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New face to the brony community though I wrote another another name for some time. I am hoping to make great game based fictions with the mlp cast!


Meet Pip. He is the smallest pony in class, and has the nickname Squirt. He thinks he will never amount to anything in his life.

But he is about to meet a very special pony. She is a hero, she runs the weather single hooved, and she has a novel all about her adventure.

And she is the perfect one to perhaps teach Pip a lesson we all sometimes need to learn.

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Ah...Fallout: Equestria. It has been a long while since I've read one of these. Good stuff, good show.

Well, its, actually a pretty good fic, a bit short but good, nice work.

Though I do have to wonder how Celestia didn't recognize Pipsqueak, but I'm nitpicking.


Thanks. Truth be told this was just kind of a test story but I am glad people like it. As for Celestia not recognising Pip, she has access to the cameras but they cannot be everywhere all the time.

It had to happen at some point.

"The world is going to die in an abyss of balefire and dark magic when I'm in my mid thirties. Cool." Welp, at least the story helped his self confidence?

On another note, how does Pip know what a gun is? Weren't they developed from party cannons during the war?

Pretty decent for a first fic. Some glaring issues with grammar and spelling, but nothing that can't be improved with continued practice.

I haven't read Fallout Equestria in a while, but didn't Littlepip have to stay in the tower for two years only?

This was rather fun. It does have those grammar issues, but again, nothing that can't be fixed from practice, and an Editor or Proofreader.

No Enigma, she became stuck in there. In the Epilogue... thing she is still in there Ten years or so later. Been a while for me as well. Anyway, she doesn't stay for two years... far... far longer. :P

It's a decent read, though I can't imagine Celestia telling a kid the horrors to come in the future.

"I know you're there. Either you show yourself or I break out Little Macintosh!"

I can't Imagine Littlepip saying that too...

I decided to review this fanfic as part of my weekly reviews:


Me and my girlfriend want to use this fic as a springboard point for Pipsqueak in a fic, is that okay?

Absolutely! Please do!

Is there a reason you never added the falout tag or added it to any fallout group?

It's a lovely story!

Yes actually. As I am a new writer (or was when I wrote this...) I felt I would be intruding if I just posted this on a group. And the Fallout references are actually minimal since when this occurs the story already happened. I will say I'd love to do a true Fallout story someday, but I am not confident in making it a great peice.

Okay. actually, I know your feeling as I did a similar story with Scotch Tape from Project Horizons

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