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So, I'm autistic and I love to game. Bring it on. Currently working on several stories


Aiden Pearce. The Fox, the Chicago Vigilante. He singlehandedly took down CToS and rid Chicago of street crime.

Now, a Electronic Communications teacher at Canterlot High, and retired civil vigilante.

When a mysterious Mystable account named "Anon-A-Miss" starts to wreak havoc, Aiden decides to stay out of it completely, lest his past be uncovered. Only, a plea from Sunset Shimmer brings Aiden and his Hacktivist allies into the fray.

Get ready, Canterlot High. The Watch_Dogs are out and ready to hack.

Watch-Dogs and Anon-A-Miss crossover. Will feature lots of computer terms and computer hacking.


Will have an attempted assault scene.

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Before I read, I have to know. Is somebody gonna get thunderball'd?

Is Watch_Dogs 2 going to be in this story at all?

8061289 Actually, Yes. Expect a cameo from Marcus and Wrench later in the story. The circumstances of it will come, but Wrench will still be a snarky bastard, the kind we know him as.

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Now THIS is interesting! Here's a crossover I've actually had small thoughts about, but never really went for. I can't wait to see what you have planned! :pinkiehappy:

Hmm yes, this is a story I'll be watching. Keep it up my friend. :twilightsmile:

Very much so looking forward to more.

8061305 I'm silently hoping Wrench gets brought in as a shop teacher now, he'd make a great fit for one.

Wasn't there a fic with Aiden Pierce as a teacher?

8061901 If there is, I haven't found it here.

8062025 I know that the fic with Pierce is in the same universe as Leap of Faith.

I'm looking forward to the next chapter:pinkiehappy:

It's been a while since I played the first one. Haven't gotten around to the second.

Minor nitpick, I might be misrembering but wasn't his identity as the Vigiliante exposed in the end of the first game?

8062458 I don't know, actually.

This seems fun. I'll gladly stay and see where this goes. Something I never could figure out though is anon a miss. Is it from another fan fic or something?

8063257 Yeah, check out the EQG Christmas special. Or search "Anon-A-Miss" in the search here.

8063258 huh. I'll do that . Thanks!

OK love the premise for this so definitely gonna track it.

As much as Watch Dogs had a great premise, but a terrible character execution, I think this can work wonders. Good ole catharsis.

I like Anon-a-Miss stories, so I'll be keeping an eye on this one. Word of advice, though; you're cramming too much into too small a space. Try fleshing out what you have here. It might work better to have the interview scene (again, fleshed out) be the prologue, and the first class could be the subject of your next chapter.

I like the premise, though. A hacker on Sunset's side sounds like a good story. Just don't try to cram the whole story into 2,000 chapters; this has more potential than that. I hope my feedback is well-received; it isn't my intention to cause offence.

8066170 You're good. I'll try to implement your advice.

8066443 This is a really good start and can you make more chapters or will there be days when new chapters come?

8066805 I update when I can. No real schedule.

Looks great, hop there's more!

HOOOOOOHHHHHH YYYYEEEEESSSSS!!!!!!!!! SHIT'S ABOUT TO GET REAL! I feel sorry for what is about to happen to the CMC. ;) They brought it upon themselves<3

"We're going to show who Anon-A-Miss is really fucking with." Aiden said, as he drove into the night.

:pinkiecrazy: Damn right!

I've seen Sci-Twi work with tinkering, but I dunno if she can hack.

"We can't!" Apple Bloom said. "They'd kill us if they found out! If anything big happens, we'll confess. But until then, just stay quiet, okay?"

"We're going to show who Anon-A-Miss is really fucking with." Aiden said, as he drove into the night.

Apple Bloom, for some reason I can't help but get the feeling that for your last meal in freedom, you're gonna be eating those words.

Not just them, but also the ones who sent in those secrets and then blaming it all on Amon A miss or Sunset.

Oh, God! More! MORE!!!!!!!!!

Run Run Run
The reaper is coming and it is called Dedsec

:applecry: :scootangel: :unsuresweetie: We Are So Bucking Screwed!

:trollestia: Yes, yes you are and in the end Sunset may not forgive you three.

Oh great now the CMC and Celestia are breaking the 4th Wall, Pinkie Pie what did you do, go out and teach other ponies how to do this?

:pinkiesmile: Yepper Rooney, I taught the CMC, all 4 adult Alicorn Princesses, the other members of the Mane 6, Starlight Glimmer, Sunset when she came over for a visit and Shining Armor.

Well there goes the neighborhood then, well anyway I got to say that this story is turning out even better then I thought, I can't wait for the next update.

:pinkiesmile: Bye everypony, see you all next update!

Soon they will be brought to justice and when that happens I will be eating popcorn for the enjoyment that is to come.
Does anyone want some popcorn too? I guarantee it is delicious.

Try all you want to cover it up, CMC. In the end, I really don't like to use an overused video game quote but,...TAKE IT AWAY SILVER!

You have officially caught my attention.

Aww, yeah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm already prepared for this exciting and bumpy ride./

"No!" Applebloom whispered. "We can't! We'll change the password or something!"

yeah... right...
you do that, see if it does any good.

As the clock on the Jumbotron signalled halftime, the jumbotron display suddenly flickered, and went out. Then, in bright green for all to see, the DedSec logo was displayed.
"Hello, assholes of the world." the DedSec logo spoke. "May we have your attention for a few moments? Good. We come with a warning. Anon-A-Miss, this here's for you."
The entire stadium fell silent at those three words.
"We know what you have done. You've ruined the lives and spread the secrets of countless students, and you blame it on an innocent person, one clean of her crimes. We simply can't have that happen. We've brought down those called untouchable. We brought down CToS. No one is safe from us. But..Anon-A-Miss, We...will find you. We...will stop you. We...will expose you. We...will bring the truth to light. You...will get what you deserve and more. WE...ARE...DEDSEC. Anon-A-Miss, your days...are numbered."
As the Jumbotron display faded, several images began to play...A guillotine with JUSTICE written on it decapitated a skeleton with Anon-A-Miss written on it...A roach called "Anon-A-Miss" being squashed by a boot, with DEDSEC written on it...and more. As the DedSec Logo displayed one last time before the Jumbotron returned to normal, the stadium was deathly silent.

DedSec has arrived! :pinkiecrazy:

8110580 You bring the Popcorn I'll bring the soda as we watch the CMC run for their lives.

8111326 OH, I just LOVE pizza, please say you got a Pepperoni, Sausage and Bacon pizza too, that is my FAVE kind, thin crust of course, can't stomach deep dish, hand tossed is okay but I LOVE thing crust pizza.

8111076 and I'll have my Sunset merchandice ready when it happen *show my cart full of Sunset doll, both human and ponies wearing a black overcoat with "Please forgive me" on it the back*

8111434 Sweet, also if you have a Anthro doll of Sunset I would like one, I am a HUGE Sunset fan, she is one of the HOTTEST mares/humans in the movies/comics/fanfics.

8111341 I perfer the normal perreroni pizza, the bacon is more optional for me....Oh wait i just realized, pizza has the same colors as Sunset, a golden yellow body with some red on the inside and out. Sunset Pizza!

8111341 yes I do, and plenty others also

The CMCs are dead and buried.

Yo can I join?
I brought a camera ready to see the exposing

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