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The story of how a former brony was forcibly ejected from Earth into a new form to become Queen Chrysalis's unwilling assistant in her revenge plot against those darn ponies is a long and interesting one.

And it starts... now. Better buckle up.

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why does it have to be a brony?

8052478 Because it'll make the journey through the world he used to love that much more interesting. Plus, his knowledge of the inner workings of the show may prove... useful. :raritywink:

8052480 Yeah, but I like it when the character isn't a brony or MLP doesn't exist.

This is an interesting story. Despite the fact that I rarely touch HiE fics this one seems alright...

A little depressing for me... but that's just me. Can't wait to see where this goes.

8052611 Thank you. I hope to make the journey most interesting... :twistnerd:
8052654 Things should get better... or worse soon enough, depending on your sense of humour... :moustache:

This looks interesting story premise, with the main protagonist is going to "help" Queen Chrysalis with rec laming her subjects and power again. I wonder if he will server her willingly to make the regular Changeling's take back their rightful place as Equestria's main threat for it's ponies. I wonder if he will show himself to be too enthusiastic for Chrysalis's liking or that he will in fact fully embrace the role of an evil minion to Chrysalis.

Interesting, I will make sure to keep an eye on this.
Keep it up!

I foresee you will sneak DT into this :3

8053344 You lie. You didn't 'foresee' your dad as Michael Caine, did you? :moustache:

8053346 Of course not. That skrub's not my dad.

8053374 I bet you won't be saying that when he snuffs it, and the will reading commences.

Wut. Wut. Wut.... *tracks*

Nice start. Similar opinion of the finale as me. I hope they get to shove Thorax's new horns up his ass.

...and before I even have chance to ask for an autograph or how the heck she's Skypeing me from an alternate dimension, I hear what she has to say to me.


My last memories before embracing the darkness completely were my captor's despicable laughter, my own body feeling very weird and the fact that I'd left the front door wide open.
There goes my new Home Cinema system. Welp.

I'm sure this will only be the second-worst thing that happens to him today.

Nice premise.
I'm curious where it goes.

This is actually a decent concept. A former brony, scorned by executive meddling, sets out on a path of vengeance right by his favourite villain's side!

This fixes some problems I have with this particular genre of fic. The pacing is pretty good, with you giving actual fucking reasoning to your protagonist's hatred of horses, it continuing where S6 left off in order to pave the way for newer stories that don't follow canon, the protagonist isn't the Big Bad that the Mane 6 cannot outwit no matter what...

Colour me surprised, you might just make a decent story out of this trainwreck of a genre.

(Also UK master race.)

Dam a human sent to equestria story that seems to be on a good start it must be my imagination :)
Seriously tho great first chapter I hope to read more

8053758 Yep, it's just getting started... :twistnerd:
8053865 Well, that would be an interesting development (and probably push the rating up to a 'M'. ) :duck:
8054545 If you keep reading, you're going to find out (BTW, you're the 'wise' person I quoted in my story... ) :twilightsheepish:
8054896 Can't argue with any of that. Let's hope it turns out for the best... :moustache:

8056803 It'd still be worth it.

Awww, Chryssie is so nice. And Tsundere.

If I was in this situation, I'd definitely a) crack under the pressure and be completely loyal and b) completely ignore that revelation at the end.

An excellent chapter, Our character seems long winded in his(hers?) thinking process. Or atleast they seems observant.

Anyway I find this this to be good so far. 9/10 (Because no chapter/story is "Perfect")

Well this was an interesting chapter, I wonder if Chrystal is the only human that was sucked into Equestria by Chrysalis? Maybe he she shows enough loyalty to the Queen she might be able to work out a deal to get her old gender back from her at least. But I don't think it would be that easy for her, still a wonder what is preventing her not to just bolt aways from Chrysalis and try to find the first pony settlement she can find? Could their me more spells holding her to the Queen'S will? I also Wonder if Chyslasis also didn't take any special precisions to prevent Chrystal from becoming like the rest of her adopted kin? I can't wait to see the next chapter.

8056209 Well, there's 'more to read' now, so I hope you enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:
8056829 Aha! I see an fellow anime fan. :raritywink:
8056884 Well,(s)he'll find it quite hard to that, next time (s)he needs the loo... :twilightoops:
8056937 Good. Because that means, it can only get better!! :scootangel:
8057085 Hard to rush off for help, when they're and I quote: "Thousands of miles from anywhere." Unless Chrysalis is fibbing... I wouldn't put it past her now... :moustache:
8057237 If she ever finds out, YOU said that, not me... runs at a million miles an hour in the opposite direction... :pinkiecrazy:


Well,(s)he'll find it quite hard to that, next time (s)he needs the loo... :twilightoops:

That's a basic problem of going from biped to quadruped. Nothing to be done.

8057477 I meant, you can't exactly ignore your new gender when, ya know, you have to 'relieve yoursel-' :twilightblush:

You know what, I'm just going to let you imagine the scene... :moustache:

8057488 That would only really apply to humans, though. As a pony-like thing, you would have to re-learn everything either way, so I don't think the exact specifics of the logistics matter. It's not like ponies stand on their hind legs too often.

"Hmm... it wouldn't be advantageous for me to cause you too much physical harm, at this stage..."

Don't forget Chrysalis: He is can still follow your plan, but change (no pun intended) it to become Queen himself.
And, before attempting conquering Equestria, he will read the Evil Overlord List.

Now, I have a flawless plan in mind to restore me to my rightful position and destroy those disgusting ponies forever more.

Well, this wouldn't be your first "flawless plan"...

About the ending: :ajbemused:: "And that is (amongst other things) why you have trouble making friends, Chrysalis."

Found a small typo:

our ancient culture. shape-shifting

Should be a comma.


Sry i dont do gender changeing stores but its good so yea keep going

I know a writer can write what they want, but why do so many HIE/Human turned _______ have a male turned female? It seems every story I find that I really like the idea of has that happen.

8198247 Well, I can't speak for them... but in this particular story, it might just have a purpose. Or, maybe not. :moustache:

8198257 Please do, I hate it when a guy becomes a girl for zero reason. Too many stories have driven me off by doing that.

8198305 Well, I don't want to give anything away, so wait and see. BTW supercute avatar. :pinkiehappy:

... I hope he gets his penis back...

Acidic urine, you say? Must be Hate-piss.

If he is a hatchling, just wait until he pupates. That will certainly be something to add to his list of new experiences.

Tsundere is indeed strong with that one.

Nice chapter, can't wait for more. Especially for some Thorax dissecting, or at least bashing.


'they'll be a window' - there'll

'titching' - twitching

Well, it's great to see you back again with this story, and things in this weird story is taking an interesting turn so far. I hope you will get back to this story again soon.

Let's see how well it does. If feedback is good, then... I guess I'll have to clear my busy schedule for even MORE writing sessions in the future. Great... :twistnerd:

So if enough people say stuff like 'Great story/chapter! We need more!' you write more? :rainbowwild:

Joking aside, this is a neat story and I would like to see how things progress! :pinkiesmile:

I also sincerely hope others will read the 'Author's Note' too and comment on how it should continue. :twilightsheepish:

Hey pretty good chapter I hope to see more :)

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