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Night Soil

I write scat MLP fanfiction, compose scat EDM, raise money for various scat charities, and I invented the game Scattergories

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Uh.... not sure how to reply. Interesting...

8071865 Any reaction is valid.

8071891 it's more like what:rainbowhuh:? Not bad but not sure how to reply either. Still better then my stories lol

.....interesting. What exactly were you thinking when you wrote this?

8071940 Well, I mean, it's scatological porn first and foremost, but I suppose I channeled some world-weariness and misanthropy through my writing.

8071957 Porn? Very strange porn.

8071981 Yeah, that happens every so often on the internet. A fetish is obscure, and presented in a way that doesn't come off as erotic to anyone who's not into it - and it's hard for people to believe it's intended as porn.

8071998 It is very strange. Still, this is a funny (in a kinda gross way) read.

I considered a longer comment but there's not much to say. I can construct a decent logical syllogism regarding my reaction but, I'll just say it's either unique or to be expected. I'm not sure if you're the same guy I saw doing mega-macro destruction.

Misread it as 'Boop', not 'poop'.

Second story I've seen where twilight tries getting rid of something through a random portal and it ends badly, lol.

Sometimes the simplest stories are the best. I hurt from laughing now.

This was amazing xD

I wish I could poop.

Not into scat, but have to admit it's original

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