• Published 7th Apr 2017
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The Influence - GMBlackjack

Twilight Sparkle awakens in a mysterious room with a mysterious artifact - in a story where your comments influence the outcome.

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Twilence came back to awareness just in time to dodge an incoming crystal hand. She leaped out of the way and dragged a bystander pony with her. "Mite! Scan the import!"


"What?" She looked at Diorite. "Uh..."


Twilence's eyes widened. "DIORITE! EAT IT!"

Diorite shrugged. "...Worth a try." He flew in, mouth wide. The crystal behemoth shot dozens of crystals - all of which missed. Twilence supposed its luck had been stolen recently. Diorite bit down on the creature's front, shattering it into dozens of pieces. Quite the lucky shot - or unlucky, if you were the behemoth. Twilence realized for the first time what Vriska's power's actually meant.

That was a very dangerous power. How do you beat someone who can literally make million to one chances happen all the time? If there was even the slightest chance they could win, they'd take it...

Good thing she was on their side.

Diorite landed among the crystals. Infinity and Orchid dug themselves out of the pile of krill at the same time. "Ow..." infinity muttered.

Prancey waved. "HI INFINITY!"

"Oh. We're back here." Infinity blinked. "What are the odds?"

"A million to one," Twilence said.

"Ah... Okay, so where's my die?"

"Pretty sure that's Vriska's die."

"Okay, so where's Vriska?"

Twilence pointed to the Bluemish Forest. "Pretty sure the others landed over there. Given the dust cloud. And the smoke."

Orchid nodded. "Yes."

Diorite raised a claw. "Care to explain what's going on before you run off?"

Twilence opened her mouth but Infinity beat her to it. "She's an alicorn from the future who is either part of a prophecy to save the world or has the power to change it however she wants and she's amazing AND this pink unicorn here is probably the Oracle and she's on a quest to save the entire world from a Dark Lord and we have some otherworldly friends and some ancient golems and-"

Diorite blinked. Twilence facehooved. "Really Infinity?"

"What? Was it a secret? Oh, right, you were hiding it from me at first... Kinda forgot about that, to be honest."

Orchid shook her head. "We do not have time to stay. The crystals of Heildor will most likely be pursuing us despite the efforts of the golems"

Twilence's eyes widened. "...Four and Seven Hundred are still on the ship aren't they."

"Yes," Orchid said. "They are alive though. Did Mite find anything interesting on that ship in the short time we were there?"

"Some," Mite offered.

"How much?"


"Can you tell us what the eyes meant?" Twilence asked.


"Great. Uh... What was its purpose?"


Twilence blinked. "...Protecting what?"


"...It just went to attack anything that made it to orbit didn't it?"




Orchid narrowed her eyes. "Can you just show us the file?"


"Why not?"


Orchid facehooved. "Twilence, Mite is not as useful as he seems."


Twilence sighed. "He gets us a lot of information. Come, let's go find the others."

Prancey whined. "Oh Twilence, why can't you stay a while?"

"We'll come back for supplies Prancey, don't worry."

Orchid raised an eyebrow. "We will? We need to get to the Ice Shelf-"

"We can spend some time here Orchid. Calm yourself-"

"How about you spend your time here and I go get the others?" Orchid asked - though Twilence sensed it wasn't really a request.

Twilence nodded in acceptance and Orchid teleported away. Twilence smiled. "Hi Prancey! Been a while!"

"Oh yes it has! Hey Wound, come over here!"

Wound walked up and smiled. "Nice to see you again, glad your adventure went well. I take it from Infinity's spiel over there you know what you're doing now...?"

"Yeah," Twilence said. "...Sorry for keeping all that a secret. In retrospect, I don't think it mattered much."

"Why'd you change your name, by the way?"

Twilence smiled sadly. "Came across some information that I'm far from the only Twilight out there. I wanted to choose my name variation rather than have it slapped onto me."

"Ah, the voices?"

"You bet it's the voices!" Infinity chirped. "The Influence, they are!"

Prancey clapped her hooves. "Oh goodie! Epic quest right?"

"Yep!" Twilence smiled. "On the way to the Ice Shelf. I hear we'll have to face some ice monsters."

Prancey nodded. "Yep! Maybe you'll find out what happened to Lei camp!"


"It's a biiig mystery - there was a settlement the council ordered created at the tip of the ice shelf and then it just stopped all contact and all ships that went to find it vanished!"

Twilence would have found this thought terrifying a few days ago. Now it just brought a smile to her face. "...Something interesting down there then. Good."

"Don't you have some Influential voices to talk to Twilence?" Prancey asked suddenly.

"Oh right. Excuse me." She gave no thought to the fact that the entire town might be watching - she didn't really care at this point. She also realized she had completely forgotten she had a cloak. She guessed she was done hiding. "452 sounds like a lot, but it probably isn't, is it Ponygood? Yeah, space is beautiful. Very beautiful. And unfortunately Mite did not get much information on the ship - either that or he can't communicate it with us."


"Noted. None of those links works - to me it's only things that appear in-box. I don't have to 'click' anything, it's just there as I scroll through. I guess I need to tell the videos to start though... Regardless. Afizah, those pictures are... Interesting, but I fail to see how they apply. I mean... Yeah, it's another version of me, and the story's probably cool, but... Well, I can't very well read it can I? And... would I want to?" Now there was a question she didn't know the answer to. "As for the image of the planet, uh, sorta. More clouds, and the landmasses were different. Candle, Key, stop freaking out, okay? I mean - maybe, everything can just calm down a bit. I... I really am not something to stress that much over. Used to think I was, but really, either you're looking into another world or I'm just a story to you. Either way, I don't think I should be affecting your world as much as I think I am. Why am I such a big deal anyway? It can't just be because I'm able to be talked to - there has to be something more than that."

Infinity blinked. "Wow. Smart."

"And Wolfe, I guess I could play the music in the background. Mite's already made a playlist. Probably will, though I'm not sure if you'll hear it." She turned some music on with low volume and smiled. "Nice."

"Can't hear it," Wound said.

"I know. Anyway... Yeah. Anything about Creek has to come from Creek. Nothing else will be right. And Candle? If you believe my world is real then magic is very real. Zen, yeah, those colored eyes mean something. I think they do represent what you suggested. I'm just not sure why. And last, but certainly not least, Criterian! Welcome to this fun mess. I hope you enjoy your stay!"

She looked up. The entire town was staring at her. She rolled her eyes. "Either I'm crazy or not, you can all decide for yourselves."

Orchid appeared again, Ruby, Fluttershy, and Vriska behind her. Vriska leaped into the pile of krill. "WHERE IS THE DIE WHERE IS IT WHERE IS IT..."

Fluttershy looked at her sadly, but quickly looked away.

Ruby shrugged. "She lost the infinite sided die. She's freaking out about it."

"It is a powerful artifact but we do not have time," Orchid said. "We need to move south, ASAP."

"Why?" Twilence muttered. "Can't I enjoy some company?"

Diorite glared at Orchid. "She knows the Heildor warriors might come after their fallen companion. Come to this town. Attack us. She wants you out before you realize this."

Twilence blinked. "...What."

Orchid shook her head. "We do not have time to defend one town from our pursuers."

"We don't have time!?" Twilence shouted. "These people will need our help-"

"And the Dark Lord is fast approaching. We have two altars left to find and I feel that he is coming soon!"

"Do you have an exact time yet?"


"We can afford to wait!"

Aradia appeared on top of a nearby house. "Uh..."

"This is your second time seeing us," Twilence said without thinking.

"...Okay that's a weird response but I'm not going to question it..."

"Come back when you can tell us the arrival time of the Dark Lord," Orchid said.

Aradia shrugged. "Well alright then." She vanished in a puff of red gears - and appeared again. Her robes were charred, her hair frazzled, her horns scratched, and she was bleeding from several places. "Three days from now, during the moonless sky."

"...The night sky is never moonless," Orchid muttered.

Twilence shook her head. "Luna can move it to the day side of the planet if she wants, though she doesn't do so very often."

"Regardless, Twilence, we have three days. We have no supersonic ships or golems with us now - they are being stopped by a war with Heildor forces. We don't have time to stay here."

Aradia coughed. "She is right."

Twilence turned to look at Aradia. "...What do I choose here?"

Aradia laughed. "Do you want to make a paradox? Your Influence is not causally related to this universe! I've had to bend over backwards just to keep myself from experiencing paradoxes! Including that earlier moment where I told you to tell me when the second time I met you was. That wasn't true first time around." She started coughing. "Also, brute forcing the Dark Lord... nooooot going to work."

Vriska stopped her search for a moment. "Yeah, right, I can totally take him-"

"You died in three seconds," Aradia said matter of factly. "Heroic death. Hopefully, my saying that will get Twilence here to change that, somehow - actually it has to since it's impossible for you to die in a true alpha timeline, at least not yet."

Vriska blinked. "...What? I mean that's cool to know and all, but that's pretty ominous..."

"I don't pretend to understand ka, just make some educated guesses."

"Mother of - that stupid Tower! Why does it always come back to the stupid Tower!?"

Aradia shrugged.

Orchid raised a hoof. "Can we get a move on yet? Seriously. We have three days. The sun is setting on today so we basically have two days and three nights. We need to move it."

"But..." Twilence looked at the many people of Pebbleton. "...Diorite can you...?"

"I just got lucky," Diorite said. "I wouldn't want to take my chances on another one."

Twilence gulped. "What if I stay behind?"

"We need you to collect allies," Orchid said. "At the very lest Aradia so we don't ruin time completely."

Aradia gulped. "Yeah, that would be a bad idea. Not bringing me here. I'd have to... Actually, I'm pretty sure I'm not going to say anything about that." She coughed. "Wow... Ow..."

Fluttershy walked up to her. "You okay?"

"No, pretty sure the dark magic is eating at me. Yeah. I'm going to have to go for now, find something to heal me. See you around." Then she was gone.

Vriska returned to digging through krill. "If I can find that die..."

Orchid glared at Twilence. "We need to go. Now."

Twilence big her lip. "I... I think we shou-"

And then the Eye glowed.