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During a tour of a jungle at DaringCon, Quibble Pants and Rainbow Dash recognize some old, strange but funny memories.

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All righty so where to start where to start, where to start? I suppose I'll do the positives first. Firstly I really enjoyed the passing of the story. It never dragged on though I feel it could have gone slower or been longer but it is what it is and for what it is, it is well done. Second off even with this short of a story you still managed to capture some Chem-Is-Try with Quibble and Rainbow Dash not an easy fete good job. I also loved seeing Rainbow Dash's internal monologue, and seeing her unable to confess was definitely an interesting choice given the genre, satisfying but leaving me wanting more. The humor was totally me. Both of them were in character.

Negatives. I was to short or to fast I'm not sure which it was though probably the former if you had made it a bit longer while keeping the pacing it could have been better. Formatting is a little weird but not bad just ehh. there was also a spelling mistake here

Oh! Yeah, sometimes. It's pretty cool." Dash said, not really looked at Quibble.

looked should be looking.

Short but good.

8107881 thank you for the advice! :twilightsmile:

I agree with Muffin, it was alright but didn't feel like a whole story, just one small scene from a longer fic. I would love to see more Quibbledash action.

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