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SweetAI Belle

Why does life always have to be so ironic?


This is a collection of assorted short stories, drabbles, and flashfics I've written.

There is a prologue, and a bit of connecting narrative, but for the most part, each chapter will be a separate story or scene in itself. If it's been posted elsewhere, I'll try to have a link to where I originally posted it.

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Obvious Scootaloo should be a Tumblr comic. XD

It would be pretty fun as one!

It actually kinda says something that I remembered posting that on that blog, and went back for it. It definitely stuck in my memory.

--Sweetie Belle

Of course the real twist is that all stories are true or will be true. It's the Sweetiegift.

They could all be true so far. I haven't really added any yet that contradict each other or canon. (Even the Flash Sentry one could have happened...)

Not sure if that'll keep up, though.

--Sweetie Belle

This is actually a very clever way to just get short spurts of writing down. I can relate to flash sentry on providing customer service.

I actually do like the flashfic contest a lot, because I can convince myself to sit down and write 150 words a lot easier then a long story, and it's getting me writing more, which then makes me more likely to write longer things, once I'm back in the habit of it.

And yeah, I know what you mean. I actually do like the Flash Sentry one a good bit. I kinda feel like I should write more things with him.

--Sweetie Belle

"One thousand words?" She said, puzzled. "Why would a story have to be a thousand words or more?"

"Because Miss Knighty said so, duh," Scootaloo said. "Guess we’ll have to get writing!"

Not what it actually says in the story, but that's pretty much how it felt. xD

Yes, I left the "Miss" part there intentionally. ;3

One can only imagine what that "something" was. Whelp, hopefully he got stuck in frills. Gotta have frills.

That sunset.

Rest well, ponies.

Now this was cute. Spiteful Belle is best cutie.

Also grats on 3rd place.

Okay, yeah, this chapter right here makes me wish mr crow buddy pal dude man person and president of the Spike fan club, which he's also a member, still wrote Spike stories. I miss his Spike tales.

I like this little story a lot here. Chalking this short as my current fav.

Okay, this feels so Sweetie Belle. Okay, this is my favorite Sweetie chapter. :P

8192117 You'd think it already was given how OBVIOUSLY tumblr comic worthy this premise is, huh?

I actually like these super short stories. They're almost like a mix between poetry and prose.

This was the chapter that made me worry about whether it would pass through submission or not, honestly. Went through fine, though.

--Sweetie Belle

That's one thing with writing this short of a story. You have to leave a lot to implication. And what better for that then a noodle incident?

Not only was I messing with multiple meanings of "waiting time" here, I also decided a Flashfic was going to be a Flash Sentry Fic...

--Sweetie Belle

Thanks. Would've liked to expand on this one, but I'm also not sure how much room I had to do so. One bit of it feels a little arbitrarily shoved in place in retrospect. Characterization went pretty well, though.

--Sweetie Belle

I am kinda attached to this one. I had no idea what I was going to write for the prompt, then this came to me, and I wrote it that night. Might have been better if I had, say, another 50 words, but otoh, maybe not.

Not sure if you've read it before, but if you are looking for more to read about Spike, you could try 8686's A Friend of a Friend...

--Sweetie Belle

This one's probably the only one of these other than the prologue that wasn't held to 150 words, too, since it wasn't written as a flash fic. It was just silly enough that I remembered it and wanted to include it here. When I went to grab it out of comments, the comment this one was in had seven thumbs up...

I also liked the little tease of her yelling out to her mother, but not actually showing anyone there.

They are fun to do, too! It gets a little tricky, because usually I end up writing a bit over the word limit, and then I have to go through tightening things up to make it fit. It's actually kinda good exercise, because it can be helpful even when you don't have a limit to know how much of what you are writing is really unnecessary or padding.

--Sweetie Belle

Yeah. I'm sure I've read things like this before, but it was a good ending. It probably has influences from Neil Gaiman, both from the Sandman and The Books of Magic, thinking about it.

--Sweetie Belle

8194815 I think that's a very honest question many have when it comes to writing anything. "Why does a story need to be that long?" Especially in the minds of a new and young writer. Especially with sites like Fanfiction.net and DA never having such imposed minimums.

So to see Sweetie ask that felt proper and sensible, especially with Obvious Scoot's response as to the why it has to be. :P

8194828 That's how all good stories are built. When you give too many answers there's nothing left to ponder.

And yes, good one, I loved the play on words with that chapter. :3

8194836 It didn't overstay its welcome. Short, cute, to the point. It said all it needed to.

8194878 ha! Yeah, I liked that little bit of silliness. Makes one think poor Scoots is suffering from a trauma she hides with her dillusions in order not to face reality.

Or not. I didn't think of it that deeply other than "Oh! She wrote a MOM in! Oh, no, wait a minute. Just Scootaloo talking to her imaginary family I guess!" so okay maybe now I guess it shifted from silliness to dark undertones from my last reading. :P

8194885 I really didn't want to say anything spoilery in the comments so I just kept short and sweet. An oldy but a goodie done well in this final scene of the world.

Here's an idea. Maybe you should get your next writing prompt out of a fortune cookie. That sounds fun.

Well, I thought these were pretty nice, with a good framing device. Thanks for the read!

Did this actually happen or did Sweetie just make this up?

This is what she wrote down for a story. Pretty sure it didn't happen in real life.

--Sweetie Belle

Well, apparently, Twilight the chair expert is now a thing. :applejackunsure:

All that over a book report. For shame, Sweetie Belle. :trixieshiftright:

"And remember, class," Miss Cheerilee said, as the school bell rang, "you’ll need to turn in an original short story by the end of next week! And it has to be one thousand words or more. I’ll be checking!"

Woah. How meta. :derpytongue2:

I really liked this one. It's great :derpytongue2:


“Well, that didn’t work.”

Hard Reset ahoy? :unsuresweetie:

Yep. Couldn't resist writing a reference in!

--Sweetie Belle

cute and fuzzy sweetie bell this the way i see your next story sweetie belle tries to cast a spell and it turns her fur all fluffy and extra fuzzy now everypony she knows wants to snuggle her and all she wants to do is play but rarity isists she'll ruin her fuzzy fluffy coat or something along those lines yay cmc fuzzy fuddlers

Just curious, but will this ever get another installment?

Come to think of it, there were a couple Flashfics I never got around to adding. One from last month, and I think at least one or two more. So, yeah, this will get more installments at some point...

--Sweetie Belle

That took a depressing turn. :fluttershysad:

It is, a bit. It's interesting to think about how things played out from a different perspective, though.

--Sweetie Belle

Sometimes I have strange ideas, and sometimes they become strange stories. :unsuresweetie:

Two more stories and I'll be caught up with where I currently am as far as Flashfics. One of those two won the monthly contest, too. I'm planning on adding those Saturday and Sunday...

--Sweetie Belle

Gosh, stumbling around without glasses is the worst. :ajbemused:

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