• Published 9th Jul 2012
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Chaos Never Takes a Break - FlashFoward

Discord realizes that his body might be imprisoned, but in the dream world his mayhem lives on.

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No Cage Can Contain Me

They say being in captivity does either two things to you. Completely drains you of your sanity or you leave with a deeper understanding of things around you. Be the comeback kid or be the year’s biggest bust. Sadly, captivity only offers the ability to engage in conversation in one’s own mind. That’s probably a big reason why so many beings loose there cool after such a long time of being alone. A lack of communication with others does tend to chew away at your sanity and state of mind before long. But, if you do keep your wits and are cunning enough, maybe just maybe, you’ll become a true force of nature. However, the forces of nature and even gods themselves meet their downfall. This made Discord no different.

Being captive the first time for a few thousand years didn’t affect him much. If anything, it only gave him more time to think of a plan or better pranks. And with so much time, those plans do tend to be polished up to a reasonable extent. But, luck was not on his side the first time he escaped his stone prison. No sooner had he finally overthrown the Elements of Harmony did they trump him. If defeat tastes sour to some, to Discord, it tasted like pure venom. And he constantly had to taste this as long as he stayed in his stone statue prison. Discord laughed, at first, at the thought that being back in stone was a true punishment. However, when hours turned into days and days into weeks and weeks into months did the petty punishment look more…threatening. Last thing Discord could afford to lose was his sanity or cleverness rather, so he stuck to an old routine that he had done for many years. Think.

However, the more Discord thought, the more disgruntled he became. Twilight’s confident face and the princess’s smiles of triumph stuck out to him like a sore thumb, and he hated them even more because of this. There was a point were Discord last track of the days, seeing that the sun and moon reminded him all too much of the Alicorns he hated so much. Discord felt like he was going to go mad, you can only live on hate for so long after a while it burns out into ashes. Snow was starting to fall and Discord could only assume winter had finally come around. The one thing about being a statue is that you can’t feel snow or freezing winds. Still, Discord would rather prefer mobility and be cold then stand around being unaffected by the elements around him. Planning was the only thing he could do and he grew tired of it. Discord decided to slip into slumber for a while, much better then planning and scheming for days on end when you had thousands of years to prepare.

Dreams were the only place left for Discord to let his powers roam free. Not even The Elements of Harmonies magic could touch his dreams, but it made a point to stop his physical form. Discord was in his usual dwelling, walking around in a town that looked eerily like Ponyville. However, the houses were many different colors, polka dot at times, and were turned over to stand on its roof. The cries of disgruntled ponies were music to Discords ears. The music that was only available to him in his slumber though. Did he miss wreaking havoc and mayhem into the lives of REAL ponies? Of course, that was his life’s joy! A being without their craft…he wasn’t even a being anymore. He was just an accursed rock statue standing in the gardens now. The giggles of young foals rang in his ears as they passed by to see his statue. There fool hardy laughs irritated him to no end. They laughed at his sour defeat and Discord could only rage in silence. Violence in silence and Discord wanted nothing more to break that code.

They asked stupid questions like “Why does he look scared?” or “Why does he look so ugly?” were always asked by the brain dead foals. More than once, did Discord want nothing more than to say “I’ll sure you something to be scared about!” then turning them into a pile of jelly or mud, for the ones who asked why he was ugly. Ugly, was he? Handsome was more like it. It took guts to personally like how he looked on a daily basis. And he wasn’t going to let children question himself. Not now, not ever.

It was mid-winter by now and Discord’s dreams became more livid with every passing day. Every smell and scream was becoming more surreal to the point like Discord felt like he was amongst the flesh. But every time he woke up, he would realize he was still imprisoned in his statue and the laughing of foal’s were still there. There was another thing irking Discord lately. Every time he dreamt, he would have been walking to a door. Thing was, the door seemed to be hanging in the middle of space. There were no walls and no floor. It was just floating freely about, but was firmly in place. Discord didn’t bother opening the door though. For some reason, it…intimidated him.

The door continually haunted Discords dreams on a daily basis now. Even when he was awake, Discord had a feeling the door was around but he just couldn’t see it. Finally, Discord felt like he would go insane if he didn’t open the door. “That’s it! The door will no longer haunt me!” Discord thought to himself. Reentering the familiar dream world, Discord looked around for the door. The closer he got to the door, the more he walked away from his very own dream. He was barely an arm length away; this marked the closest he had ever dared to approach the door. Discord looked around and noticed how pitch black everything was around him. They only things that had color were him and the door, which was cherry oak. The doorknob, something he never noticed before, was in the shape of a familiar looking figure. Was it a snail? Odd, usually doorknobs
were in the shape of circles or something along those lines.

Suddenly, a load sneeze was heard. Discord looked around and saw no available source of the noise. This only meant that the sneeze came from outside his dream state. That sneeze…sounded familiar. Was it that thick headed foal…ugh, what’s his name? No matter, it was time to press on to more important problems. Slowly, almost hesitatingly, did Discord start to turn the door knob. For such a stupid little door knob, it sure wasn't turning easily. Maybe it was just his nerves?

Discord finally turned the door knob to its full extent and he slowly pushed the door open. If this was a deeper part into his mind, Discord wouldn’t mind turning back right now. Snails and slime were all about. It was revolting and Discord felt himself going sick at the sight of the things. Letting out a gag, confetti shout out his mouth as he did so, Discord tried to digest what in the world was this place? Was this snail heaven or something? No sooner did Discord wonder this question, did a little foal come into his view. His fur was a dark yellow color and he had light green hair. He might have been a unicorn, but he didn’t look at that swift to be honest. Looking at his cutie mark, Discord finally remembered who this foal was. Snails, by what the purple school teacher mare said anyway. Discord recalled him being sick the last time he saw him, which explained the sneezing. Snails sneezed all over his statue and Discord needed to wait for days for a sanitation worker, who probably avoided the mess, to finally clean his statue.

A nasty and devious prank started to form in Discords head. But first, a proper disguise was needed. Turning into a snail, Discord…slugged his way over to Snails. It was tedious to move such a short distance for a long time, so Discord bended his disguise a bit to make the trip faster. The floor was coated with soap and Discord, the snail, was sliding toward Snails. Once Snails picked him up though, the prank was soon to begin. All the slime in the room quickly swarmed together and formed a large replica of Discord.

“I see you’re afraid of my friend.” Discord, the snail, asked with relish.

“What are you going to do to me?” Snails whimpered.

“What am I going to do to you? Well, you had your accursed boogers all over me I figure to repay the gesture tenfold.” Discord replied with his trade mark devious smile.

“You’re Discord?!” Snails asked in a cowering voice. He dropped Discord to the ground once he realized who he was.

“I am the one and only. Now if you don’t mind, revenge is waiting.” Discord finished with a laugh.

The slime version of Discord flew into Snails, covering him in all its disgusting sticky glory. Snails had been buried underneath by what look like three feet of slime! Discord laughed loudly at the foals sputtering. It was just too much! The very slime started to leak from his mouth and ears like a waterfall!

“Arrivederci, you slime guzzling freak!” Discord chuckled with a smile.

And with that, Discord returned back to the door and walked back to his own world. There was another thought running through his mind now. If he could enter Snails dreams, did this mean he could dwell on to others? There was much fun to be had…

“SAVE ME!” Snails screamed at the top of his lungs.

Snail’s concerned mother entered his room. “Are you alright?” She asked, looking at Snails with the equal horror he showed her.

“It was…just a dream.” Snails mumbled after a moment. Relief coursed through his veins.

Why did it feel so real though? Snail’s mom returned to her room as Snails finally calmed down. He might have calmed down but sleep tonight was going to be possible for him. Every time he closed his eyes he saw slime oozing around him which immediately awoke him.

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