• Published 27th Mar 2017
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Anonymous and Screwball - The Infinity Doctor

For Anonymous, Equestria isn't an awful place to live, but what happens when her ward, Screwball, becomes adopted?

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Chapter Two

After dinner was prepared, Screwball sat and ate with Anonymous. She watched her with curiosity, how one lone hue-mun could stand to do what almost no ponies would do, even if you'd have paid them. The question welled up within her, before she finally set her fork down.

Anonymous looked up from her plate, giving Screwball a curious look.

"What's the matter? I thought spaghetti and fudge sauce was your favorite?"

Screwball looked to Anonymous.

"Why did you decide to take care of me?" the pink filly asked.

Anonymous pushed her plate to the side, thankfully not loaded down with spaghetti and fudge.

"I saw myself in you, to be honest."

Screwball made a face.

"You're being sappy again."

"To clarify, I was alone at one point, when I first came to Equestria."

"You were?"

Anonymous nodded.

"Being a new species, the ponies didn't quite take to me as one of them," she continued "with some help from the Sisters, I was able to become familiar with them, and they with me."

"So I've just got to do the same?" Screwball asked.

"In your own way, yeah," Anonymous said, going quiet for a moment.

"...can I read the files and stuff?"

Anonymous nodded again. "Just don't smudge my signatures, I need to mail those back to the castle in the morning."

Screwball nodded, flipping through the folder, pouring over the reports and documents.


"Mommy-" Dinky Doo asked, standing out of her mother's way.

"Hm?" Ditzy Doo asked, preparing her lunch for the day.

"How am I getting another sister? I thought you didn't have a special somepony."

Ditzy shuffled a few apples and a small stack of alfalfa into her lunchbag.

"There's a lot of colts and fillies in the world that don't have mommies and daddies, muffin," the grey pegasus explained "so there's a group that helps them find homes."

"Oh..." Dinky said in understanding "so we're helping a colt or filly have a family?"

"She's a filly," Ditzy nodded, slipping on her uniform "and yes, I hope that she'll be a part of our family."

"Will I like her?" Dinky questioned, as her mother headed for the front door.

"That's up to you, sweetie," Ditzy replied, leaning down to kiss her daughter on the nose. "Be good while I'm at work, Sparkler will be here in a few minutes, and you two will spend the day together, okay?"

Dinky smiled, and kissed her mother in return. "Okay, see you later, mommy!"

"Bye muffin, be back around six!" Ditzy said, heading out the door and off to the post office.

Dinky waved to her mother, before retreating into the house, beginning to pick up a bit. If they were going to have a new addition to the family, she wanted to make a good first impression.


"What looks better?" Screwball asked, looking in a full-body mirror she'd summoned, swapping a number of dresses and articles of clothing. "How about the neon-green overalls with these bright orange socks?"

Anonymous watched the whole whirlwind with a slight bit of amusement.

"Anon, this isn't funny," she whined, twirling away from the mirror "I've got to make a good impression on Ditzy and Dinky."

"Screw, I'm sure they won't mind what you wear, if anything at all." Anonymous said, having done some light reading on pony fashion customs.

"But I wanna do what you'd do." she pouted.

"That's your first mistake," Anon commented, standing up "literally don't do anything that I'd do."

"But I can't be 'me'," Screwball went on "'me' is a pink ball of chaos that loves to lob rainbow-covered baseballs over the castle walls."

Anonymous sighed. "The Screwball I know is a charming young woman that has a clever answer for every situation"

Anonymous gently tossed Screwballs hair, fluffing up the purple and white curls as she spoke.

"You're a hue-man, you don't understand pony language." Screwball huffed.

"Maybe not, but I DO understand that you're a very lucky pony."

"What? Because I'm a freak of nature?"

Anonymous gave Screwball a gentle smack upside the head.

"I was going to say that you're one-of-a-kind, but now that you mention it-" Anonymous grinned, trapping Screwball in a headlock and giving her a noogie.

The pink filly squealed, trying to escape from her, attempting to swat at Anon's face.

"'Nonette, stop, you're gonna mess up my mane!" she giggled.

"Your mane is already messy, Screw." Anon laughed right back.

"But it's MY kind of messy, YOUR kind of messy is just hideous!"

There was much giggling and laughing the rest of the night.

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