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"Wash away this lying world! Terminate THIS IRON FIST!" -Unearth, The Oncoming Storm


Eight years ago, Spike began researching the paranormal after a ghostly encounter. Now, as the 16-year-old assistant and friend of Twilight Sparkle, he becomes an anonymous paranormal investigator. Not even Twilight is aware of his activities, but how long can he keep them a secret?

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I liked it, a few parts seems cheesy, also IT WAS THE HEAT OF THE MOMENT!

8101415 Honestly, this story was an experiment. I don't normally write this kind of thing, but I wanted to try.

8101825 then experiment all you want :3

Cool premise. I'll have to check this one out.

Not terribly well written and a touch too Christian for my taste, but I always love some Spilight.

Wanted to try messing around with religious thenes. Didn't really set out to make it good, ya' know?

I feel yah. I’d also like to thank you for sharing your work. Like I said before, I always love some spilight.

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