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I write pony words that people seem to like. I also review fics and draw purty pictures, apperently. I'm an older fan of MLP, so expect a lot of 80's references.


The fifteenth installment in Fuzzy's and Misago's shared Shipping Project.

Sometimes you have to escape where you are to find out where you need to be.

Fuzzy and Misago ship mares like FedEx! Each of these will be published separately:
Sunset Shimmer x Berry Punch
Bon Bon x Cadance
Cherry Jubilee x Cheerilee
Celestia x Amira
Rarity x Chrysalis
Rarity x Celestia
Twilight Velvet x Cookie Crumbles
Aria x Fluttershy
Rainbow Dash x Nightmare Moon
Twilight x Sonata
Chrysalis x Flurry Heart
Luna x Sweetie Belle
Sugarcoat x Fleur de Lis
Sunset x Sonata
Ember x Rarity
Fleur x Photo Finish
Nightmare Moon x Chrysalis
Applejack x Adagio
Luna x The Mane-iac (Coming Soon!)

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Y U no continue!?

Seriously!? You can't end it there! You need to continue it!

I can SO see Rarity making good on that warning :raritystarry:

PLEASE CONTINUE! I always wanted to read emberarity and you gave it! please keep it up!

"I’m a dragon, not a lizard. I don’t do the tongue thing!”

Perfect. So perfect!

I'm glad SOMEONE appreciated my Mulan reference.

8078566 Of course! I like it when people add little Easter eggs like that. Great job on the story!

"... I just improved the rest"
Looks like you meant improvised here.

The word Rarity uses here is the past tense form of 'improv,' which, yes, is a shortened version of the word 'improvisation' and has the same meaning. Adding on the 'ed' suffix to denote the past tense then puts the spelling of the word in line with 'improve,' which has a different meaning entirely. Given that 'improv' is a contraction, the proper form of the past tense, now that I think about it, should be improv'ed with the apostrophe denoting the contracted nature of the word.

Ah, written English, my old nemesis.

My compliments. If it adds to the possibility I would also say this would be great as a longer story, or have a sequel. Either way it's a good piece.

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