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Incest is for the better?


This story name is already taken, but meh. :derpytongue2:

incest? BRING IT ON.:rainbowdetermined2:


It always is :trollestia:

877284 Yes, I saw. I eventually decided that a <1500 word story with 500 views wasn't pause enough to keep me from using the title. It hasn't been used in a clopfic yet (for some reason).

Actually, I think the fic that took this name already was Joke-fic #5192398 that was in the feature box for like two weeks.

you know there's a r34 of that picture....google images shows you so many thing you don't want to see:twilightoops:

moar? perhaps a last farewell kind of deal before his wedding this candace?

877387 Yup, Of course my image has to be SFW on this site, so I used the edit :scootangel:

877392 It shall be considered. (No, really, I do like that idea!)

Well written clopfics are the best things on the internet. I have been waiting for Twi/SA fic that wasn't rapey or had Twilight being all seductive.

This was adorable, even though society frowns upon it. :twilightsmile:

Very, very good. Especially for a clopfic. Compelling imagery and cute, believable characterization.

Liked it!

877498 i.imgur.com/l9qNU.gif

Also, for those concerned, this is NOT a going into heat story.

Pretty good story. Favorited.

interesting to say the least

My fellow MN brony...I am jelly of all of your fics. Your writing style is phenomenal!

Well, I'm not a big fan of clopfics, let alone ones involving incest...But I'll give this one a look.

WINCEST :twilightsmile:

Loved it.

i enjoyed that way more then i should of. :twilightblush:

I saw this and said O.K. why not?
*After Reading*
...THIS WAS AWESOME!!!!!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

877498 i have to say this. Statutory Rape involves an adult and someone who is past the age of puberty. if Twilight's age is the same as her as a filly in the show, this would be considered child molestation. yes i realize i am a very technical person/pony-thing.:rainbowlaugh:

Oh, that crackfic where Twilight and Shining Armor are peas got updated? Cool.
*Reads description*

Does anyone else think this is a very emotional journey?

Got any other good incest fics?

This is well written, though incredibly messed up lol, still deserves a thumbs up though. :twilightsmile:


Incest IS wincest after all...


Incest IS wincest after all...

That was interesting to say the least. Very well written, actually one of the best clopfic's I've ever read including non-pony. Now that I'm actually thinking about it that's insane!

D'awwwwww for incest. WTF I can't believe I said that.

bravo sir
you make incest seem ... awesome
wish i coulda clopped, but i was recording this:

881608 Jeez! Already?? :pinkiegasp: Awesome! I'll listen when it finishes processing. :yay:

881620 wow. you responded quickly

881641 Yeah. Just 3:24AM, no biggie :derpytongue2: (Listening now)

881651 you live in new york or something? it's 1:30 here in califonia

881659 Nah, New York is Eastern Time, I'm in Central. But I was just out that way for Bronycon :3

881665 aww lucky :( im only 14 and i cant fly out there

881674 Aww, hopefully I didn't scar you for life. :pinkiecrazy:

Bravo good sir for such a creation and making me feel bad for enjoying it so much.

:pinkiecrazy:I now have a second scare in my mentality.

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