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Earth: Harmless. Equestria: Timeless.


Marked Cross hails from the edge of the Undiscovered West; an earth pony region named Halihoof. He's just received word that he'll be heading back to his homeland on the biggest mission of his career, and he's not too enthusiastic about it.

At least, not as enthusiastic as the mare who now owns his old home.

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good story I always like to see good pre mane six stuff .

as veteran/brony your company size element is about right as embassy guard.

also if you plan some cool battle scenes a overwhelmed company makes for better drama.

There'll probably be a couple of intense moments, but it won't be entire battle scenes. We are trying to be diplomatic, after all. Thanks for commenting!

This is an interesting story so far, I hope to see more of the story. I am not exactly sure how this story makes chronological sense to the regular MLP time line but I an intrigued by it

I hope you continue this story. I like the premise and where it seems to be going.

I'll try and make time for it since a few of you seem to like it. Can't promise anything soon, but if an update for a story goes out next week, it'll probably be for this.

Updated this so it doesn't seem like the story is dead: It isn't.
I'm just busy working on other stuff and busy in general.


I look forward to seeing what Alabaster’s "proposal's" are.

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