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When Spike starts exhibiting symptoms of drug use, it's time for Twilight Sparkle (and her M.A.R.E. pamphlets) to stage an intervention.

If only Spike's drug use was Twilight's biggest problem.

A silly little stoner-holiday dramedy. Happy 420, yo.

Written for the "Rising From The Ashes" Writeoff based on this picture. (dude spoilers lol) "Praise" from fellow participants:

"competently executed" - Posh
"kind of funny" - Titanium Dragon [reviewed here]
"Mid-tier" - Fenton

Recommended by Present Perfect! "Trust horizon to turn a drug comedy into something that connected with me in an unexpected way. ... well written and has a great running gag." no pp what r u doin ur sposed to hate it D:

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Glorious, smoky insanity. And I'm always up for an eldritch Pinkie. A shame I couldn't join in in this Writeoff, but I'm very glad you shared this with us. Thank you for it.

Also, how high did those fire elementals get, anyway?

I'm not sure if I should say this is terrible or amazing...

I think I choose both.

I'm so upset with you for writing this.

I'm really glad you waited until today to post this.

Edit: I forgot how much I loved the Chrysalis gag. Hot damn.

Be calm thy mammaries will be my new way of saying that. Thank you.

I can't wait for this story to blaze the feature box.

They got a lot higher than my ranking in the Writeoff with this, that's for sure. :derpytongue2: I landed in the cheap seats where you need a pair of binoculars to even see the finalists.

(Granted, I did warn everyone. And it did turn out better than I thought it would when I wrote that! Though I'm not surprised that it's already downvote-magneting here.)

I pretty much had to, once I realized that 4/20 was only a few weeks away!

Wise man.

:rainbowhuh: ... the epilogue, or the story in general? And why?

(I half-want to assume your statement is a joke based on your previous reaction in the Writeoff thread, but the Internet flattens out tone, and I can't 100% be sure.)

I was about to be all modest and say I stole it from somewhere, but ... a quick Google search isn't finding anywhere else that uses the phrase, except for a wiki I haven't heard of for a forum I haven't read.

Huh. So I guess I did coin a phrase. Glad you appreciate it! :twilightsheepish:

Frankly, I thought I'd have more competition from other pot stories celebrating the holiday. But the front page is kind of a ghost town right now. It's been an hour since posting and this is still at the top of the New Stories column. :rainbowderp:

"Sheesh, Twilight," Rainbow Dash said.  "Yes, it was a little disconcerting learning that Horson Scott Cart was just a pen name for Prince Blueblood, but it's not like we can't appreciate his novels independent of the author."

Eeeyup, this is a Horizon story.

Smoking the dead. That is some hardcore late capitalism right there

8108937 I'm upset with you for doing it because now I can't unsee the image of Spike with a blunt in his mouth. :raritydespair:


Frankly, I thought I'd have more competition from other pot stories celebrating the holiday. But the front page is kind of a ghost town right now. It's been an hour since posting and this is still at the top of the New Stories column.

Everyone's too high to write.

Happy 4/20, horizon.

This looks like it will be your worst-rated story ever! Even I don't have one this bad. :rainbowlaugh: I don't even think the Flash Sentry one reached 2:1 (but if not, it was pretty damn close).

Any ideas why? (I still need to read this.)



i like what you've done with the place.

I don't get the downvotes.

8108985 This is true. I started Phoenix Dust II : Migration Season today, but celebration cost me my ability to focus.


Soylent Green is people, maaaaaan!

I came here expecting many shenanigans- and I was not disappointed. 420/420 would blaze again

8108985 So now people have created a holiday celebrating their ability to get stoned off their asses...

Ok, "Independence Day" aliens? You can invade now. I'll help. There's nothing left here worth saving. :facehoof:

Horson Scott Cart was just a pen name for Prince Blueblood

Apparently, OSC is an asshole in real life anyways, so this hits way too close to home.

but it's not like we can't appreciate his novels independent of the author."

But I've still got this, so it's all good.

Top level 1st chapter. On to the next!

This was good. I like it. Well done.

A very friendshippy grin slowly spread across the Princess of Friendship's face.

Oh boy, here we go again:trollestia:

Twilight caught Pinkie's gaze for a moment, and there were worlds behind her eyes, in a void dark and vast and cold and empty

That explains so much.

And all was right with the world...:moustache:

You don't haaavvvee ta wet sssoo lonng... jus... grahbbb the assssstreyy......

Well, here's two guys who'd love this version of Equestria:

Excuse the language if you're not into that...

You have recovered substantially. :raritystarry:

Also, your featured groups are... amusing. :trollestia:

I liked this better on FIMFiction than I did in the writeoff, and I'm not sure why. Did you edit it significantly in any way, or was it just a mood thing?

As the cool fillies say, Twilight, becalm thy mammaries.

Lolz dead

"competently executed" - Posh
"kind of funny" - Titanium Dragon
"Mid-tier" - Fenton

Glowing reviews.

This is, Equestria, bitches! Things work differently, so get of your high horse and relax thy tits!:moustache::trollestia:

"Mid-tier" - Fenton

I loudly protest, my review was way longer than that and this summary is a terrible parody of the 2.000 words I've wrote (Now I just need to find the 1.946 missing words :pinkiecrazy:).

Better than the first time, you've somehow managed to maintain the joke funny, avoiding the redundancy I reproached the fic with.
Good job

*clap* *clap* *clap*:pinkiehappy:

I've been out on a multi-day search & rescue callout, so forgive my lateness. :applejackconfused:

8108961 8109898 8110572
I'm glad that line is getting singled out for praise, because it was one of my own favorites!

Oh, was that praise? :duck:

Maybe instead of writing 4/20 stories, you should spend some more time out searching—and see if you can rescue yourself from the Alicorn Princess of Meta. :trollestia:

This is my favorite comment on anything in at least the past month.

I've spent way too much time since fathoming how Blueblood is a gifted and eccentric creative. That doesn't excuse his also being unfit for polite company, but it does make him more worth thinking about...

8116233 the proletariat has nothing to lose but their dank kush

I really really REALLY wanna see more of this. XD

Meh. Not enough of Spike getting high. Not enough of real Spike getting high.

Heh. I would have given this merely a thumbs-up, but the epilogue made this story worthy of a star.

Man, I didn't even make that, it was all Derpibooru. :derpytongue2:

8109163 8113879
I think a lot of the umbrage came from people who saw it on the front page. (It started out at 2:1, then was 3:1 not long after you read it, and ended up in the 4-5 to 1 range where it's likely to stay.) The frontpage-reading crowd tends to be a lot more knee-jerk than the usual reading crowd — I think there's like half a dozen people at any given time who scan the front page and just driveby-redthumb any topics, such as clop or drugs, that offend their moral sensibilities.

(Historically I've never seen any clop story make it off the front page with less than 6-8 downvotes. And this accumulated two downvotes within five minutes of its posting, long before anyone would have been able to read through it. Heck, Social Lubricant got a downvote before any text was posted — I linked it in a semi-obscure blog comment to show someone the art and story description, and it attracted a drive-by.)

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