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Buttery waifu is best waifu.

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Huh. I am intrigued. Let's see how this plays out. Eh?:rainbowkiss:

YOU LIVE! Will be reading this later!

I like the increase in details, it's nice. Bonnie killed me though. :rainbowlaugh: Me thinks that Special Agent Sweetiedrops is a little cranky this morning.

So what about "The Lone Rider"? Is that story cancelled?

Not bad. Nothing really stands out amongst HiEs, yet, but it's well written. I'll see where this goes.

Ah, Isle of Man TT. I've watched one of the races. So spectacular. Especially with Faster:

8091213 Trust me I noticed. :rainbowlaugh: Good stuff so far Biker.

this story seems like its going to take a good path and im excited to read more from you Bikerpon3.

Nice improvement! I'm looking forward to the next chapter.

Seem's interesting so far, going to keep an eye out on this one.
The only thing I thought was off was how it started, as in it just started talking about Kye as if I was sapota know who he was, it made me think this was a sequel to another story at first. But other than that looks good.

Kye Lawson? Well, if you add an L after Y and change W to R what do you get? Kyle Larson. Oddly enough he's a professional racing driver. Is that some kind of coincidence?

Also, from reading the first chapter, I can take a good guess that you probably live at or near Great Britain. You're a MotoGP fan/motorcycle enthusiast, which probably makes you a fan of F1 as well.

Chapter was great! No errors that I saw. It's nice reading a story about stuff like this when the author actually knows what they're talking about. And you certainly do. Looking forward to the next chapter.

Life on Mars” type of scenario. Great, the nineteen seventies is just what I fucking need.

I can grok that.

8096500 It is actually a coincidence, as I don't follow F1 closely enough to know more than a few racing driver's names. And yes, I live in England, and I have two motorcycles. :twistnerd:

“My morning meditation was… disturbed, by something.”

"It was a vision of you whinnying in pleasure as your royal box was being railed by a sapient alien monkey." :trollestia:

8122572 Smart ass, although I would kind of like to see that as well.

I don't know what to think of this so far.:rainbowhuh:

So far, this is a much better set up. Keep it up!

Maybe next time she won't give the poor guy a night terror to find bim.

“What?” Lyra exclaimed, through a mouthful of pilfered gumdrops.

Lyra, are you eating Bon Bon's profits again? :rainbowlaugh:

Nopony need demand any bits. I think I may have a solution.

Public orgy? :rainbowwild: :trollestia:

Also, dat Author's Note. :rainbowlaugh:

I read this and I was confused, then I recalled you doing another Lone Rider story...? I'm going to have to reread this.

You deserve a shot of whiskey.

Good job.

I see Lyra's player 2 colors have returned. :rainbowlaugh: That said she would look good with ice blue in her mane instead of the usual green. In fact it might actually look better.

Good thing that cleaning spell is directably modifiable instead of self guiding generally.

Otherwise, poor Spike. :twilightoops:

Are you going to continue lone rider while writing the rewrite?

Also, I love the chapter and the story.:pinkiehappy:

So does this mean the lone rider is canceled in favor of rewriting it here?

Eh... honestly, I don't know. I got a whole bunch of projects going on at the moment, so who knows? :applejackunsure:

Considered just editing the earlier chapters and continuing it, but they're such a clusterf:yay:k of cringe that it'd be easier to rewrite the whole thing, hence this fic. I might add a chapter to the old version now and again, but I wouldn't expect regular updates.

Seriously. Can anyone tell me if this is just a rewrite of The Lone Rider? I mean I don't care I'll read it regardless but still... inquiring minds need to know!

anypony know if/when the fic will be updated? it's getting really good, and seems to hit/lean towards the RGRE genre of fics here on the site

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