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Hi i will be making tons of books on mlp ad stuff like that please like and whatever u do on the website to follow me. stay tuned... i also am a Twidash shipper but i prob won't make books bout them.


"Well, that would be a reasonable answer but that would point all fingers to you, now wouldn't it." She smiled with a borderline madpony stare "GentlePonies? i think we found who did it'

This story is based off of my own imagination with both mafia's, and the secret life of ponies to create this (hopefully good) story. Hope you enjoy!

(art is not mine! found it off google, cannot find link so this picture is only temporary!)

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There were a few grammar issues, but I'd like to see where this goes.

*Edit: One thing I should add though, is that you should make scenes clearer. I didn't know who was sitting at the table and I didn't know Twilight was supposed to be there, until you said it. You should describe scenes and locations, and describe the characters who are there and matter at least a little bit.

Okay thanks, if it helps im doing a few reworks on the begining. Changing things a bit and basically making a brand new story with the same idea behind it

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