• Published 1st Aug 2012
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Nyctophobia - Valorousspectre

Soarin, Romance, stalkeresque, Jealousy, past abuse

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To Break or Make

Chapter 6: To Break or Make.

“Oh Celestia... I’ve ruined it all...”

Soarin collapsed onto the floor, sobbing. The letter had hit him harder than he thought it would... as though...

As though I actually loved her... But that can’t be right... I haven’t even met the mare yet....
So Why can’t I stop crying!?


Sniffling sadly, Soarin looked up, his eyes puffy.

“What is it Echo..?”

“There’s a lot of scribble near the top, like she erased the last message and re-wrote this one.”

“Uh huh... probably after you entered.”

Echo looked at the pitiful stallion collapsed on his own floor with a mixture of pity, sorrow and guilt.

“You really like this mare don’t you?”

“Well... I haven’t even met her but... yes...I really do...”

Echo got up, walked over to Soarin and smacked Soarin in the back of the head.

“Pull yourself together Soarin!”

“Ow! Echo!”

He rubbed the back of his head which he was pretty sure now had a lump the size of his head on now.

“Jeez Echo, that hurt!”

“You’re not crying anymore are you?”

Soarin paused.

“I... guess not.”

“Now. Soarin. You like this mare, yes?”

“Well... yeah.”

“Then don’t give up! Give her another letter, explain what’s really happening!”

“You... you really think that’d help?”

Echo shrugged.

“Might take a bit of persuasion, but it’d work with me, why not for her?”

Soarin sat, silent. Echo watched him for any possible signs he may exhibit for agreeing or disagreeing to what she said. After a time, Soarin smiled.

“You’re right Echo. I can’t give up simply because of one little mishap. I’ll explain everything.”

“That’s the Soarin I know. Now, you writing?”

“Of course.”


Skeleton was crying.

He already had Fleetfoot... He didn’t need me... He never did!

The storm clouds underneath her crackled as her tears hit them.

He was leading you on Skeleton Grin...

“No... S..Soarin would never...”

You saw it with your own eyes. He’s with Fleetfoot.

“No! No,no,no NO! That can’t be right!”

But you know it is... And there’s nothing you can do about it.

The thunderclouds beneath her rattled of a bolt of lightning, hitting the ground with a tremendous boom. Skeleton didn’t even notice.

“I... I’ll see if he leaves a message.... Y..Yeah... m... maybe it’s just a big misunderstanding..?”

Oh that’s precious, you’re actually hoping it is! How do you know he’s telling you the truth?

“I...I have to trust him...”

Trust a stallion you’ve never met? Oh that’s rich, that’s really rich! Falling for them is one thing Freak, But trusting them? You don’t know him! You THINK you know him!

“Sh..shutup... H...He’s my Soarin... he’d never...”

Silly little foal.

She burst into tears again, her thoughts against her. It had been like this for as long as she could remember, always her mind against her.

Why would he want a freak like you anyway? Look at you. Scars litter your body, your eyes are such a gaudy disgusting colour!

“M..Miss Rarity said my eyes were lovely...”

Miss Rarity? Ha! She’s PAID to say that you stupid filly!


Even if that was the case, There’s a reason you hide your mouth little filly. Now whatever would he want with that?

“W...Why are you always against me..?”

It’s because of me we’ve survived!

“It’s because of you I’m afraid...”

It’s because of me you are still alive and walking!

There was a lull in the almost silent conversation. Skeleton was the only one in the house. Her scarf was on, but that was the extent of it. She was crying at her treasure box. It sat closed and locked, as usual. She sniffled.

“But... it’s because of-“

No! It wasn’t me who gave you your scars! Or your face! Or anything!

“Uh, you alright there miss?”

Skeleton started at the unexpected voice and looked around, her eyes almost seeming to glow.

“Wh..Who’s there!? W..Where are you!?”

“Jeez, calm down filly, I’m making sure you’re alright. These are storm clouds you’re on.”

“I...I know that! Show yourself..! Or go away...”

Another pony to say you’re a freak Grinny!

“shutup” she murmured in response.

“Alright! Here I come!”

All at once a blur of multicolours landed in the house through a hole in the ceiling. Skeleton squeaked in fear and shock as it came to a standstill, revealing a cyan Pegasus with hair as though it was made of liquid rainbow itself.

“Rainbow Dash! In th-“

She stopped as she realised Skeleton was cowering in a corner.

“Oh, gee sorry. Didn’t mean to scare ya.”

The first thing she noticed about the mare in front of her was her eyes.

“Hey wow, those have got to be the COOLEST eyes I have EVER seen!”

“M...My... eyes..?”

“Yeah! Are those natural?”

Skeleton blinked repeatedly in surprise and mentally thanked Luna for the dark night.

“Yeah... I was born with them this way...”

“Sweet! I’ll bet you could almost see in the dark with those!”

“Um... not really...”

Rainbow smiled.

“Hey, relax! I don’t bite!”

“Y..You’re really loud...”

“Oh, sorry about that. Guess you’re a little like Fluttershy.”


Rainbow raised an eyebrow.

“You must be new here. Fluttershy! Timid mare, lives by Everfree, nice cottage, lots of animals though.”

Skeleton shrugged and Rainbow nodded.

“yep, you’re new! That’s okay. How long you been here?”

“Um... about three weeks now...”

“Three weeks! How come I never see you around? Better, how come Pinkie hasn’t thrown you a party yet?”

Skeleton merely blinked. All this was new to her.

“I don’t... go... down there often...”

“Huh, go figure! Whaddaya eat then?”

“Oh... um...”

She glanced over to another box. Rainbow, noting this, trotted over to it and opened it, peering inside.

“Potato crisps..? That’s it?”

“P..Pretty much... it’s all I can afford on my support pay...”

“Support... Oh darn, you’re jobless?”

She nodded. Rainbow sighed.

“That won’t do. Sticking around for long?”

“Well... I’m going to Cloudsdale to see the Wonderbolt show...”

“YOU’RE going TOO!?”

Skeleton squeaked at the sudden loudness and flinched away as Rainbow zoomed up to her.

“Oh boy! Where are you sitting? Maybe we can sit next to each other! Oh, I can’t WAIT for it! Two days! Only two days now!”

“Um... Two sleeps..”

Rainbow tossed a hoof negligibly.

“Same difference! I’m TOTALLY looking forward to it! Oh, and you still haven’t told me where you’re sitting!”

“Um... well... I have a ticket..for the VIP booth..”

She stopped as she realised Rainbow was staring at her, mouth virtually on the ground.

“You... have a ticket... t...to...”

Skeleton rushed on.

“B..But I don’t want it anymore and Iwaswonderingmaybeifyouhaveanormalticket?”

Rainbow blinked, processing what was just said whilst at the same time trying not to look into the endearing eyes of Skeleton Grin, who looked desperate.

“Wait, you don’t want that ticket? Are you insane!? That’s like, the best seat in the house! You sit with the Princesses for crying out loud! And you don’t want it?”

Skeleton shook her head adamantly.

“No...I don’t want it... Do you?”

“Whoah, are you offering me one of these?”

“Yes...F..For your normal ticket... please?”

“I don’t know lady, my friends probably won’t be very happy if I ditch them...”

“Please! I’m begging you! Y..Your friends won’t mind...I promise!”

Rainbow seemed to be seriously considering the proposal.

“You’re sure they won’t mind?”

“I’m positive... please...”

Rainbow smiled widely.

“Alright! I’d LOVE to!”

Skeleton smiled gently under her scarf.

And so it begins... little Skeleton.


“There! Done!”

Soarin finished his letter with a dramatic flourish and rolled it up. Fleetfoot had long since left, confident he knew what he was doing.

I owe so much to her. Thank you Echo.

He knew one thing. He was delivering this in person. No way was he going to simply leave it there in the cold where it could be mistaken for a lifeless piece of parchment with no true feelings in it.

No, this time it’s my turn to deliver.


Thus Soarin ended up standing in the cold at the entrance to the Cloudosseum locker rooms. He hadn’t thought to bring a jacket, or a coat, or anything. It was a spur of the moment thing.

Celestia it’s cold tonight...

Shivering, he started rubbing his forearm with the opposite hoof.

I hope she comes by soon... I really want to get this sorted. Not to mention it’s bloody cold!

He was just thinking this when he heard a very faint flap of feathers. At first he thought it was just his imagination, until he saw a black figure land on the clouds quite close to him. It was looking straight down, so it hadn’t seen him yet. He saw no hair.

No wait...

There, a loose strand.

She’s here...

She turned instinctively and headed for the lockers, mumbling something. Soarin made his move.

“Excuse me miss? Are you the elusive S.G?”


Skeleton froze at the sound of the voice.

That voice...

She looked up slowly and almost jumped back in shock. He was standing right in front of her!

Oh Celestia, this cannot be happening...

“Please... Hear me out.”


“There’s been a terrible misunderstanding! Please, let me explain!”

Soarin took a tentative step forward, his tone pleading. The black figure before him took a half step, revealing one bone white forehoof.

“I’m sorry...I really am! But I’m not going out with Echo... I never was! That time you saw her kiss my cheek and me hers, that was her asking me out on a date and me rejecting it!”

The entity cocked its head. Soarin nodded and pressed on, taking another step forward.

“Please, it’s true!”

“And... her entering your house... when nopony else could?”

He smiled inwardly. She’d spoken to him, and that was a good sign. Her voice had a sophisticated accent to it and it was smooth.

“She came to comfort me. I let her in because I believed she deserved to know why I was out of it at the moment... Your letter hit me hard Miss... I didn’t mean to give you that impression, but it was wrong.”

He took one more step and took the exposed hoof in both of his.

“I really didn’t mean to lead to this... please, you were going to reveal yourself to me tonight...”

He lifted one hoof from hers and up to her face, of which he could see very little, and stroked her cheek, noting the feel of silky fabric.

She’s hiding under a scarf..?


Skeleton was in shock. Soarin was here, talking to her in person, out of his flightsuit, telling her that she’d been wrong.

He isn’t going out with Echo...

The realisation brought both joy and sorrow to her.

How could I have been so cruel..?

“Please... I didn’t mean to hurt you... let me see your face at least..?”

Skeleton considered the request, then gently pulled down her scarf and took off her shades, opening her bright orange eyes for him to see.

“Please... don’t run away my Soarin...”

He smiled softly.

“Why would I run from such beauty?”

In the darkness, he couldn’t see her teeth, which was just as well. Or so Skeleton surmised. Even so, hearing those words sent her heart soaring.

He... he thinks...

“Please, I have this for you as well...”

He held out the scroll, tied meticulously with a blue ribbon. She took it gently, then looked up at him.

”Thank you... Soarin...”

“Please... tell me your name?”

Skeleton giggled a little, leaned forward and gently kissed his cheek, then spread her wings and started flying away. Soarin called out in distress.

“Please... A name, any name?”

She smiled in mid air, turning as she replaced her scarf.

“Call me Grin...”

With that, she turned and flew away. He tried to keep track of her, but her wingbeats were silent and she was too difficult to see in her black vestments.



He finally had a name for her, from her and she’d given it to him face to face!

That’ll be the G in the initials... then what is the S?