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Scootaloo, Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle are my favorite characters. TwiDash-Scootadopt every step of the way!


A week after Tirek attacked something attacks Ponyville elementry and reavels something about one filly that nopony expected.

A Warrior has risen, and she will do whatever she can to protect everyone that she is able to, too bad that monsters, demons and regular bad guys don't seem to pleased with this fact.

Hope you guys enjoy!
This took a long time to make
Made anthro because I couldn'the get it to work/Soud right otherwise

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Sweet story so far im a huge scootaloo fan, is she going to have a superhero costume or a militaristic uniform.

Hmm im actually a fan of scootiara, keep it up, i also like the authoritativeness of twilight.

This has a good idea behind it, but its delivery needs a metric ton of work. The pacing is sporadic. The typo levels are off the charts. It has a ridiculous amount of exposition with almost no build up. And the laws of this fics universe is almost nonexistent. I know anthro is a really tough tag to work with and like I said, this thing has an awesome idea behind it, but I feel there needs to be a lot of reconstructive surgery done to this before I can give this a Like/Favorite. :applejackconfused:

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