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The Cutie Mark Crusaders one day find a mysterious book called a "Core-Ann", attached is a note from somepony named "ISIS". Allahu akbar ensues.

For April Fools' day 2017
P.S.: I'm Muslim

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I'm gonna die a horrible death because of this mind rape.

Good story tho?

This is simply amazing. I especially love the way you quoted the Quran (or Koran, because phonetic translation demands two spellings). I knew this fic was a comedy going in, but I think there needs to be another tag for "double-comedy", it was comedy, but then on another level it was even more comedic.

Some things need to be mocked.

Correct me if I am wrong but the 'things' that are being mocked in this story are ISIS and (from what I have seen and been told) their perversion of what is a peaceful and understanding religion. In truth this story, its concept, and its execution has piqued my curiosity.

interdasting :scootangel:

Hahahahahahahahaha this is great.

But I'm disappointed you didn't put in any Saleel Sawarim references.

I like how you made the cows Shia.


their perversion of what is a peaceful and understanding religion

I suppose it'd be more accurate to call them a Sunni fundamentalist organization. Fundamentalism and perversion are, of course, different things. A Jainist or Taoist who goes on a homicidal rampage is clearly perverting his faith—or in the former case outright contradicting it. The same can't be said (with certainty) for members of ISIS. Also, it's easy for a moderate Muslim to mock ISIS when living in a secular society. It's considerably harder for a moderate Muslim to mock moderate Islam.

haha, this is to mock how Muslims take Islam literally and idiotically in the east, most even don't know what are written in the quran and the ones that do, they take it literally, here in the west there is a modern interpretation of islam, like in my country, you would not recognize much of the islam here from Saudi Arabia or Indonesia, that's why we don't have any problems with muslims in Perú (very good people), in Europe or EEUU is a different story, there are good groups of muslims with a west interpretation of islam in North America, but there are also extremist and literalist-traditionalist of islam that don't want to integrate (actual common people that hate being there and ask for sharia law), so its an actual problem there and Europe.

If you can't mock yourself who can you mock?

Comment posted by The Orthodox Priesthood deleted Apr 2nd, 2017

this name is making me die of laughter

I'm a Malaysian Muslim who follows the book of As-Syafie and I find this story severely endangered.

8067420 Do I ever meet you before?


I do not understand you .

8191982 That's what people always say. No one understand me.

8191982 I believe he's saying he belongs to the Shafist school of Sunni jurisprudence.


I understood that, I just have no idea what he means by this story is highly endangered. It isn't the Bowhead Whale.

buena historia :D ahora se un poco mas del islam

shit, I think my eyebrows jumped clean off my face when I read the title.

This story needs some Serbians.

"Peaceful religion" is very nearly an oxymoron; while Muslims are, on the whole, Generally Not Terrible™, the religion itself is full of terrible bullshit that if rigidly adhered to would be bad.

Christianity and Judaism are the same, due to Leviticus- while most Christians these days don't usually go around stoning people, their religion says they should.

I can't believe I haven't thought of this before: the religion is called "Isllama", right?


You! Get a cookie. :rainbowlaugh:

What's the Bowhead Whale?

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