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While Europe sinks into bloody war and the powers of Nazi Germany dominate the continent, a new dark power begins to rise that could destroy them all.

The Nightmare is returning. And all will bow before her glorious night.

Editors: Tek, Mitch H, Cerulean Blue
Photo Credit: Russian documentary on the Nazi saucers in Antarctica.

Nazis and alicorns and rockets, oh my.

Chapters (21)
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Welcome to 1940, or as the Europeans like to call it, World War II Has Been Going On For Quite Some Time So What Are You Yanks Doing Over There? In this AU, Equestria is located just on the west side of the mid-Atlantic ridge, about where the Azores are located to the east, and has been kept neutral in world conflicts by Princess Celestia, their monarch.

Things change, the winds of war are sweeping the planet, and the stars are aligning to bring an even more dangerous foe to the conflict, one who could plunge the entire planet into darkness and doom every living thing. And the only creature able to save us all is Princess Celestia's student, who must learn the lessons of friendship with her new teacher, Jon Walthers of the US, who is similarly without friends.

Yep. We're doomed. Follow along as Jon learns just how huge a task he is faced with, finds out that the Equestrians do not so much suffer from insanity as relish it, and winds up discovering that a few crazy princesses are not the least of his worries.

21 chapters, posted one a day starting November 2018
This originated from an idea that popped up in a 2016 thread in the Writer's Group and I've worked on since.

A great start. The very first paragraph is redundant though.

WW2 alt history story, but this time with pones. Alrighty then, you have my attention.

Seems the Colonel has already made up his mind in a not-very-surprising display of I-don’t-know-what.

It’s almost like we had kind of poor intelligence during the War, and got caught off-guard fairly until we got our act together.

...using the degree he had earned in Equestrian anthropology (which purists insisted should actually be ‘hippopology’)

Given the griffins and minotaurs and such, a few pushed for "sophontology" as a blanket term. The rest of the academic community treated the proposal more like a crazy quilt.

Heh. Even Vinyl speaks Unicorn Gesture. I wonder how much of it is instinctive.

It took a lot of yawning to pop his ears during the ascent

I imagine the earplugs didn't help.

Ooh, Golden Age comics. Sadly, the famous cover of Captain America punching Hitler in the face wouldn't be published until '41.

In any case, all the previews have left me nearly giddy with anticipation for this story. Eagerly looking forward to more, especially seeing how Jon survives the flight over. (And how the whole "moving the sun" thing works with our solar system, but that's lower priority.)

Nazis? Alicorns? Rockets? That's quite the combination. I'll need to prepare my body for this.

Equestrians were very inviting, but the Equestrian government was not. Tourism was discouraged outside of several coastal cities, and even the few official business delegations and several embassies in Manehattan were kept to a bare minimum.

Recent seasons and the movie have convinced me that Princess Celestia has enforced a policy of relative isolationism that has only just now begun to ease in show canon, and that she would surely maintain this policy in this alternative universe.


Photo Credit: Russian documentary on the Nazi saucers in Antarctica.

Actually, they stole it too. And it was a chase to track it down, because the guys who write about this stuff republish images from each other without crediting their sources, and have apparently been doing it since the 1960s.

As far as I can tell, the painting (It’s not a photo, although repeated copying makes it look like a badly faded one.) got into the “documentary” from an article published in 1992 in a Russian popular science magazine. (No, they don’t have scans.)

The article itself cites a book about German secret weapons supposedly printed in 1962, but the actual source of the idea is, as far as I’ve been able to find, an English language book by one Rudolf Lusar, which has since been repeated like a rumor ad infinitum and is probably a fantasy top to bottom. It is a safe bet that the Russian magazine artist drew this particular picture himself, but he is not credited, and he probably doesn’t care anymore.

Library science FTW.

9265729 With an AU different in both canon and history, it is best to get that setting just as firmly pressed into the reader's mind as possible. In a normal story, I can say "Vinyl Scratch" and keep going. This one is going to take more space to describe, *plus* trying to make it make sense to the non MLP readers, at least a little.
9265750 WWII intel was a giant cluster of immense magnitude. The US is coming out of the Great Depression ever so slowly, the armed forces had a massive shock back during the Great War with massive increases, then massive reductions, radio is in its infancy, the Socialists and the Fascists both were determined to get representation in DC with the intent of taking over, and Germany went from a bankrupt nation to taking over Europe in a single decade, from the invasion of Poland in 1939 to the date this is set in. Not to mention intel is entirely *paper* in this era. Your iPhone has more computing power than all the computers manufactured in history up to 1950 or so, combined.
9265753 Well, Vinyl *is* a unicorn. :)
9265773 As Estee would put it, there's a lot of Thaumic Fiction in here.
9265783 Plus humans have a tendency to displace native populations, both of creatures and of fellow humans. Then again, I've written about ponies doing the same thing, writ large.

9265788 Good grief. You people find the most amazing things. Thanks!

I notice that you haven’t disagreed with my assessment. Not exactly, at any rate.

EEEEEEEEEEEEE! It's finally here!

Well, he's probably not going to be shot next chapter, seeing as there are a lot of chapters yet to be posted...

That's a heck of a loyalty test.

I’ve been really looking forward to this.

I’m sure HOPING that the rumors of Equestria working with the Nazis are just that. Or that they’re developing crazy weapons as a last resort contingency for Nightmare Moon.

Equestria being really isolationist despite the natives generally being friendly? Yeah, sounds about right. I wonder how they enforced it better than, say, Japan.

Having an on-call Sun Goddess probably helped. The question is how they showed power like that subtly.

Interesting to see such a focus on body language for Equestrians. Is it for all of them, or just Unicorns?

Well, THAT escalated quickly...

hmm this should be interesting as long as it doesn't turn into another Equestria sides with the nazis story.

Aw yeah, finally up! I remember reading a part of this ages ago XD
Wonder where this will lead ^^

9265898 9266526 Would I shoot one of my main POV characters? Or two of them? Or four?
9266269 Strictly pass/fail.
9266282 9266320 I can assure you there will be... more to read.

casually ignores soviet union


Or that they’re developing crazy weapons as a last resort contingency for Nightmare Moon.

Yes, because Hitler the human racial purist would work with a pony.

I didn't say there were any plans to let them KEEP them... but a couple of Wunderwaffe that require pony magic to work, funded by the Nazis because their leadership is the only one crazy enough to fund something that impractical without getting the full story, is pretty much the only excuse I can think of for Equestrians actually working with the Nazis. The ultimate plan is either to steal them or turn them on the Nazis, then use them on Nightmare Moon if they can't get the Elements on line in time.

Well, that or the Equestrians are Nightmare cultists. Those are always a fun. In which case the plan is the same, but with a different target.
"Berlin is on this map!"

9266709 Hey, they're mentioned up there. And Hitler had no problems working with the Russians in 1940. In 1941 though....

No. Hitler booted out a bunch of scientists because they were Jewish, he would never have had Ponies do anything for him except die.


And Hitler had no problems working with the Russians in 1940.

Yes he did. He literally wrote in his book the USSR was his "ultimate enemy" or whatever. The Molotov-Ribbentropt Pact was meant to be broken. Hell, even Stalin planned to break it around 1942.

So, wait... in this world, magic is real... ponies are real... but nothing was different in the way WWI unfolded, which is kinda the thing that directly led to the Nazis and WWII in the first place.

See, the problem I have with these 'ponies injected into Earth history' fics is they tend to forget about that nasty butterfly effect. It's one thing when some ponies randomly fall into Earth, but when we're talking about Equestria being an established place for any significant length of time... yeah, history becomes FUBAR immediately.

Ponies and magic would be the equivalent of the Mothra Effect.

Also, many Nazis were REALLY BIG TIME into the occult. They would be all over the ponies and the 'superior' and so-very-white Princess Celestia. They'd think she was Slepnir or something.

And the griffons could just be bribed with money.

No dragons? Then where does Twilight get Spike... which is how she earned her Cutie Mark... for that matter how on Earth do the events that lead to the Mane 6 ever coming together even take place. Causality is trashed.

Erf... this is going to be a very messy mash-up.

The plot holes are the size of Hitler's ego

>Would I shoot one of my main POV characters? Or two of them? Or four?
One at least 28 times, I still remember.
...I'm suddenly glad I've missed out on sections of the fandom.

It would be more interesting to see a pony Switzerland in this story.

*struggles to breathe*
Thanks for that, I read your comment while drinking.
I choked on my coke.

Well, I mean it's a valid strategy. Every war America has come in late on has been a war they've won.


Pushy Americans! Always showing up late to every war! Overpaid, over sexed, and over here!

-Fowler, Chicken Run (2000)

See. Nobody got shot. Yet.

Beatnik Vinyl is a surreal experience.

Mister Mustache has them all locked up. Says it’s for their own good, but that’s a crock of manure.

And with that, a chill went down my spine. Along with an expectation of coherent plasma going through others'.

God only knows if Celestia can even raise her voice.

Heh. Double heh given the dramatic irony of the mind control spells. Sure, they exist. Celestia just doesn't need them.

Fascinting background, though I have to wonder what everyone thinks of so many Equestrian cities apparently named after human ones. American ones no less. (Though given the chronology, it's entirely possible that it's the other way around, especially with ones on the West Coast.) And Celestia having a hoof in the American Constitution is definitely interesting. I'm amazed they let any monarch near the thing.

Mysterious world-destroying artifacts from South America jungle ruins are only found in books.

Says the man concerned about unicorn mind control.

Eagerly looking forward to more.


...They don't know about teleportation, Now that's interesting...

Very good alternate history with Equestrian interaction

i can't say this is not interesting idea that celestia in affecting history, thou i would like to know if she has anything to do with other events like boxer rebellion or 30 year war or Estonian war for independence kinda things.

9267548 The hero always arrives late. :raritywink:

I am torn about this depiction of Theodore Roosevelt. It feels somewhat in character for him, but on the other hand it feels like you are insulting him. Now I wonder if after the Titanic rescue they fixed the whole lifeboat issue or did another accident happen?

I can't help but be reminded of this by the time setting:

TA Great Endeavor
On July 3, 1943, Equestria declared war on the Axis Powers. These are the stories of those times.
Rune Soldier Dan · 82k words  ·  308  29 · 5.6k views

That was a great WWII story. I recommend it as something to read while waiting for updates.

Anyways, this story also seems interesting.

So much delicious dramatic irony.

As Vinyl says, Sunburn :pinkiecrazy:

The Rod from God(dess) wasn’t unicorn mumbo jumbo. Pegasus mumbo jumbo, on the other hand...

No mind control spells? Heh. Don’t need to worry about it from one with music notes? Never heard of Sirens have you.

So what IS this ‘crackpot’ Garden of Eden theory? I know how these stories go, it’s probably more true than anyone is going to be happy with...

I guess they know about teleportation, but don’t realize that with alicorn power you can do it on the range and scale for troop movement.

Speaking of, the Pegasi and griffins working themselves to death saving people from the titanic before the Equestrian relief forces showed up? Of course they did. *salutes*

The non-resisted invasion that quite clearly sends the message ‘if we wanted you dead’ without actually hurting anyone. Perfect.

9267754 I have to admit, I based my dialogue of Beatnik Vinyl after Oddball in Kelly's Heroes.

9267756 They *do* know about teleportation. It's something that only certain unicorns can do, over short range, and carrying a *small* load. It has a tendency to upset human's stomachs, though, as Jon found out.
9267766 Celestia (in this world, at least) is a very conservative leader, who has no global aspirations at all other than to keep her little ponies safe and get her sister back.
9267845 Ah, Rune Soldier Dan, an excellent writer. Anybody else with related fics, feel free to link in the comments.

The anecdote of the equestrian meaning of "escort" indicates otherwise. However, army sized groups complete with equipment aren't usually the subject of teleportation. Pairs and maybe small groups over a couple miles tops. Even alicorn Twi is only shown teleporting a handful of people at a time and usually only over short distances.

The distance and size of the group teleported are what is making the analysts pull their hair here.



Right, forgot that bit.

Georg you sly dog.

"Speak softly and carry a big stick." - Theodore Roosevelt

by a certain way of looking at things, a log is indeed a big stick.

Aha, I though I heard Oddball in Vinyl's dialogue! Very interesting stuff, hope to learn how they reconcile the control of the Sun with a heliocentric planet.

You had one job, Georg.

9268174 Look, if I *promise* to shoot some people and ponies by the end of the story, will you be happy?
9268066 Somewhere in the collection of FimFic is a story where Luna and Celestia rearrange the solar system into a heliocentric setup because of Twilight making a comment about how it would work better that way, and Twilight's mind gets officially blown.
9268028 And why swing it when you can drop it from fifteen thousand feet?

9268313 How about if I promise to shoot a princess, would that help? Several times, even.

Vinyl is Best Spy. And this was a fascinating look into alternate history. I wasn't expecting to find ponies involved in the American Revolution. I can't imagine how they felt about the French one. :pinkiesick:

And I suspect the "device" dropping iron-wrapped trees from the sky was little more than a few pegasi lugging it behind some convenient cloudcover.

I love that concept! Twilight figures out orbital mechanics as a thought experiment and innocently tells them how the system could maintain itself without them and they just go and DO it like the goddesses they are. Good contingency for the next time they get kidnapped. Nopony on the ground even notices.

Personally, I just say Equestria is on the back of a Star Turtle and no-one has explored to the edge yet. East, West, North, and South are just translation convention for Hubward, Rimward, Deosil, and Widdershins.

9268342 "I can't imagine how they felt about the French one." You mean the one where they replaced a fairly stable (if corrupt) monarchy with a violent anarchy and proceeded to kill all the nobles? I'd imagine a few months before things got too far along, Princess Celestia had pegasi air carriages carrying out emergency evacuations. And the same for the Russian revolution.

but you said that Celestia does not have any global aspirations? why get involved in France or Russian revolution then?

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