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Harmony Cycle 56 - Blackdust

If every century the elements of harmony must choose new bearers, who's to say they don't choose someone, or something, that isn't a pony at some point?

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How to speak pony



Last night was a crazy night. I managed to get Spindle to have fun again, a feat that only I seem to be capable of as of late. Especially after her boyfriend, a diamond dog named Rockruff, dumped her after going out for about three months. I had told her not to bother with a diamond dog considering she didn't have many jewels. But my poor sister refused to admit this, saying that he was different. She was so foalish... But that doesn't matter. What does matter is that another colt approached her last night and I'm currently doing what I can to find the little bugger and-

"AHA! I knew the fool was lying! He's not doing this because of some friends, he genuinely loves you!" I yelled turning around and finding a sleeping Spindle that was shocked to wakefulness by my sudden outburst.

"Huhwha?" was Tetra's response as she slowly uncoiled herself from her stack of books. She was acting so much like Uncle Spike it made me laugh at her movements.

"Ahem. I said he genuinely loves you. He comes from a pretty modest family, and has already had many mares ask, no, BEG for him to marry them. He's also refused to go to any prearranged marriages where he knew too little about the mare, or just didn't like how she acted! So in the end, his father got fed up with him and said that he won't try and get him a wife anymore. Instead he has to choose his own mare, and he chose you!" I said

"Mmhmm..." She mumbled and coiled up on her pile of books again and went back to sleep.

I sighed then used a translocation spell to drop her over the lake in the park to wake her up. Needless to say, my little antic woke my cousin and everypony in a three mile radius around the lake. I then teleported myself to the lake edge to find a frantically swimming Tetra paddling to where I was.

"You awake yet, sis?" I asked once she had gotten her claws under herself, giggling to myself.

"R-r-rem-m-mind me to eat your gems later..." She grumbled at me, then shook herself to fling off all the water, causing me and several ponies nearby with said cold lake water.

"HEY! Watch it!" Shouted a nearby mino- wait. Minotaurs have horns, fur, and hooves. This... THING didn't have any of those...



I was already agitated that a certain mare wouldn't leave me alone, but then, as I'm chilling next to the lake, a giant lizard shakes itself off and splashes water all over me. Needless to say, I snapped at them. But the weird thing, was what happened next. The mare teleported herself into my lap, smiling widely, and said something so fast, I couldn't understand her.

"Woahwoahwoah, slow down there, Pinkie. What the heck did you say?" I ask after clapping both hands over her mouth to quiet her.

"I'm Tetra, that big party pooper of a dragon is my sis, Spindle, and what are you? And how do you know Greataunt Pinkie Pie? I'm pretty sure she would've mentioned something as interesting and probably fun as you!" She said, obviously Pinkie reincarnated.

"Uh..." was all I could think of before getting sideswiped by another mare, this one a pegasus.

"Alright, pal, who are you, and how did you- WOAH!" She screamed in my face before a lasso flew over her and wrapped itself around her barrel somehow and yanked her off.

"Now y'all need to calm the hay down, Cotton. He is clearly confused and about as dangerous as Applejack was to her sister," said a cream colored mare with a slightly deeper voice than the others, albeit only just.

My mind was indeed broken. Here I was, standing in front of what I could only assume to be the descendants of the mares I had been writing a bad clopfic for not even 24 hours ago. Saying I was mentally panicking was the understatement of the century.

"I uh... I'm sorry, but, what? I can't do magic, I can't even do any of that fancy sleight of hand stuff for a half decent card trick!" I said, so highly confused that Discord might as well be playing in my head.



I stared at the... thing for a few seconds, pausing in my somewhat futile attempt to get the rope off of me. I must be hearing things. I thought. If he can't use magic, then how did he use that rainbow streak?

"Then... How'd you get to Equis? I am almost positive I would've seen some kind of mention about humans during my studies with Mother," Tetra asked, probably already planning his birthday, welcoming, and first friend party, as everyone nearby but the... human facehoofed.

"Well, uh... There was this big bright rainbow flowing into my window, and it was very warm and comforting. Then, next thing i know, I'm in a park being harrassed by this weird mint coloured pony saying something about a Lyra and not being crazy," he said, "And then, the pony offered me to spend the night in their home, but... Well, new place, and all. Not sure how dangerous you ponies are to each other, but most humans don't do anything unless it benefits themselves in some way , shape, or form."

"That's impossible!" I shouted. "If you're telling the truth, then how the hay did your people survive long enough to make clothes!?"

To my irritation, the human just simply shrugged and tried to scoot away from me.



As the furless mino- human was scooting away from Cotton, he bumped into me, and looked up. And then promptly went very rigid, and very pale. No doubt scared about seeing a dragon behind him. So I did the one thing I could think of. I waved.

To say it was a bad idea would be an understatement. A very sever understatement... He screamed shrilly, and fainted...

I hope he's ok... I thought as I carried him to the hospital.


Author's Note:

So. I know this one is long, LONG, overdue, but here ya go! Don't hate me, would ya?

ALSO! The reason I said everyone, and not everypony, is because there's a dragon nearby. Not to mention the various inhabitants of the new Ponyville.

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