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I feel very sad for sunset i never thought about her like that and i feel furious at the mane 6 because they are assholes i mean even in the actual show their assholes

8067519 I agree with you that the main six are assholes. I wish Hasbro would have given Sunset a better chance at going home I mean really the whole main 6 need to get a really bit attitude adjustment. The second movie was just crap for how the main six treated Sunset.

To make it worst this story happen during the 2nd movie.
Imagine what would happen to Sunset do during the Anon-A-Miss scandal. When all of her friends left her with no clear evidence of her being responsible.
This story is good and I hope to see more very soon.

A interesting start however, this seems more like M then T. Tracking. Let's see where this goes.

8067519, 8067529 I didn't really notice it myself until a few weeks ago when I was watching Rainbow Rocks with my daughter.

8067622, 8067662 The hardest part is going to be bridging the suicide note with the end of the movie.

More! Why is this a one shot?!!

8068049 There's more on the way, don't worry. I like keeping the reader on the edge of their seat, waiting, wanting more... Case in point.

I just want to be thei for sunset so she can be happy and have a actual friend

8068167 This will have a happy, although rough ending to it.

This is so much like me it's not funny

8068238 It's been close to how I've been recently also.

This reminds of me a lot back then... well all i can say just hang on there.

8068057 Well it's working!

Hm. Well, her reaction is totally understandable and rightfully justified so I don´t have much to say about this chapter. There weren´t a remote possibility that she were gonna take her own life, with this being a quasi-prequel, so yay on convincing nightmares I suppose. I´m still interested in the groups reactions to their own shitty behaviour and something to quell Sunset´s rampant paranoia so keep going strong!:moustache:

8068962 I have a pretty good idea how to I'm going to tie everything together, it's just a matter of taking idea bubbles and turning them into words. As for the suicide, being this is supposed to be based during Rainbow Rocks and everypony that wasnt living under a rock knows how the movie ended.

8068977 Wow, somehow that completely slipped my mind... Well fuck me do I look dumb...

8069196 It's all good. My brain's working overtime right now with the (possiblly) last chapter of this story, beginning the sequel to this and I'm about halfway done with the newest chapter of Friendship is Forever. Busy, busy, busy... :pinkiecrazy:

8068251 you too huh and Cyber Bullies don't help

8069681 This is one of the stories that has Sunset going down the road of depression that doesn't involve Anon-A-Miss. So although cyber-bullies are a******s, there's none present.

8069834 its cool I'm just sharing but hopefully now he wont be a problem for me now

Don't know if I have the right to analyze this effectively given this was written to help you vent for your depression. As a story piece, it has its flaws, the lack of a linear plot structure being key... (there's a middle, but beginning could have been executed better) ... but as an emotive peice, I can really feel the frustration, anger, sadness, and confusion Sunset is going through. Very nice writing.

8069898 Thank you for the compliment. I see where you are coming from with the plot structure. The first section of the first chapter (if that's the part you're refering to) is just a recap of the first story which is Am I Really Their Friend?.

8070145 I was kinda getting at that. Even if you start at "Am I really their friend," the beginning of the series feels really abrupt. It's well constructed so that it's believable and I like the progression of emotions, but story versus real life is a bit different which is why it felt abrupt :P.

8070171 I see what you're saying. It's just my way of attempting suspense for later in the story/series or skipping parts that may not be relevant at that point in said story/series. My first (and still incomplete) story is filled with sections like that.

Wish there were more stories like this out there.

(Warning: contains triggers of self-harm, suicidal thoughts and swearing.)

So now even suicide is preferable to going back in Sunset's mind? I thought that I saw everything with the clopfic that showed her as a down on her luck stripper! :rainbowlaugh:

8071551 No offense but when you get to a certain point in depression, that's the only thing you think about and it seems like the only option most times. :fluttercry:

Chapter 2 ending seems so rushed. Like, that stuff really got me in the mood, but then it's just violently cut, stating that "Twilight talked to me for a couple of hours". I am terribly sorry, but it just doesn't feel right. Sunset opened her soul, she cried and begged for help, and the imminent is averted with an overall summary? It's painful, in it's own way.

8071802 I agree that I did rush the ending somewhat, however I believe that I needed to end it there due where I'm going with this.

If this were me I would have Just Offed myself Already

8074636 I drew from some of my own experiences from the couple times I've been down this same road.

8074738 have family been non helpful that's the are doing and Making it seem like it's my fault they don't understand what they put me through

8074789 that's my life al, the tell me is life is what YOU make its I DIDNT ASK FOR THIS and God makes thing happen for a reason Nonsense I learned along time ago their is no God. I'm just ....Alone so is it any wonder why I want it all to just End

8074868 I don't know what to tell you my friend but just hang in there. Try to find something that you can enjoy and take your mind off of everything. That's why I write fanfics. When I take a break from doing this, I am miserable.

And as far as God goes, I agree with you. If there was a God, he (or she) would not allow people to be this miserable.

8075087 I had something Gundam it was all I had all that kept me going dreams are all i have infact I had a dream a Glorious dream of having a costume to emulate my passion in life but now that dream has died and now .....I have nothing to live for

She got caught can't blame her though they did lash out at her after saying they do care for her. Liars.
Then Twilight does nothing so much for the Princess of Friendship. (Including Anon-A-Miss)
I hope whoever found Sunset cutting herself can help her.

I wonder exactly why these girls qualified for the elements of harmony to begin with. They are lousy at friendship. And at learning lessons.

Sure, you're our friend and we love you Sunset, really. Unless you screw up, even with the best intentions, in which case you are the absolute worst and we hate you.

Are you gonna cover the Anon-A-Miss arc in this later on too? Assuming Sunset lives long enough to see it.

What can I say, frustration trumps common thought and care. But still, they just had that friendship talk and no one had the foresight that "Hey, telling a suicidal-depressed girl that she is useless and that she ruins stuff is totally a good idea" media.giphy.com/media/M8K9mzvyxbnVu/giphy.gif

I wonder who the mystery girl is though, I have a few ideas but I´ve been surprised before. One last thing though, why do you torture me with these goddamn, well placed cliffhangers??? images.gr-assets.com/hostedimages/1401466615ra/9806453.gif

8075549 Trust me, they'll help her.


Are you gonna cover the Anon-A-Miss arc in this later on too?

More than likely not. Although I may do a vague reference later if the plot allows.

8075610 Best question I've ever had:

One last thing though, why do you torture me with these goddamn, well placed cliffhangers???

It's just my writing style, sorry.

And spoiler alert the girl who caught Sunset is a surprise.

Good so far but I still question how this isn't M rated. I ask because that's like, the 4th F bomb I've seen so far and that's ignoring the other words. Let see what the next chapter holds.

8075750 I double checked the ratings info and you're right I should've rated it "M" originally. It's now been corrected.

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