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inb4 shitstorm #169 hits the comment section in full

8109027 Their will probably be one :applecry:

yeah but that's what we're mainly here for anyways

I made it three paragraphs before I gave up!

Better story than most of yours.

Same problems, different story.

Good work, bud.

8109032 oh my god.
This is great.
I'll laughing for real.
Like, irl.

This made my day.

You get a rare like...
It's just too funny.
"This cave must have been here for centuries!"


Really, this isn't that bad. Just needs to be fixed a little. I felt something while reading that, something that kinda hurts. Is it emotion? I don't know, but this story somehow gave me something.

8109032 ok evictus. I've been here since you were FluttershyIsTheBestPony. And I'm sorry to say, your stories have gotten worse.

8109066 Im sorry that you couldn't finish it but thanks

8109087 You didn't read it :(

8109097 You found it funny?

8109104 I'm glad it wasn't that bad! I know it needs work though :(

8109107 I hate to hear that but I guess it's true

8109133 yeah... but if you just try harder, you could be good!

8109142 I know and I want to try harder!p but when ever I try I just screw up all over again. I only have a small handful of stories that are good but the rest are awful :(

8109146 keep trying. I know you can do it.

8109133 Wait... Evictus, YOU were FluttershyIsTheBestPony???

That explains why I remember reading a story from you a while back, but not recognizing you.

Well then.


8109149 Yes I was FluttershyIsTheBestPony

Comment posted by Saberking2012 deleted Apr 20th, 2017

8109158 Well then. That was a real eye-opener. :rainbowderp:

Someone get Gorden Ramsay on this. He would be perfect for this. Who agrees? s3.scoopwhoop.com/anj/ramsayy/103439138.jpg

8109158 That explains why I remember reading a story from someone with that name, but never being able to find it again.

I have 3 questions.

1) Where was the cave?

2)Wouldn't it have made more sense if they were say...camping or the CMC went on a hike with their scouts group?

3) I know she was in trouble with Rarity, but how in Celestia's name were they that calm after finding a skeleton, and why didn't they tell somepony immediately?

8109175 I know. I'm sorry :(

8109180 Sorry you couldn't find it :/

8109200 Yes it would have made sense if they went camping. I had it so that the cave was formed past the Ponyville schoolhouse. They were calm because Sweetie Belle was just curious

8109175 - Wait. You didn't realize that? He never changed his userpage description (which is how I knew) and the story style is the exact same. Well, perhaps you don't have the same thirst for mental pain as I do. Personally, I think his current handle is better because I don't have to abbreviate it.
Aaaanyway, on to the story. Marginally better than your normal efforts, so credit where it's due. I will say though, as someone who has studied geology, that Sweetie Belle's "This cave must have been here for centuries!" line is really funny, albeit in a way I'm pretty sure you didn't intend.

HINT: Unless they're volcanic in origin (see: lava tubes), caves form over millions of years.

Overall, The Cave gets about a B+ grade if I use your unique curve, and a D without it. So… yeah. Unlike most of your work, there's at least potential for a good story here.

8109212 Well. I don't think even Celestia can help us now:rainbowlaugh:

*Edit- Why the dislike?

8109222 Yeah. I just didn't put two and two together. Either that or I just forgot. It's been a while since I've seen that username.

8109158 why did you change your name?

8109257 My other one was two long and it was synonymous with racism. (Don't get me going with that story)

8109274 - Best to not bring up the past, I think. Even admitting your former name is pushing it. Let people take your work on its own merits.

We've moved on. Just keep your cool this time and we should be golden, yeah?

8109335 Don't worry I won't bring up my past to often. Got it!

you should make a human where rarity buries sweetie belle in the sand.

8109658 Maybe I will

8109726 no matter what other say, I think it will be an awesome story.

8110041 Thank you! :)

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