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She's looking at you. Yes you. And she is judging you with her eyes. There is no escape.


Dear Aggy. A popular advice column loved by many. Many believe her to be one of the most amazing mares to have ever lived, and she offers the most sensible advice about love. Some ponies even believe that it must be Princess Cadance writing from a pseudonym.

Nopony would ever believe the truth, that Miss Aggy is actually Maud's pet rock, Boulder. Of course, being a rock, he needs a little help from Maud to answer his mail and write his responses.

An entry in the Weedverse?

Dear Aggy needs your letters!

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I like this. I love all the puns and it feels like something Maud would do. Keep it up!

This story already rocks.

All jokes aside, I feel this could be helpful and even therapeutic to some people writing in. So don't skimp out on some wishy-washy answer, y'hear?

Oh Tarnish~! :trollestia:

I brought the bear, time to sally forth!


Who are these ponies? I don't understand.


This is part of the Weedverse. There is a link in the description that will help you. :heart:

Poor Silver Lining. If only Sumac wasn't so afraid of his magic words taking away hers and others choice in the matter she would probably be snogging with him as well as Pebble.


I would love to see the whole group (Pebble, Olive, Flurry Heart, and Silver Lining) running around with Sumac in more social situations. Imagine the chaos cuteness overload that little herd would cause.... :trollestia:

Dang dude, 100 stories.
Thanks for all the entertainment.

It's already going splendidly, so don't worry.

Mister Coffee Pot gotta a little steamed!!:derpytongue2: (as usual)

There were a few thumps as she unfolded it,

That could almost have dual meaning, either boringly Maud just thumping the letter flat or background sounds of coffee lumps hitting the bedroom floor in process of trying to get up outta bed!

In Maud’s embrace, Boulder purred, but it was more of a geological hum, a sound that only Maud could hear.

Just me remembering the noises from my crib.


Maud took two lumps and a shot of cream. :trollestia:

It's different. I didn't recognise it as one of your works till I actually looked at the author. Definitely more casual reader friendly than the rest of your stories. It could be totally casual reader friendly with a little work, may I suggest you take a moment to do things like explain who Canary, a.k.a. Silver Lining is, in the author's comments if not in the story itself. Apart from that, I like it, it's a moment of conviviality amongst all the solemnity.

This is turning out very fine, I say. I hope for more, much more.
Boulder and Maud are an amazing team. :yay:


There is a helpful link in the description that can help readers find the answers to all of these questions, so that much has already been done.

Btw, dat art is kyoot, where'd ya get it?
Nvm, you've put a link.

This one will be a slow burn, I'm excited to see where it's going.

Oooh, excellent. Looking forwards to seeing how this carries on.

Just wondering if this is just going to be an ongoing anthology of Maud and Boulder answering relationship and sex advice or if it actually will lead up to a major moment. I am fine with either option as it really shows a different side to Maud no matter what and has plenty of options for humorous insights into other characters.


I dunno, for now, I'm treating it as a writing exercise. I don't know where it will go or how it will end.

8057147 You're doing a fine job with the advice so far!:trollestia::moustache:

Coffee Pot

Damnit Tarnish


Damnit Silver

But yeah, i can see this working out rather swell. And Poor Silver, she doesn't have the honor of Sumac kissin' her, and he is damn scared...
i wonder if he will send a letter...

8056634 Oh boy! Another one caught unawares.

So here are your options, go to weedverse (link in despcription) to see the forum and have a wonderful month or 2 catching up, or just try to take this one without some context.

Both are acceptable.

Yes, the papercuts on the lips was character building. Or the sudden, unexpected slice right on the tip of the tongue.

:raritydespair: WHY WOULD YOU PUT THAT THOUGHT THERE!?!? That is cruel.

Uh, hey kudz... any reason this is classified under the "Other Stories" folder in the group? It's still you writing it no?


It is, but it isn't part of any central storyline.

8057509 and Lawsuits & Lawyers was?

Comment posted by cowbrony93 deleted Mar 29th, 2017


I could slap a completed tag on it right now and say to all of my followers that it was you that made me do it. Would you like that?


More so, had you bothered to actually read this, you'd know this isn't a story, not exactly, it is a series of letters, and it can be ended at any time. It is more of a writing exercise than anything else, and does not have a cohesive storyline. You know, when you start something and don't know what you're talking about, it makes you look pretty damn stupid.

Just saying, ya know.


Not really, no. Say hello to the block button! :trollestia:


Oh look, another jealous fan fic author whose so bad at writing he/she has to take it out on people with actual talent. :pinkiehappy:

...I'm sorry, that was really mean, I'm sure you make wonderful stories, it's just your personality that's atrocious I swear! :raritydespair:

Oh, Celestia, that was even worse...

You should probably do more to explain the setting of your own story in the story itself rather than direct readers to do pre-reading. For instance, it's not that hard to explain that this Maud is apparently married and and has children instead of just seemingly throwing random tid-bits out there to leave readers not familiar with this 'weedverse' to scratch their heads over.


Maybe. But people are responsible for their own consumption of entertainment. It is no different than picking up a book in the middle of a series, knowing it is part of a series, and choosing to read it. It is labeled, clearly, and people can make their own choice on if they read or if they don't. Plenty of people choose to read, and these folk do just fine. I trust my readers to be intelligent, reasonable people, and many of them figure everything out just fine.


And you're damn good at it. At this point, I favorite Weedverse stuff before I read it so that I don't miss anything.

Ha! Saw this, loved it, looked at the author and- oh hey~

Comment posted by cowbrony93 deleted Mar 29th, 2017
Comment posted by cowbrony93 deleted Mar 29th, 2017


Not really, no.

Things happen. Stuff happens. And sometimes that stuff makes it very difficult to work on something. I've gone into it in other places, so I feel no need to do so here.

My mental health and well-being are worth more than your gratification.

I want to hear about a pony who is terrified of coming out for fear of their parents reacting indifferently.

So the letters are all from OCs?

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