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Disclaimer: This is supposed to be an adventure Toy Story/Wreck It Ralph-type setting. This isn't supposed to be meta, or about this site, or about the users here. Any users mentioned (if any) are references to Equestria Amino users. Also, this isn't necessarily a crossover, but it will get that tag if enough of you say it is.

This is a collab I'm doing on Equestria Amino, and I thought I'd put it here too. I'm doing the writing, EQA user Strong Heart is doing the art (which is why her OC is featured in this story!) for the Amino version.

Comments are appreciated and, quite frankly, wanted. With that out of the way, I can talk about the story.


Crimson Dawn and Rose Thorn live in a nice house in Equestria Amino City (population: 80,000+). it's quite the peaceful life, with their user coming on every now and then, checking up on them. The city is well versed in the ways of harmony and the teachings of MLP. One night, the Catalog is set aflame. While the ponies work to put out the flames, the most precious works in the city are stolen. Original copies of OC backgrounds, stories, theories, art, the entire virtual identity of Equestria Amino City are gone.

With the help of a blonde-maned pink mare named Strong Heart, Crimson and Rose go to different Amino Cities to find the stolen Catalog works and bring them back to Equestria Amino City safely.


Can someone help me decide what categories I need? It's kinda hard for this one.

First Published
20th Apr 2017
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22nd Apr 2017

What is Equestria Amino?

>>8109546 Equestria Amino is a free social media app for MLP. Or, if you have the full (free) Amino app, it's a community there.

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