• Published 29th Mar 2017
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Harmony Cycle 56 - Blackdust

If every century the elements of harmony must choose new bearers, who's to say they don't choose someone, or something, that isn't a pony at some point?

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Cross universal travels!


"Tetra! Wait up!" I yelled at my half-sister, Tetra Everglow, "You know I hate leaving the library!"

"You say that everytime we go visit CD and then we have fun! And don't say you don't because I see you dancing on the wall, Spindle!" Tetra called back to me, causing me to blush furiously and pick up my pace to get to Cinnamon Drop's barn as fast as possible.

Let's get this night over with... I thought to myself.




"Grounded. Until further notice. No books, no computer, no nothing buster," my mom said, my fanfiction in her hand.

"But Mom! It's just a fanfic!" I cried, hoping to talk my way out of writing a clopfic on accident.

"No butts. Room. Now. I'll tell your dad when he gets home, she scolded me, pointing at my room.

I slumped my shoulders and walked into my room. I found it stripped of all my books, journals, and laptop. All that was left was my messy bed. I shrugged my shoulders and went to my left, which had a window, and watched the stars.


I woke up to a light filtering through my window and heard some moans and a faint vibrating coming from my parent's room. Then I felt something pulling me toward, and through, the window. Next thing I know I'm flying through the sky, my window unbroken, then I was surrounded by the multicolored light.

Let's get this night over with... I thought before falling asleep from the peace the light brought me.



I was awoken from my nap on a cloud by a multicolored beam of light that seemed to come from the park popping said cloud and causing me to drop a few feet before I caught myself. And since I was on a spontaneous adrenaline rush I gave chase to try and find the unicorn responsible for almost hitting me and waking me up on my day off. As it turns out, I found a... thing at the end of the beam.

"What the hay...?" I said outloud partially in shock, partially because I think I was still dreaming.

The creature looked kinda like a minotaur, but it had no hooves, I think, no fur, and no horns. From what I could tell it only had fur on the top of its head. But aside from that, I had no real idea what it could've been. So I did what any sane pony in my position would do. I panicked and ran away.



I was just finishing up a good mix when all of a sudden the local cotton candy merchant, cute as she is, came flying almost as fast as the fastest mare in history, who also just so happened to be her ancestor, babbling something about a monster and sleeping.

"Now calm the hay down, Cotton! What are you talking about, and why are you panicking?" I said after shoving my hoof in her mouth to shut her up and also to shock her enough to bring her back to full understandable sentences.

"There's a furless THING in the middle of the park, and it used some sort of magic that almost killed me!" she said after spitting my hoof out, though still flustered as all Tartarus.

"Mind describing it?" I asked, half expecting her to tell me something like a minotaur/griffon hybrid. Oh how wrong I was...



I woke up with a pounding headache, the smell of grass in my face, and the feeling of the sun on my back.

Great. They kicked me out and left me in a park... I thought as I slowly pushed myself onto my hands and knees. As I looked around however, I realized that it was too bright and far too colorful for me to be on Earth... Especially when I noticed something that looked like a tooth paste colored unicorn looking thing staring at me with sparkles in its eyes and an upside down harp shaped branding on both of its flanks...

"What. The. Eternal. Hell." I said, my befuddled brain Still trying to register what was happening to me. However, as soon as I said that, the weird looking horse let out this ear splitting squeal then ran up to me and glomped me to the ground saying something about how it knew Granny Lyra wasn't crazy...

End Chapter 1

Author's Note:

Question... Would it be feet or hooves...?

I was awoken from my nap on a cloud by a multicolored beam of light popping it and causing me to drop a few feet before I caught myself.

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