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She's looking at you. Yes you. And she is judging you with her eyes. There is no escape.


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I really really like this.

Please continue.

Being a fan of absolutely everything, you'll get no petulant whinging about how wrong this truly is, so I say bring it on! :rainbowwild:

I am interested in where this goes. If Dim will become "good" or "evil" but the opening is good as a stand alone as well.


Dim will achieve 'perfection.'

well perfection yous say. Alright now to see if that is "white" perfection, "black" perfection, or grey perfection. I look forward to it.


Well, the description makes it clear what sort of perfection it is.

A very interesting start to what should be a very interesting story. Just the fact that The Dark Family exists brings, oddly enough, a new kind of light on this Equestria. Or would it be lack of light...

Also The Dark Spire sounds like the lair of a final boss.

The path of scourging ain't pretty and I'll admit portions of this made me uncomfortable, but your experiments usually go places I don't expect in intriguing and compelling ways so I'd be curious to see more. :twilightsmile:


Powerful wizards are an asset to any empire.

I've been tweaking and writing the house history, trying to give them a sense of validity and realism. A sense of belonging. I have them pegged as fighting on the 'right' side of the civil war, remaining loyal to the monarchy, because 'it is good for business.' This loyalty curried them a lot of goodwill.

Yes....oh yes. This is the type of sadistic, dark, lovely story I have been looking for! While it could have been darker, I absolutely loved this. Too long we have seen "evil" from the eyes of heros. It's nice to see the primal joy that comes from doing evil! I hope it stays this way!

Great story Kudz! Keep at it!

pretty good so far, cult like families like this would be very hard to break free from completely. honestly growing up there would make it hard for anyone to grow up kind.

This story was sickening to read, which, I suppose, was the intention. It's not a bad story, indeed, it's quite good, but it's sickening.

On a very selfish level, if it continues I'm glad it begins with the removal of Dim from the family, as too many more chapters so deeply immersed in that level of depravity could prove uncopable with.

I'm not sure whether I want more of this, but it's an interesting start if more does come.

At least it is not too late for Dim, he recognizes that something is wrong, which means he has a chance at redemption. Especially if Cadence gets wind of him.

The road to heaven is paved with bad intentions.


And the broken bones of one's mother.

This story is already depraved, and oh-so sickening.

Do go on.

From any pile of ashes can a Phoenix rise. A hatred of one's own origin can inspire a refusal to conform to it and hence, a new story can be written.

If Dim is a powerful young wizard, let him be. But expose him to what he needs to write his own life. Perhaps Celestia & Co..
Let him see the possibility of life and happiness outside of the Spire. If I have the right bead on your stories, Kudzu, then they are all about recovery and redemption. Write what you write best.

Perhaps he could form a group dedicated to the elimination of all such indoctrinations? I dunno.

8104353 Don't forget the bloody pulp.

This all brings to mind the concept of the perverse spectacle of seeing...
The Dark Family is perverse, disgusting, sick, but thank goodness, this is not me. Look at them, how depraved.

This doesn't mean I don't like it. I love this concept, please do continue. I want to see how Dim fares outside of his not-so-ivory tower.


Schadenfreude. Perhaps the most entertaining of all German words, along with fremdschämen.

iam game for more

I think Fremdschämen is better for the perverse spectacle of seeing, since it does imply the relief, a little bit of sneering, and a more quiet and depressive side.
Schadenfreude (literally damage joy), implies action, dastardness, smiling devilishly because somebody else is hurt or inconvenienced for some reason.
But, that is my personal opinion, and it might be a whole lot different from how an American thinks of them. Maybe because I use the words these two words are composed of in everyday life, they have different implications and connotations for me.

8104459 But from outside the tower, what does the populace know of Schrodinger's pony?

I could see Dim getting out, seeing Gosling, and going to him (thanks to Gosling's looks & coloration). I expect Luna to find out in short order, if she hasn't already, and guide Gosling in dealing with Dim & his sister.

Maybe Dim can't go into the light, but what if he were to move from the darkness into the shadows of Lulamoon Hollow?

I realize that Bucky's and Trixie's family history were just primers as we approached this most extreme origin story.

Oh man, I'm really hoping you continue this. Fuck the haters, they just don't like things that make them feel bad. I also liked that other story you did that you ended up canceling, that was focused on the girl from the Equestria Girls universe and she didn't have a counter part in regular Equestria, so I hope you continue this one.


Snatch was finished. It wasn't cancelled.

8104626 Well, I remember something you said recently about how you didn't continue with either that character and stuff, or the story. Or something, I don't fully remember. I just know I really liked it, and recently when on the topic of this story, you said something about how nobody liked Snatch, among other words. I'm feeling kind of stupid right now, so if my words don't make sense I'll pretend It's a stroke or something else horrible.


The planned sequel, And Go, was cancelled.

And this is why you don't incest.

I'm not so sure about unlikable. Not irredeamable in any event. Certainly unsocialized. He's rebellious and sick of being controlled. He's brave enough to roll the dice and bold enough to act when backed into a corner. Revulsion creates its own patterns, I don't see why he can't escape and find some measure of, if not happiness, at least peace. Reminds me of Elric of Melnibone. If I was him I'd drag my half-sister along kicking and screaming. After all she's 'mine' and why should I give her up? Who else is going to understand him and hate him for all the right reasons?

She'd make a nice foil for him too, a foil for the morals of the Darks -vs.- the sweetness and light of Celestia Inc. I could see her hating the Darks and her brother for inverse reasons. "Dim, why couldn't you just do your job? We had it so good." Plus Darling provided the rage that got Dim out of there. She's the incestuous incarnation of Stormbringer complete with the love/hate and hate/love relationship.

Are the pegasi purebloods just as messed up as the Darks?

I think I'd burn the whole damn tower to the ground on my way out. Maybe later?

There could be a nice confrontation with dear old dad too.

Yea, this has potential.


Yes, and Trixie's dad would have gotten along splendidly with the Darks.

8104703 Ah, that would be it. I'm still kinda sad that we don't know how that ends up, oh well. Hope you don't get any/very much hate for this story if you continue it.

For what my opinion is worth (little to nothing) Dim seems to have the making of an anti-hero if you want to go that route. Honestly I would like to see a good anti-hero in the Weedverse even if it seems a counter-intuitive fit for the themes of the setting.

But what do I know? I'm just a bear with delusions of personhood.

Wow. That was difficult to read and certainly caught me up in Dim's feelings of disgust and arousal. Well done. I think... *shudder*

I would like to read more about Dim, but I'm more curious about Darling's future in this dark world. They're both very broken ponies, but Darling's abuse in this chapter makes me more hopeful for her redemption than for Dim's.

8104399 they have a word for "a face that demands to be punched" or something along those lines


I could actually see them being eachother's redemption somehow. There is a love there, albeit twisted severely. While the populace at large would never agree with it, I think Cadence would be more... receptive? Love, after all, is not just sweetness and light like many think.

Edit: Do continue this please, Kudzu. I may intensely dislike Dim right now, his character is well done and that has my interest

We already went down the rabbit hole, may as well see where it leads.

This is dark, grotesque, disturbing, and disgusting...

I loved it.

There's a good way to do this sort of content, and there's a bad way. For now, this leans towards the former. As long as the quality of writing is good, your only limit is your imagination.

I'm actually really interested in this story. I'd like to see more of it.

But with the sequel cancelled we will never witness the glory of both the interconnected titles.
I don't think they would be, no. The Darks are all caught up in the family, and do not interbreed outside of the tower. The pegasus purebloods have a larger genetic pool to pick from, forestalling issues for several more generations at least.

As an occasional purveyor of the grotesque, this intrigues me.
Please, continue.

Man, I figured this would be good, but I underestimated just how good. So dark. So good.

I don't think we've had a kudz fic in this vein since To Dance In Shadow . But I could easily be misremembering.

Given the setting, the timing, and the focus on hope of the rest of the Weedverse, sometimes we must remember: Even when things are at their brightest, the Dark remains. It'll be interesting to see where you go with this.

That's one thing I always liked about the darker stories of yours: They never served as a contrast so much as a reminder. Everyone sees the Mona Lisa's smile, but few pay attention to the background.

Wowzers!! That was something special alright, and I'm dying to know what in Tartarus is going on. Please, pleeeeease keep going!


Like Raven and Blueblood. A romance for the ages!


Well, there is the saying, "If you can't keep it in your pants (or in this case sheath), keep it in the family." :twilightoops:

Lots of things that could happen. Want to see him run afoul of some sort of doorman/monster. Also want Darling to get out with him even if he intends to ditch her upon leaving the tower.

you say dim inst a likable character? then pray tell why i like him? please continue, i like this story...

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