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When you find yourself as the boyfriend of a unique and interesting girl, life can usually be rather hectic. This is the position that Flash, Timber, Wiz and Tom have all found themselves in to one degree or another. So, on a calm day, the four boys all join together to enjoy a peaceful afternoon at Sugar Cube Corner.

Part of my EG Continuity

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nicely done; also:

"My girlfriend isn't a superhuman."
Flash looked back to him with some incredulity.
"Dude...have you seen what she can do with rocks?"
Tom considered this in silence before looking back to his milkshake.
"I withdraw my previous statement."

knowing what Maud's PONY counterpart can do, GOOD call:
(skip to 0:32)

(skip to 0:06)

You know it's gonna be Chrysalis who comes strolling out that portal next.


Slowly, Flash turned to him, his eyes never betraying whatever emotions he was feeling right now.

"Wiz...I am destroyed. I am a used-up mine. A dry well. An exhausted resource."

The other boy blinked slowly.


Flash sighed again.

"Equestrian girls, Wiz...just you wait."

That's it, end the story right here, we've already seen the best part. :rainbowlaugh:

This was a nice little meeting. I'm glad to know none of these dudes are being stupid about having super-powered girlfriends.

I like Tom, somehow.

I can't remember, have you ever done a story where Flash interacts with human Twilight? Just curious.

I think it was Xander Harris who once said that he was the man who made it possible for the heroes to save the world. I think that's the role Flash, Timber and their like fulfil in the EqG world.

"So...how long do you think it'll be before we find some new magical person who ends up being our friend in the end?"

Possibly around three times over the next month, if the specials aren't all more slice-of-life oriented.

He was once described as " the one who watches" the witness to the heroics of his friends. Not sure who Flash is dating, missed that story. Is it Princess Twilight? I expect if he visited her in Equestria that injury would be more likely, the problems of suddenly having 4 legs and how strong Twilight is(earth pony strength she didn't grow up having) would lead to mishaps.

8146243 Flash is currently dating Sunset in this storyline, and the last one ended with her dragging him off for some fun in bed.

This isn't so much a case of 'man of steel, woman of kleenex' as 'man of iron, woman of steel'.

"Oh...you know...stuff."

"Wiz...I am destroyed. I am a used-up mine. A dry well. An exhausted resource."

"Equestrian girls, Wiz...just you wait."


Most likely Starlight, but maybe Juniper too.

Here's to waiting for Wiz to get it on with Aria. He shall soon understand Flash's fatigue:pinkiecrazy:

Love the implication that Sunset has been satisfied with Flash being able to keep up with her intense biological urges.

actually that brings something to mind: how long after the last story does this take place?!

Based on what's come out for them, doesn't really look like it, at least for the first two.

Dance Magic: Meh, typical girl-story fodder. Nice to see Crystal Prep back, though
Movie Magic: Another Scooby-doo episode. If they're clever, the artifact stolen will be the same one from the MLP Daring Do episode this season.

Never know, they could always squeeze magical calamities in somewhere in the last five minutes, but it probably would be best if things could stay limited to one villain per year. :twilightsheepish:

Comment posted by JacobMKeene deleted June 18th


Arguably, Dance Magic and Movie Magic are setting up Mirror Magic, so it could be said that Mirror Magic is 90 minutes long, from a certain point of view.

True, but that is the benefit of hindsight. We've seen them by now, that wasn't the case at the time of the original post when I was speculating based on how the industry usually deals with things this, or even MLP's loose continuity. That they went with an anthology or serial style for the interconnectivness of all 3 episodes was a pleasant surprise and did work well given what they did.

Though I still stand by my original comment of wanting more Sunset in Equestria. The whole quick-pop-over thing still rankles. I could see it after getting closure with Celestia, when relations have more normalized, but not before.

"Wiz...I am destroyed . I am a used-up mine. A dry well. An exhausted resource."

Reminds me of how Goku felt after Chi-Chi wanted another baby before the Cell Games. "Go for ten" she said, "go for ten."

Hey, this is Jacob M. Keene. I don't know whether or not you saw it, but I originally did a dramatic reading of this fic on my YouTube channel back in October, but for personal reasons, I temporarily removed and did a rereading of it. Just like before, I narrate the story and voice Wiz Kid, Speedy Tempo voices Flash Sentry, and Thunder Rider VA voices Tom, but this time Timber Spruce is voiced by SonicRules831. I hope you enjoy!:


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