• Published 31st Mar 2017
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The Mare that eats The Monsters - Skijarama

She is known as no more than a myth, a legend, a bedtime story to scare little foals. Her name is Moonrise Drifter, and Twilight Sparkle is going to learn more about her than anypony has in a long time...

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Prologue - Letter from an old friend

Princess Celestia bit her lip as she looked once more over the scroll that had been for her eyes only, trying to make sure that she was reading the contents correctly. She hadn’t heard from Drifter in almost thirty years. She knew the mare was still doing her job, and quite well, but to go silent for so long and only now send word of a need for assistance with such a short time table? It had come as such a surprise that for once, Celestia was not able to be of assistance herself this time. Her royal duties took priority, dignitaries from a neighboring nation on their way to go over and update various contracts, treaties and trade deals between their countries and Equestria.

Celestia was jolted from her aggravated thoughts and worries for her friend as the large, heavily decorated double doors that connected Canterlot Tower to the rest of the large and formidable castle swung open. Princess Twilight Sparkle entered with a friendly smile as she drew closer, though Celestia could tell from the momentary flicker in Twilight’s eyes that she was taking note of her distraught appearance.

“Hello, Princess Celestia. It’s so good to see you again.” Twilight said, nuzzling Celestia when she was close enough. The white alicorn happily returned the gesture, affectionately draping a wing around Twilight for a moment.

“And you as well, Princess Twilight. I am so glad you could make it on such short notice.” Celestia replied, leaning away from Twilight and glancing once more at the letter she held in her golden aura. Twilight took notice of the sheet, as well as the highly unfamiliar seal on it. She tilted her head in curiosity.

“Who’s that from?”

“A mare named Moonrise Drifter. An… old, very good friend of mine that has done much for Equestria in her long life.” Celestia said with a fond, reminiscing smile coming onto her face.

“Moonrise Drifter? I’ve never heard of her…” Twilight said, trying to think of anypony she knew of that would match that description. Celestia laughed softly before standing to her full height from her partially kneeled position.

“Good. That means she’s doing her job rather well.” Celestia remarked with a smile. “She works behind the scenes, so to speak. It’s very rare for her to contact me for any reason.”

Twilight’s face scrunched up slightly in thought. “And what exactly is her job? What does she do?”

Celestia looked thoughtful before giving a slight shrug. “I must admit that the specifics of her work are not known to me… She isn’t technically a part of any organizations, nor is she formally in the Equestrian government, military or security force. She operates independently, but always with our best interests in mind.”

Twilight blinked and looked at Celestia in surprise. “Wow… she’s pretty secretive if even you don’t know much about what she does.” she gave a nerdy grin. “She sounds fascinating!”

Celestia tittered before giving a nod. “Indeed, she is that. The last time I spoke to her fifty years ago was… a truly interesting experience.” her face turned more serious as she looked to Twilight. “But this is serious. Normally, either I or Luna would assist Drifter personally when she contacts us for assistance, but this notice is so abrupt and so… remote, that neither my sister or I are in a position to do much right now.”

“Assistance? You mean, she needs help?” Twilight asked, glancing to the letter curiously, frowning slightly.

“Yes. The last time she sent me a request for aid was thirty years ago. She either contacts Luna or I, depending on the sort of assistance she needs. This time, she doesn’t seem to be picky about who comes to her aid… with the diplomacy sessions over the next week, however, I am in no position to lend my assistance and neither is Luna…” Celestia turned a strong eye to Twilight as she finished.

Twilight nodded in understanding. “I think I understand. You want me to lend that assistance in your place?”

Celestia nodded as well, a grimace flickering across her face very briefly. “It is a particular aspect of Equestria you will need to be aware of that Drifter does her work in. I feel she herself would be… far more suited to explaining the specifics than I, as engrossed as she is.” she leaned down towards Twilight and caught her eye with an intense stare. “Be careful, Twilight. This task will be dangerous, no doubt. Keep your guard up and stay alert.”

Twilight shrunk away slightly at Celestia’s firm gaze, but nodded. “Alright, I will. Where am I going, and when do I leave?”

Celestia gave a nod and reassuring smile before standing back to her full height. “There is a village up to the north called Little Lapis, just within Equestria’s borders in the Crystal Mountains before entering the Crystal Empire. It doesn’t adhere to the train tracks, as it was a border-station on a highway from long before those tracks were ever constructed. If you take the train to the Crystal Empire, you should be able to reach the village in no more than a day on hoof. Drifter should be waiting for you there.” Celestia looked out the stained-glass window depicting Twilight’s coronation with deep concern showing through her face. “You leave as soon as you have made your preparations. Take every precaution you can, but don’t take too long. The matters Moonrise Drifter deals in are… rarely, if ever, slow to develop.”

Twilight gave a nod before wrapping Celestia in a hug. While suprised out of her distant look, Celestia welcomed the hug gladly. The two shared their embrace before Twilight backed away to leave. “I’d best get going then, huh?”

“Indeed. Good luck, Princess Twilight.”

Twilight nodded enthusiastically before turning to canter from the tower. Celestia watched her go before bowing her head and letting out a long, tired groan, taking advantage of the moment of silence and privacy as well as she could to let the pent up breath escape her. She then glanced out the window and into the afternoon light, the sun gradually inching for the horizon. It would come to a stop soon enough, and she would have to move it down for Luna’s moon before long.

“Tread carefully, my former student… I would go in your place if I could, but I must stay here this time. Besides, you need to learn about this…” Celestia closed her eyes before opening them again. “I just hope the last two hundred years haven’t turned you cold, Drifter… but if they have, I feel I have sent the perfect pony to warm you up some.”

Author's Note:

Heya guys! Just so the reading audience is aware, I would definitely appreciate the aid of an editor and pre/proof-reader to help me make sure I keep this story as good as possible. :pinkiesmile:

EDIT 4/4/2017: I added in the name of the village Twilight is supposed to go to. It was a bit of missing info that I somehow missed. :rainbowhuh: