going to take it.

She stared furiously at the scene, angrily batting away strands of her blue hair. Her only friend was being hurt and she couldn't do a thing to stop it; he was just too big and strong.

A feeling of helplessness began to overcome her as she got to her feet but just as quickly it was replaced by something else. She could still protect Soft Glow but it would probably mean she'd get really hurt. Almost as quickly again she dismissed the worry; it would be worth it to keep Soft safe. As she charged the bully again, she felt stronger, more confident that no matter how much he hurt her, she'd hurt him just as much.

She didn't know why her hand opened as she got close. Her initial idea had been to punch, but something told her slapping him would work better. "I said," she yelled as her arm swung, "STOP IT!"

Her hand connected and, surprisingly, there wasn't as much resistance to the hit as she thought there would be. Her fingertips, they felt odd, seemed to catch and pull him away from Soft Glow, sending him stumbling a few feet away. She resumed her protective stance over Soft, a feeling of intense power coursing through her. He wouldn't hurt Soft anymore, not while she was there. A satisfied smile began to grow.

Then he turned back to them.

He was holding both his hands up to the cheek she'd hit him on, and blood was pouring out from between his fingers. Deep gashes ran from just below his ear almost to his nose. His face was a mix of confusion, surprise, fear, and pain.

The growing smile immediately disappeared and, through her own shock, she felt something wet on her hand, and she brought it up to look. Bright, fresh blood, a stark contrast to her jet-black skin, was running down from her finger tips, which now were pointy and sharp, like claws.

All the sense of strength and power she'd felt only a second before drained away. Why was her hand like that? She hadn't meant to do that; she just wanted him to leave them alone. Why was there blood?


She was jerked out of her thoughts as the bully screamed and ran away, still clutching his face, blood drops on the pavement marking his retreat. She stared blankly after him, unsure what to do. She turned and looked at Soft Glow, only to find her staring back at her. More pointedly, at her bloody, clawed hand.


Author's Note:

Thanks again go to Chaotic Ink for the proofreading on yet another story. And the help with ideas for this new work as well.

Also he provided this rather powerful moment at the end of this chapter for his O.C. Midnight Storm.