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English is not my first language but I try very hard.


Being a blank flank is one of the worst things in the world. The CMC are determined to escape this fate whatever it takes. They have a plan, a desperate plan, one that might have dire consequences for all of Equestria if it fails.

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Yes, you did good.

I am kinda struggling to find coherence between sentences but I must say your grammar has improved quite some. Keep it up and you'll be great at this in no time. You seem to be learning really fast for this being your second language! I applaud you. It must take a lot of time and work to improve at the rate that you are. Looking forward to your next piece. :twilightsmile:

You did great, kid! My favorite part was when the bat ponies showed up!

Keep it up and one day you'll be overlord of the planet!

Watch on for Zoey, because she's dangerous.

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