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Co-written with Dark Avenger and another person who's not really here on FimFic.

Centuries after Discord's defeat and the separation of the Royal Sisters, for about a decade now, there is peace and prosperity in Equestria under the rule of Princess Celestia. Her governance is wise, benevolent, and remarkably efficient. However, it's not all so simple. Celestia may be an immortal alicorn bearing the wisdom of centuries, but along with this wisdom comes a heavy burden of memories and decisions. After centuries spent toiling away on her own, something had changed.

Few know it, but the creature they see as their Princess in public is, in fact, a body double. A mysterious, shape-shifting, insect-like empath creature who wears the guise of the alicorn to handle all the things she would rather not. How this creature came to be and how Celestia came to find it, not even the ones priveleged to know the secret of Osmosis the shapeshifter know.

While Osmosis' shenanigans have taken up a good amount of Celestia's worries for the last decade, they were also her only form of proper social interaction. Nightmare Moon's return is on the horizon, and after such long neglect, Celestia's senses are unfit to seek out candidates for a trained protege - a pony capable of reuniting the Elements of Harmony and wielding them when the time comes.

50 years remain to find a fitting family from which to find one. Whatever Osma is, her ability to stay on track makes that an adequate timeframe...

Stray elements of Romance and Comedy, but enough to make it into the tags IMO.

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Well, well, what did I just find?:raritystarry:
An unkown diamond in the rough?:pinkiehappy:
Good, good. I'm no good at editing, but let this one be here for good old moral support, okay?:twilightsmile:
You will be happy, I can say. Good luck with another sorry. And for you, I'll add this story to groups,too.:rainbowdetermined2:
Sea you next chapter!~

This was fun, if hard to follow.



Well it's good to know some people still remember to leave a comment if they end up liking something (not to mention disliking). Thanks for that much, barren comments are rarely something that's good to see. I'm only mostly sure what you were talking about, but yeah, I guess it wouldn't be that bad if this story had any real success to it. It's gonna be long and take a while to come out, but hey, it has the magical SoL tag that makes people like things automatically, so...


Eh, I dunno. I suppose it could just be that a lot needed to be set up in this first chapter. It'll be a recurring issue with the next two chapters as well. Next cycle, which'll come out some time later, should be more concise.

I ironically also had the idea of Celestia having a body double Except in that case it was two male con ponies in a costume who wanted to use Celestia's image to get inside a vault containing forbidden super-weapons they planned to sell to a highest bidder. Celestia made the costume real, and two of them were her body double for a year, but by that time had fallen in love, and that is where Fleur's great-great grand mother came from.

Oh I wonder many families(or what ever the plural form for family is) Osmosis is going to check on.:twilightsmile:

And about this chapter, this family was, well, 'normal' but not to normal, in an sense. I like them is what I am trying to say. I do hope they show up again soon or later.

Now then, this one will be watching you in the not so creepy way.:twilightsheepish:

Maybe you could pay in cakes? About forty would do.” She smiled openly to make sure it was understood as a joke, because something told her Celestia wouldn’t actually know what to do with forty cakes delivered to Canterlot Towers. That’d be terrible. For Osma.

Oh my! That would be as many as four tens! And just imagine the risk of theft!

Okay, we're at NM -50, yes? So we're probably looking for Magicbutt's grandparents. I reckon we may have found one of them. Especially with the connection to the play. I reckon that Gospodin Chekhov would agree.

This chapter make....not hate, but makes me see Celestia as an weak pony. Somepony who hates change, making her an horrible Leader.:twilightsmile:

Which in turn, Osma looks like an better Leader then her, an way better leader.:twilightsmile:

But, that what I see and say. Good chapter, I say!



For anyone who hasn't read the third chapter yet, SPOILERS DOWN HERE. I'm compensating for things that should probably have been part of the chapter.

That's not exactly as black and white as it seems. One specific detail that's alluded to in the chapter is something that I guess I should have emphasised a little more. On top of the societal change that it'd have brought, the other big issue would be that a lot of ponies would suddenly become completely obsolete.

When a tatoo on your butt dictates what you're bad or good at, it's kind of hard to be reasonable about your job being all but replaced by something some rich unicorns cooked up in their kitchen. At least that's how most of Equestria would see it, even if the implementation were to be very gradual. They're described as fearing change and being stagnant for a reason, after all.

While it's true that not everyone has a highly specific mark, and that not everyone works in the field they're talented in, it's the thought that counts - they would realize that they, themselves, are now less needed, less valuable, because some fancy gizmo can do what they do better than them. You wouldn't be very happy if your main skill was mining, and all of a sudden a few untrained ponies armed with this sort of tools can do what would have taken you months. Even if they let you have the honors and do it all in an easier fashion, you would inevitably feel hollow, knowing that you could just as easily be useless. And finally, even if it was all to be heavily downgraded and introduced gradually, the trend would really not escape the ponies at all. There would be a lot of discontent in Equestria at knowing that their obsolescence is on the horizon, and it would be made even worse by the ones who'd feel like this was the right thing to do.

Basically, Equestria's in a very bad spot no matter how you approach this issue - unless you do what she did.

Basically speaking, the dilemma presented in that chapter is something of a parallel to the real word issue of automatization. Whereas prior leaps in industrial progress were manageable, this particular step in our technological advancement would eliminate a lot more jobs than it would create, at least in the way I personally see it. Celestia's choice isn't exactly the same, but it's similar, and she chooses the route that is safest for Equestria. Despite the good intentions of the creators, little good would have come out of uplifting the nation to sci-fi tier tech at the cost of destabilizing every region and causing immense societal upheaval.

Even before this fic I headcanoned Equestria as being resistant to change, and that's a really good look at why that might be that I hadn't thought of. Thanks!

If I had to pick a single feature of your writing as my favorite, it would be how nicely you hint at things, making it pretty clear what you're getting at without ever seeming too blatant or off-topic about it: I was imagining Fleur from the first line of her disguise (Fancy's going to add an interesting dynamic, if you're planning on going that far forward) even before you described her cutie mark, and of course that's why Manehattan is so much more modern than most else we've seen on the show. That's certainly not for lack of other choices though: you have a really good hand for characterization, and your Equestria feels like it has a nice, rich backstory to it without the story getting mired in explaining everything -- I personally do enjoy fics that try to drown me in worldbuilding, but that's definitely not everyone's cup of tea, and even I find lighter fics a nice break; you manage to take the best of both sides and develop the history without dragging out the pacing.

I was kind of hoping you were going for ace rather than gay with Comet, but it was definitely fun either way. Looking forward to seeing what other carefully-curated politicking OzmaOsma stumbles straight through!



Thanks a lot for the detailed comment, you rarely get that these days. Well, the likes of me, anyway. I'm not particularly great with receiving compliments honestly, though it's not as if I don't want them. In the swamp of obscurity that most of us dwell, that's definitely welcome, and I should say that I'm glad to see that what I've put a fair amount of effort into has found its reader. In any case, I'll make a few notes on things you've pointed out.

I'm pretty glad that Fleur was as easy to imagine as she was, I probably even know why - the main reason I chose her as Osma's other pony persona was the simple fact that she's more or less the only other alicorn-esque mare we see on the show. While that does basically mean that she's just really tall and has a slightly different face, that's an immediate connection you make in your mind. The choice will also make progressively more and more sense as the fic continues on.

In regards to Comet, I can't even blame myself that much. He wasn't actually meant to be gay when he was conceived, but one of the people who helped me write called him extremely gay due to his behavior with Celestia. It got too amusing and I decided to make that canon, changing some future scenes to make that more than a little implicit. But the idea wasn't mine, he was originally just meant to be extremely nice and sweet (artificially so).

Also gonna use this comment to point out that the fic's gonna take a while to continue. It'll be updated in 3-chapter spurts, but these take a lot of time. This, for instance, took a month. Considering I also write some other things so as to avoid burnout, it'll probably be until summer that the next arc is released.

This is really well written, if a bit of a confusing style. Kind of hard to follow scenes at times, I don't know why, but it is good enough on a technical level to keep me engaged. I also really like Osmosis -- she's fun! :pinkiehappy:

Such a shame this has so few views. I can tell you put a ton of thought and effort into this.


8194057 Yeah, I wish I knew. This is a problem that's been haunting me ever since I started writing. In fact, I tried to make this fic as straightforward and easy to read as I possibly could have, but judging by how it's come out, I didn't really succeed. And that justifies the nonexistent views, really.

The title is long (I couldn't come up with a shorter one that wasn't pretentious), there is no cover art (no decent artists have their commissions open, and I'm not exactly made of money myself), and each chapter is like 10k long. And once you start reading, you constantly have to keep paying attention. Not exactly the sort of thing that gets popular.

I feel so, so bad for Garnet. I wonder how many poor ponies Celestia has driven to suicide by barring them from fulfilling their dreams...

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