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I'm a fan of Yu-Gi-Oh!, a few other anime, and videogames. That being said, hope you enjoy my stories!



A thousand years ago, Princess Celestia had to seal her own sister away in the moon and the Elements of Harmony lost their connection to her. Now, the elements of old have begun to awaken. However, new elements have begun to surface as well and new heroes must rise! And it starts with one boy's promise.

Note: The characters in this story will be human. However, they will have characteristics such as wings. Horns won't be necessary considering they channel magic through their hands. That being said, I hope you can all enjoy the story.

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Interesting but question is this a Prue mlp story or will it crossover with yugioh?

:heart::heart: I love the prologue of the new season! Now I'm looking forward to seeing more during the adventure when the other guys show up and appears,the new elements and many more super excited to see more to come

Which parts of the prologue did you like best?

purely MLP. No yugioh

8111728 little Burst meeting the princess Celestia

What did you think of Burst giving her his Optimus Prime plushie?

8111735 I think it was so cute and sweet him giving her his Optimus prime plushie

Makes me want to see how this goes! I'll be reading this!

The characters in this story will be human. However, while some characters will have wings, I won't be giving them horns. They didn't fit well into my designs.

Wait, this story will have artwork in it? Can I please get some examples?

Comment posted by DeathlyWarrior666 deleted Apr 22nd, 2017

I'm afraid not. I suck at drawing, so no artwork. I must apologize. But I'll see if I can get one of my friends to make some that I can upload.

No it's not. I liked 'Rock the Dragon' so much that I made it the catchphrase of my OC Burst Stream. Sorry if that's a deal breaker for you.

Seems like everything is going good.

not to be rude but i see some errors in spelling

Where? I want to fix them. It sucks that this site no longer has a spell-check when I type now.

8111882 well in the summary there is the word their and the word connection i do not know of any in the actual story but saw 2 in the summary

Well, at least it's nothing major.

8111890 why don't you use google drive then transfer it?

8112183 SO EPIC! The first fight with Burst and moon was amazing! Along with him coming to ponyville! And him meeting twilight and her friends! Looks forward to seeing Part 2! Know it's going to br great and amazing

What did you think of Burst's training?

8112736 I Think the training was good with his dad training Burst and he did a really good job training Burst the basics Aswell

8112736 and specking of that Burst Duelist arm appeared in this are the other guys going to be getting Duelist arms from there parents Aswell? Or will they appear/or will find them
In there own

You'll just have to find out as the story progresses.

8112752 kk :pinkiesmile::heart: I'm looking forward to it then and can't wait to see more of the story as it goes on

Great job man keep up the good work!

Lumina shot her husband

. Whoa! Harsh.

...a nervous look...

. Oh.

Thanks for pointing that out. I fixed it now.

8113020 Flows much nicer now. Have a like! And a promise to read fully when I can!

8113165 :heart::heart: I love it so much! Burst kept his promise and looks like everyone got a happy ending and not only that Nightmare moon will be forming her new body and burst awaken his Element of power!.. and I'm guessing right now that the voice from his duelist arms was Blue eyes! And it will be the same for the other duelist arms for there respective partners

What did you think of Burst suiting up and talking to Spike?

8113309 I think it was good and a great talk between Spkie and Burst had about if they didn't come back

By the way, when Burst met the Mane 6, which encounter did you like best?

8113411 hmmmm~... if I had to choose I say pinkie pie

8113495 so epic! Inferno makes his appearance and now the element of potential is been revealed! And I was right about the voices we're going to be :heart: and I love the encounter of Burst and Inferno and looks forward to seeing how the other guys encounters will turn out to be!... but something I need to ask? Witch voice will be talking to ace? Because technically he has two partners Dark Magician Girl and Timaeus

I will debrief you in a PM about that. But another memeber of our main cast will appear in the next episode!

8113513 sweet! Can't wait to see who will appear next and see witch element will be coming up with it

8113495 it's all in italics. FYI. The chapter was good tho

8113610 ok. Btw, are these humans with wings and horns? Or ponies?

They're humans if you refer to earlier chapters and the story's description. I even left a note in the description! However, I'll not be using horns. There will be wings though.

So what do you think of my decision to not use horns? I left them out because it'd be like an easy weak point for any of the characters.

8113626 it might be interesting. Do they use their magic through their hands then?

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